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Nude Party Before and After Bike Ride Portland | Nude Shower !!

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This is the World Naked Bike Ride Portland "Before and After Party/Shower." After a long hot bike ride there is nothing like a cold shower. This event draws about 10,000 participants. It is a demonstration to lower dependance on oil, promote the use of bicycles, and
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Text Comments (3415)
Awe Shavier (7 hours ago)
TKOG (5 days ago)
Hmmmm allot can be said about this here
TKOG (5 days ago)
1:29 li butt butt
Naresh Parihar (8 days ago)
World animal
Richi chakrabortty (10 days ago)
It's really really a incredible fun.
romax melwar (14 days ago)
whhahaha soo nice
Jezzer Merrel (18 days ago)
Wild fucking bitches
Jezzer Merrel (18 days ago)
Here animals is better than human.
Moeen Azzam (21 days ago)
Moeen Azzam (21 days ago)
Moeen Azzam (21 days ago)
Moeen Azzam (21 days ago)
Moeen Azzam (21 days ago)
Moeen Azzam (21 days ago)
Ngọc Nga Phan Thị (22 days ago)
I want to show everyone my boobs
CLOSED ID (23 days ago)
So Great Bathing
Thanawat Charonesuk (23 days ago)
Larry Booth (24 days ago)
This is good healthy sexuality. People who are confident in their sexuality and feel free to show the world. It's okay to feel this way. I give them an A plus for showing the world sex isn't dirty.
Ramesh Babu (25 days ago)
SEX is nothing it is only a HUMAN FLESH
Gàmé Master (1 month ago)
America is a country of bitches and bastard
Salomon David (1 month ago)
This what u call freedom fuck the world
Huy Nguyễn Lê (1 month ago)
What.what is happen.
nudist1033 (1 month ago)
The "World Naked Bike Ride" in Portland Oregon USA. Check any search engine for "World Naked Bike Ride" and follow any links that appear.
Ashok Rai (1 month ago)
Full enjoy of life
Kayak anjing
John Ashwin (1 month ago)
HAAAAAAAA!!!! WHAT IS THIS!!!!!!! SO BAD!!!!!!!!!
nudist1033 (1 month ago)
Only until YOU show up................then it'll be fantastic.
Agar नंगे होने से कोई नया हो जाता तो हमारे पूर्वजों ने कपड़े कभी नहीं बनाए होते इंसानियत को sharmsaar करने वाली तस्वीर
Prashant Mishra (1 month ago)
Best figure goes to the girl comes after 1:10
Joel Akers (1 month ago)
If I see a pretty girl with bigger hooter big booty good pussy I have my rubber in my bag i hump the cumm outta her and other girls
R F (1 month ago)
Well.. i'm in
Jedi (1 month ago)
Freaks lol
Cesar Contreras (1 month ago)
A lavarse la raja cochinos culiaos....hay unos que entraron a puro mear a la pileta...!!!
Bryan bse (1 month ago)
Just want to say to all the negative comments on here bla bla get a life
Ngày hôm nay.tám tháng ba lơi tắm rửa các làng tiên 😊😋
Tavarien Dunbar (1 month ago)
There r no niggas here
Tavarien Dunbar (1 month ago)
+nudist1033 I know what niggas do and dont
nudist1033 (1 month ago)
Negroids in the "western world" don't get involved in nude recreation anywhere near as often as caucasians, hispanics, or even orientals of any nationality. There are a few reasons for this. Cultural differences are a HUGE part of that. They also don't ski as much as caucasians. They don't travel into the woods for overnight hiking or canoeing trips as often either.
Jesus Mea Lux (1 month ago)
What you're watching is a large concentration of demon-oppressed morons. What a sewer Portland must be
nudist1033 (1 month ago)
Oh, like Portland Oregon is the ONLY city on earth that gets involved in the "World Naked Bike Ride"...??? Yeah, OK.................(8^P
Snapparazzi (1 month ago)
0:28 What disgust me the most is some people even brought their children with them. WOW I'm speechless to be honest!
Julie Baker (25 days ago)
Bodies aren't inherently sexual.. just like clothes aren't. Just because a person/child is nude doesn't make them a sexual object. It scares me that you think they are.
nudist1033 (1 month ago)
There were nude children running around Woodstock 1969 as well. Very young children can't reason that ANYTHING is improper, immoral, or illegal until someone else explains to them what that thing is or why it has that distinction. If these parents teach their children that in.......THIS SPECIFIC location...........(wherever that location is) and under............THESE SPECIFIC circumstances...............(whatever they happen to be), and with...........THESE SPECIFIC people............(whomever they happen to be) nude recreation is TOTALLY REASONABLE AND APPROPRIATE children will grow up learning that there is a difference. And considering that children have the memory span of 3 seconds or less, they'll probably forget that they were here less than 1 month later.
M . Y (1 month ago)
Well i dont know how these people get naked im front of public lack of respect for each other and people have made nakedism a culture now porn industry has played big role in this it just show they have no religion
nudist1033 (1 month ago)
Lack of respect for each other.............????? How.......??? Nudism has been a culture in many countries all over the world for hundreds of years and is a daily part of life in numerous countries in the eastern hemisphere depending on which country you are in and what activities are being practiced. In Finland, use of a "sauna" is done "exclusively nude" by more than 40% of the population of the country at least once a week every week of the year. Though they may practice nudism in the sauna with family members only, they still use the sauna in mixed gender and mixed age GROUP settings. No religion...............????? You can tell that just by one 5 minute video...?????
Rahul Gupta (1 month ago)
Any girl here😋😋
Amit Upadhya (1 month ago)
Wtf are they doing
Julie Baker (25 days ago)
They're showering in a public fountain.
nudist1033 (1 month ago)
Riding bicycles naked in the "World Naked Bike Ride". ................and then playing naked in the fountain afterwards.
Zealander New (1 month ago)
who know the girl who in 1:12 instergarm
nudist1033 (1 month ago)
That girl does..................if she has one.......................(8^P
Umesh patel Gour (2 months ago)
I love node girl
health is wealth (2 months ago)
I remember my child hood when mom gave bathing us
Sbo Sbodapoet119 (2 months ago)
Trust me I'd have fucked lot of them thereafter!!!
nudist1033 (1 month ago)
You're presuming that they would let you. You're presuming that they would help you. You're presuming that they would let you finish before throwing you into the middle of the fountain and attempting to drown you to death.
yourpapi fo sho (2 months ago)
People having fun! That is what life is about!!
aldrian jourdan (2 months ago)
fucking bitch
Rgb Rides (2 months ago)
we need more of these fountains!
nudist1033 (1 month ago)
There are more than enough fountains in big cities all over the world. We need more hours of the day certain days of the week where swimming and playing naked in the fountains is permitted. Even 3 hours a day between 10PM and 1AM when most of the people in the streets have left the big city to go back to their homes, and most of the illumination from the sun and overhead street lights has been turned off for the day. Even one day a week every week of the year for anywhere from 26 weeks a year to 52 weeks a year would be great. Letting dozens to hundreds of people at a time go swimming and playing nude in the big city fountain.............talk about emotional and social regeneration of sick sick societies.
Kausar Ahmed (2 months ago)
Sounds about white
Khan (2 months ago)
This isn't modernizem this is totally pigshit shitty shitty people
imran ali (2 months ago)
Fuck you this culture
imran ali (2 months ago)
Soo stopped people
nudist1033 (1 month ago)
Stupid people........ You should see how much nude recreation goes on in some southern hemisphere societies like the "yawalapiti" people of Brazil and the native people of dark black 3rd world tribes all over various countries in the entire continent of Africa.
Aani and Soni Singh (2 months ago)
What the fuck
mostafa Elbarbary (2 months ago)
吳仕堯 (2 months ago)
Vulgar, dirty, disgusting, shameless
nudist1033 (1 month ago)
Vulgar, dirty, disgusting, and shameless...................??? Well certainly not dirty after running through the fountain for 15 minutes straight. And shameless refers more to being outside of accepted mores of a particular situation, not a whole society. Drunkenness is shameful in public but in certain countries it is promoted. Vulgarity is now the norm even on TV and in movies. And since youtube is the video channel of "everything ever", let's not even talk about disgusting........
youssef gamer (2 months ago)
Deborah Murphy (2 months ago)
I had there I'm not lying
PO3. Jarod Waldron (2 months ago)
How tf did I get here omg I'm going to be sick
nudist1033 (1 month ago)
Maybe you're going to be sick because you're only watching this and not participating in it yourself.............(8^P
caltranschris (2 months ago)
caltranschris (2 months ago)
Alok Gupta (2 months ago)
I like nudesty
Garsten Ray (2 months ago)
Did anyone else see that guy run into the bicycle
railfans Adhiska Fatihah (2 months ago)
"In which country"?....... "Ini di negara mana" ?.....
nudist1033 (1 month ago)
This was Portland Oregon USA. But the "World Naked Bike Ride" is held in more than 35 different cities in more than 15 different countries all over the world. Just check the WNRB website for further information.
Max Hail (2 months ago)
Pierre Moreau (2 months ago)
so many bitches we would never fuck, big and fat asses
nudist1033 (1 month ago)
Until you are standing next to them and realize that you are just as tall and weigh just as much. Certainly you have heard the phrase "the camera puts 10 pounds on you". Until you see yourself on camera you can't imagine how you would look standing right next to them.
Joydeb Mondal (2 months ago)
Very nice
Suraj Ningombam (2 months ago)
Is this really human or humanoid animal
nudist1033 (1 month ago)
Humanoid animal.............?????? And that would be what exactly?
Village fisherman (2 months ago)
nice video
Ashvin Koshiya (2 months ago)
Jamal Hafed (2 months ago)
اسماء اسد بيناتون مرت لا بشار اسد
Warp Drive (2 months ago)
God please forgive me.
Warp Drive (1 month ago)
+nudist1033 hehe
nudist1033 (1 month ago)
Yes God, please forgive Warp Drive for NOT being in this video himself or herself. Maybe next year though.............(8^P hint hint, clue clue, nudge nudge, say no more say no more, know what I mean know what I mean...................HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
Bryson Uronu (2 months ago)
What a shame act
nudist1033 (1 month ago)
Unlike stealing, lying, fighting, killing, polluting, cursing, and general dislike for a whole society of other people because of their gender, ethnicity, nationality, or religion.............????? Yeah OK.
Nisar Ahmad (2 months ago)
Animals.... what's difference between animals and these ?? It's shamelessness, nudity,
Nisar Ahmad (24 days ago)
nudist1033 yes you are animals in human face ... we are created as human best creation among all creations but once you follow evil you become worst than animals
Julie Baker (25 days ago)
We ARE animals. Genetics shows this. We're a branch of primates.
nudist1033 (1 month ago)
Promoting evil................yeah OK.
Nisar Ahmad (1 month ago)
They are evil
Nisar Ahmad (1 month ago)
Promoting happiness what a joke haha they are worst than animals they are promoting evil .. shame but they don't that shame
REDSKIN /// (2 months ago)
2:14 omg who let the fat chick get naked no one definitely wants to see that aaaaaaa my eyes
nudist1033 (1 month ago)
Fat.....????? And which woman are you talking about. I can't tell.....
not good for socity
nudist1033 (1 month ago)
Maybe not the society that you live in..........but considering that being nude outdoors in GROUP gatherings in delightfully emotionally exhilarating, (especially those where there is a chance to get soaking soaking wet from mass amounts of free water {like swimming pools, oceans, rain storms, or even standing in the sprinkler system at the golf course.............}). Being nude outdoors in group gatherings is emotionally exhilarating and regenerative. Unfortunately there aren't enough people in various countries all over the world that know that.
Muhammad Irfan (2 months ago)
Nda ad otak smua.a
Muhammad Idrees (2 months ago)
not a good thing to do publicly, in this way these people have destroyed thier society , families, now they are publishing these sort of nudity on YouTube... stop nudity
nudist1033 (1 month ago)
Oh, like society in numerous countries all over the world aren't destroying themselves and others for reasons that are not related to nudity at all. And how can anyone know that these people can be identified by anyone that knows the rest of their family members...??? Maybe none of these people have any other family members or their other family members don't know that these people were involved in this activity this day. Even if some people who know any of the participants that are in this video have discussed it with them maybe these people can defend what they do to the point that those who can recognize them wish they could have been here themselves.
Antonio Vernando (2 months ago)
Party all :D
Flirt Chatting (2 months ago)
Inka Production (2 months ago)
Alexander Robison (2 months ago)
Azka Arsy (2 months ago)
Humans likes animal lol
Julie Baker (25 days ago)
We ARE animals. Genetics.
John w (2 months ago)
Wtf Free show.
Mr cow Martinez (2 months ago)
That's cool I like for people volentering in nude party
Osman Goplani (2 months ago)
2:50 jhonny sins spotted kidnapping the girl
Janda Karbitan (3 months ago)
animals ...
Trevor (3 months ago)
Grossest shit I've seen all month
Bruno sousa lima (3 months ago)
Waseem Abbas (3 months ago)
Shame on all over these guys
Nas123 Jones (3 months ago)
Kat bits And Robots (3 months ago)
no man its only gay and girls
N Kariem (3 months ago)
Savannah Hemphill (3 months ago)
Adie Thox (3 months ago)
Like animal community...
Jose Aguilar (3 months ago)
1:11 best part of the video
shanky1987ful (3 months ago)
I love America!
nicki adams (3 months ago)
um, okay. where can i sign up?
POWER of PEOPLE (24 days ago)
Nicki Adams what's your email ? I'll email you
POWER of PEOPLE (24 days ago)
Nicki Adam's what's your email ? I'll email you
Duarte Papa Vicente (3 months ago)
Only in Oregon
Halil Şamlı (3 months ago)
Burada olmak isterdim şu amcıkların içinde amcığını sulandırmak isteyen varsa arasın azgın bayanlar 533 231 56 96
Salman Qureshi (3 months ago)
All good girls gone bad n mad 😂
Mia 017 585Munguia (3 months ago)
I love fat

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