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Hancock Rocks! The Wanderer in Magic City

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The Fuxedos' Diabolical Danny Shorago -- the voice of Hancock in Fallout 4 -- performing live in character at 2017's Magic City Con in Birmingham, AL. He'll be returning to Magic City to perform at his debut VIP event on June 9, 2018. C'mon out and join him! For more info: https://www.magiccitycon.com/tickets/ http://www.fuxedos.com (Costume: Nikki Vick http://www.twitch.tv/gamewithnikki)
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Text Comments (34)
Logan Ross (3 months ago)
That one dislike is Danse
Logan Ross (3 months ago)
Blathnaid K (3 months ago)
Why am I turned on by a ghoul
Nonha Rowena Uhmm (3 months ago)
Those hips are rad-ical
Jaidyn was here (6 months ago)
Sir them some satanic moves ya got there I never thought I’d fall victim to loving a video game character so much but I guess shit happens
Ayeisha John (8 months ago)
This song is perfect for hancock. Love the dancing, so awesome when singers proper perform
G Studios (3 months ago)
Probably how he is after a few pounds of jet.
Ghoulification (10 months ago)
oh god, i think im pregnant
G Studios (3 months ago)
Not how that works, but if you say so.
Amy (1 year ago)
😍 Hell of a performer. Who knew Hancock could be any more awesome?
Savannah Kay (1 year ago)
Brittney Miss (1 year ago)
Them hips don’t lie. <3
b scar (1 year ago)
9 months later everyone in that room had his children
Maya Lynch (1 year ago)
Remember in Guardians of the Galaxy when Gamora said that she wouldn't fall for Star Lord's "Pelvic Sorcery?" THIS is Pelvic Sorcery.
WerewolfLydia (1 year ago)
Those hips, killer ♥
Brittney Miss (1 year ago)
WerewolfLydia We’re all going to need some stimpacks and some jet.
Just Janine (1 year ago)
The people the left obviously cannot appreciate this moment
glazedyams (1 year ago)
Yeah -- I mean, what the fuck, huh?
Em's FX (1 year ago)
Why am I aroused?
Logan Ross (3 months ago)
Because you're human
G Studios (3 months ago)
Clearly you're into ghouls with Tricorners.
Patchwork StiltFox (1 year ago)
I am seriously hoping there will be a VIP ticket left by the time I get money....at the end of May...X.x I can't afford it right now with college, rent, and food, but if my family sends me enough for my birthday, I'll be able to afford it.
Fionna chu (1 year ago)
I need to meet this man. I’ll probly cry and fan girl till I pass out
chimmy :p (1 year ago)
I feel attacked, someone pass me a stimpak
Logan Ross (3 months ago)
Brittney Miss (1 year ago)
Blue Here take one, I have plenty to spare.
CityofFilth (1 year ago)
Voice: Devilish Pelvic Motions: Lethal Sir, you are making a weapon, and I'm contacting the authorities.
mentatsghoul (1 year ago)
I'm in love ♡
Miss Nightshade (1 year ago)
I would un-ironically call Danny Shorago "daddy" to his face with no regrets.
Logan Ross (3 months ago)
Pelageya Kordula (1 year ago)
I am going next year!
Brittney Miss (1 year ago)
Pelageya Kordula Hope you have fun.
Orifiel-M (1 year ago)
Hancock's pelvis is a force of nature.
Antonia Fraser (1 year ago)
Lotta of hip swinging there lol

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