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10 Sure Signs a Guy Likes You

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How to Know if a Guy Likes You. When you like someone and you feel like the feeling is mutual, you want to be sure not to embarrass yourself, right? Fortunately, there are some clear signs a guy likes you that clearly tell he has a crush on you, too. Look out for signals that a guy subconsciously sends that can reveal that he's into you. Even his feet can show you he’s interested in you in more than a friendly way. TIMESTAMPS He is nervous around you. 0:40 His body language says so. 1:29 He touches you often. 2:42 He treats you differently. 3:37 He shows a sudden interest in your hobbies. 4:25 He turns up in places you don't expect him to be. 5:19 He constantly asks you questions. 6:01 He remembers everything you told him. 6:46 His friends act a bit strange around you. 7:35 He doesn't use his phone when he hangs out with you. 8:24 Music: Let's Do It . Topher Mohr and Alex Elena https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music SUMMARY -When we talk to our crush, we stutter, do and say awkward things, and act like the weirdest person ever. -A guy in love will be looking at you a lot, watching your every move. He will lean toward you and try to make eye contact as much as possible. Another good indicator is the direction of his feet: if they're pointed toward you, it's a subconscious sign that he may be interested. -Pay attention to how he touches you and how he reacts when you touch him. He may hug you tightly when he sees you or touch your hand — it can be anything. This all hints at the steady possibility that he's into you. -If the guy likes you, he will start to behave protectively toward you and perform gentlemanly and caring moves. -Sudden interest in what you're doing can be a sign that he really likes you. When we fall in love, we pick up our boyfriend or girlfriend's hobbies because we want to know more about them and their world. -If you continuously bump into each other outside of school, work, or any other place you see each other often, it might mean that he's deliberately looking for opportunities to “accidentally” bump into you. -Asking questions shows his interest in you and indicates that he either wants to keep the conversation going or wants to know every single thing there is about you. -If, during a conversation, you often notice that he remembered what you told him a week or 2 days ago, the name of your favorite band, or the fact that you hate olives, that counts for something. -If his friends are smiling or smirking like they know something you don't when they see you, they probably know he likes you. -If a guy doesn’t check his phone when he’s with you, it means that he's interested in your personality and values your conversation and time together. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (6125)
BRIGHT SIDE (9 months ago)
Have you ever told your crush you like him or her?
Grangerfire Alkaline (3 months ago)
Yeah she never talked to me again and if she acted weird even though I was over her.
Kook Life (3 months ago)
No and thats the problem here so please please please please make a video of how to confess to a guy 🙇😢😭💜
Shani Hazen (3 months ago)
No not the one I have a crush on rite now...but I did have a boy friend.but he had to move schools..(and I never saw him again...😢)😩 I miss him... but now I like someone else! His name is Zachary (at school ppl call him Zach.💜💛💚💙)
Arianna Schlievert (1 hour ago)
I'm stuck in the awkward friend zone thing my crush like me and I like him but no one will make the move
FloRaox PurP (8 hours ago)
I think i had this one guy likes me, i think tho beacuse he did all of, this not all of them actually... He is my friend at school and kinda a Best friend on our game we first played together.....
Yup Moaz actually like me and he is the same like you said
Allison Wolfe (12 hours ago)
I took the advice from the video and um told my crush i liked him he got all excited and hugged me tightly and said "i waited for you to say that for so long" with a big smile on his face now were dating ☺
10 subs with No videos? (14 hours ago)
My crush told my bestie he likes me and idk what to doooo! T^T
Lonnie Rashid (1 day ago)
Too much intro talk....Now get straight to the point!!!
ROSA Silguero (1 day ago)
I did he was shook maybe he likes me?????
Simba TV (1 day ago)
I am not allowed to date until I am in college
Wadyem Alameri (1 day ago)
I was small I was 7 years old a girl come new in my school and I love her and I always watch her and I see her alone and I come to her and I Be her friend and she likes me to much and she said for me you are my Best friend🥰 and she go out of the school😭🥺😔so sad and I am sad now i always thank about her 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Emma Girl (1 day ago)
Im too afraid to tell him but... If he likes me and i didn't tell him, i would be so mad at myself. I dont know what to do. Please help me!
Laura Riely (1 day ago)
So helpful now I know my neighbors cousin likes me!
Sonam Doma (1 day ago)
I'm so happy after watching this video..... Cause this is all the good quality that my boyfriend have.... All 10 of 10...💯💯☑️
The craingy One (1 day ago)
5 likes I’ll tell my crush I like him Also tell me how n reply
Deepti World (2 days ago)
Just the video I needed
jenai king (2 days ago)
If this gets to atleast 14 likes I'll tell my crush I like him....
Selenay Flanigan (2 days ago)
One my friends from elementary just asked me out. He gets on my nerves a lot, when he asked me I realized why he's been acting different in class recently, He's been kinda touching me, I'll move away to let him know I don't want him doing it but he doesn't stop I'm pretty sure I've asked him too, if I'd been paying attention to what he was doing I might have able to figure it out sooner.
Amazing Kat (2 days ago)
*Everyone Is Thinking If Their Crush Do These Things To Them* 👇🏻???
Jayleanne Jimenez (2 days ago)
What happens when two boys fight over something and when I tell them what happened they will blush so hard and they will say “ nothing” Because I don’t know?
Katie Breunig (2 days ago)
I have a cursh on Dylan. by the way my name is Katie Breunig.
Amy Beaumont (2 days ago)
My crush does some of these things sometimes and other times he won’t. So I’m very confused.
Alice Chang (2 days ago)
My crush is to shy to ask my anything
Birgit Waggoner (2 days ago)
my crush at school or theatre? *SCHOOL* Brown hair cute eyes cares about me and my problems makes me laugh *THEATRE* cute af makes me laugh like a lot! cares about me too sings romantic songs from theatre shows to me
Birgit Waggoner (2 days ago)
Me: *to a sad classmate with a whole group asking him if he's ok* Wow Jacob! How does it feel to have people that actually care about you? My crush: aww bella! Don't give up (I'm using fake names) Me: *in my mind* one day.............hopefully
Ethel Parker (2 days ago)
Yes number 3
PancakeWaffle 256 (2 days ago)
i sat on the bars alone when my friends came along they said hey annie lets go confess you love to matty b i dident agree to it but i was forced to so i did it was very awkward now matty b will not speak to me due to how emmbarressed he was and also please save me because my friend is drowning me in my own perfume my adress is 352435436 salami road.
LUIGI 191 (2 days ago)
I'm a guy and just want to know what not to do
Z E N 3 T (2 days ago)
As a guy i agree ^_^
Chancla Heads (3 days ago)
Um well uhh mmmuhhh... I have a best friend James, hes not my crush... But whenever we make eye contact his puples are HUGE and he does ask me MANY questions when we hang out... Does that mean anything?
Diamond _Jazz (3 days ago)
So, he does like me... 1. He touches me a lot (A LOT) 2. He acts funny all the time 3. He asked me to kiss his hand 4. He asked me to give him a hug 5. He touches my hair 6. He said your such a good "girl" Friend, but he nervously laughs 7. He stares at me a lot, I caught him one time. And he smiled. 8. When I wave at him, and smile and wave back. And stared at me at me for a moment 9. I kinda like him, but idk 10. Should me and him go out?
Evan Burch (3 days ago)
It went ok
Ivona Sučić (3 days ago)
I came to school today and group off guys just started talking about something out off nowhere and when i passed by one off them yelled""HEY YVONNE!****** LIKES YOU!!!(srry cant tell name)i was schooked....
ELORA AHMED (3 days ago)
I love my crush but I only told him I like him
Nadia ABDULLAH (3 days ago)
I think 💭 roshan like me
Candace Surles (3 days ago)
Ti Goog
Sondra Sue (3 days ago)
Huh... I've been chasing after this boy for 11 years (imma junior) and he did return my feelings a few years ago, but... I think I was a bit 'too much' for him, seeing as I was so excited. He broke up with me by asking my friends to do it for him. Ugh.... 11 years. 11 freaking years... and I never really got over him. Now I'm the 3rd wheel between 3 sets of friends and it kinda sucks. Oof. Not asking for likes, just seeing if anyone can relate. 'Geastures wildly' *11 freakin years...*
I have a girl that likes me and she knows that I like her
Viviana Baltazar (3 days ago)
12 likes and I will ask him out
Ramona DIY’s (3 days ago)
This tells me that my crush really likes me but I don’t know 🤷🏽‍♀️
mia katarina (4 days ago)
nobody likes me 😜😂😂😂....😭
· Itz Haruu · (4 days ago)
*I think my best friend has a crush on me*
tylenol (4 days ago)
i confessed to him and he said "thanks" and ate my last chicken tender
tylenol (4 days ago)
Daniela Ionut (4 days ago)
YT Snowman (5 days ago)
Jeiner Gomez (5 days ago)
2:48 Pause
Nah we just like always being around the person we like
Cayleigh Anderson (5 days ago)
Is it bad that this boy likes me and sits by me and I think she’s the ugliest boy ever? 😬
killerknight 070 (5 days ago)
I've been exposed!😨 Oh and also I asked a girl out..... You already know what happened 😥
CRYPT1C (5 days ago)
In the first grade my crush came up to me and said, “i wike you” i said that back then we were “bf gf” lol
Refael Lazar (5 days ago)
And I don't want one (:
Refael Lazar (5 days ago)
I don't have one ):
Crystal Heart_snow (5 days ago)
*SiGlE pEoPlE wHeRe ArE yOu?*
Herrname Riahh (5 days ago)
Um my crush issa gangsta😭😭 like he is not shy at all nor isn’t he nervous to stare at me like he do it on purpose bc he know I like him🤣
FunKapri 82 (6 days ago)
Give me a few likes and I will tell him I like him
_Isabella_ (6 days ago)
300 likes and i tell my crush i like him
Wolf n Elina (7 days ago)
He also could be nervous around me because I beat him up a few minutes earlier
Squeaker Beverly (7 days ago)
Ok so I have a crush on this guy at my school but he is dating my best friend and I don’t want to ruin it for them so what do I do. Please help me!!
Jinx the wolfcoon (7 days ago)
One time I caught a kid in my class looking at me and then we just stared at each for like 10 minutes and then I coughed and He smiled at me. I died Of laughter 😂😵
Ana Voermans (8 days ago)
I told him and now he likes me and we talk alot its great
Patsy Baggett (8 days ago)
Patsy Baggett (8 days ago)
Larry Turner (8 days ago)
Lol funny
Amori’s Life (8 days ago)
150 likes I’ll tell my crush I like him:)
Toni Toni (8 days ago)
30 likes and I will tell my crush I like him
Peyton D (8 days ago)
he came to my house yesterday 🤷‍♀️😂
Tuong Thai Hand (8 days ago)
1000 likes I'll tell my crush I like her
Tatiana Lenshina (8 days ago)
It's true he does everything except to touch me 😖🤐😭
Karen Pings (8 days ago)
now I know that a boy I like likes me
tHanKU, neXt (8 days ago)
I can’t tell if my crush makes nervous movements because he has tourette’s 😂
SH (9 days ago)
Aubrey McCall (9 days ago)
I started liking this boy in 5th grade when he moved here. We are in the same grade and we are now in 7th grade. Not too long ago, I told him I liked him. A few weeks later on the Friday that we got out for spring break, he told me he liked me. Then, on the Thursday of spring break which was also my birthday, he asked me out. So my crush of two years and I are finally dating.
I have an ENORMOUS crush on a boy, that I met at my tennis classes. He is called Jacob, and he is the son of a tennis professional! 100 likes and I tell him how 8 really feel about him!
Avakin Wof Wof (9 days ago)
because of this...now i know my crush likes my friend...and my friend is year 3 and me and my crush are nearly year 5 :( maybe i will tell you in some hours but only if i get 5 likes..
븍숭아I'm just a (9 days ago)
k well after watching this vid it could be that my best friend is in love with me but my crush is not
S.A.D Gacha (9 days ago)
What if his friends like you too 😅
각수일 (9 days ago)
I just noticed how much I like him but he doesn't like me, thanks:)
Rizwan Khan (10 days ago)
Why boys are watching this???? Don't judge me!!!
Joy Dizon (10 days ago)
Ya know you guys are just describing mah bestfriends both girls and boys so yeah...... Im not believing this..hahahahaha
Shardia Anderson (10 days ago)
Yes and now where together
deethebomb bee (11 days ago)
Yes I told him through paper and he's in my class!!!! And I think he forgot so were friends now but I still have feelings for him
mike sanchez (11 days ago)
I had 3 girls ask me to be their boyfriend in my life. I turned them down. You girls over estimate your physical attraction. If you are going ask a guy out make sure you know which number from 1-10 he rates you. If it's 8 or above then he likes you.
Nyan G (11 days ago)
So my classmate really has a crush on me even though i don't really like him
Smokie 1311 (11 days ago)
1. He's nervous around you 2. His body language tells so 3. He touches you often 4. He treats you differently 5. He shows interest in your hobbies 6. He turns up in places you don't expect him to be 7. He constantly asks you questions 8. He remembers everything you told him 9. His friends act a bit strange around you 10. He doesn't use his phone around you
Sanidhya Shetty (11 days ago)
Hit d like if u r single nd enjoying d life...
Dyxe Zapp (11 days ago)
I'm a guy and they know more about us then we do 😂
jennymil33 (11 days ago)
Did not go good...he had already made a mistake he couldn't take back
JAYLEE PIMENTEL (11 days ago)
Okay so I'm in third grade and I have someone who likes me and I don't like him I just get nervous cause I don't know what to say to boys but I laugh or if they ask me a question I answer it and then look away😱😚😘👫
Daniella Gutierrez (13 days ago)
The only thing that true is #2
Marie Cabanero (13 days ago)
i confessed to him and he just said thank you. end😭💔😂
Zoom (12 days ago)
Hay can us be friends
Milla Marks (13 days ago)
There is this person called Lauren in my class she has betrayed me so much she told my crush I like him and he doesn’t so now I. Embarrassed and everyone is making fun of me
Rebeka Mokoena (13 days ago)
30 likes and i will tell her i love her
Kawaii Potato (13 days ago)
The triplets in my class death hug me .-.
cheesy jadez Berry (13 days ago)
Lol i wish i got hugs
Adam Sharma (13 days ago)
When your frirnds are harami And when you see a girl they are like 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫
Izzy La Bufanda (14 days ago)
A guy hinted that he liked me but I don’t like him back, I think,
Izzy La Bufanda (8 days ago)
cheesy jadez Berry oooooh tea
cheesy jadez Berry (13 days ago)
Ok same but i like him to
AliceDa Pandicorn (14 days ago)
He always hurt me D:
cheesy jadez Berry (13 days ago)
Sammme like teasing and dragging me every were and laughing smiling and flirting.
Valentina Ovando (13 days ago)
AliceDa Pandicorn he likes u :)
Ashley Lambert (14 days ago)
100 likes and I’ll tell my crush I like them
Im a shy boy, i have a crush on someone but i'm mostly don't do things on the video. When i'm face to face with her i'm trying to talk to my friend, Fakeing ignore her, and just walk normally infront her.
SwiftyJifty (14 days ago)
Any boys just watching to see how accurate this is
sky night fury (14 days ago)
Boys stare at me all the time. Idk why.

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