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Dsp 8 14 2018

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Rey (3 months ago)
Hey...do you respond to these?
Surf City Video (6 months ago)
Here in Idaho I use Gem Tech sub sonic for shooting whistle pigs out of a Ruger 10/22.
Surf City Video (6 months ago)
Used to have a mic like that. My ex wife threw it away because the cable was frayed. One of the many reasons I ditched the ex.
FuKuNinja (8 months ago)
I know that you want to live stream but the connection is still spotty
M.C. Landstander (8 months ago)
https://youtu.be/ZQSpPrZSDQ8 Nah.... I'm a white guy.
Dee Ess (8 months ago)
Awesome tip. I hate ehspiders! Your wife is absolutely correct.
mojavedesert3381 (8 months ago)
CCI Subsonic HP.
Tim H (8 months ago)
She is correct in thinking the bugs can escape the shop vac because it has an open vent unlike a bagged home vacuum.
crystalx2k (8 months ago)
Suits I was wondering if you could tell me what you know about MK Ultra? I heard a little bit about it and found it an intriguing subject and I believe you are the smartest guy that could share some knowledge with me about the subject. Thanx
M.C. Landstander (8 months ago)
The CCI standard velocity is 1070 fps.
M.C. Landstander (8 months ago)
When you first started doing this from you bunker, the image wasn't reversed? What the H?
Dark Energy (8 months ago)
I like to hit flies with a solid squirt of isopropyl alcohol.

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