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Nude Party Before and After Bike Ride Portland | Nude Shower !!

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This is the World Naked Bike Ride Portland "Before and After Party/Shower." After a long hot bike ride there is nothing like a cold shower. This event draws about 10,000 participants. It is a demonstration to lower dependance on oil, promote the use of bicycles, and
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Text Comments (3150)
Ameer Jan (1 hour ago)
I like sex
Oooo ssssss mmmmmm
Michael chima iwuala (7 hours ago)
Party Till You Drop
TJ gamer (10 hours ago)
1:08 dick : **rises** Me:no
Rudi Yanto (11 hours ago)
Arimou Aboubakar (12 hours ago)
Can this women out here fill a sexual against men?
Tj Tj (13 hours ago)
I don't think I could have walk because of the beautiful women😳😜😀😃😊😙😌🎉🎈
Bryan Smith (18 hours ago)
Hell yeah that’s hot naked fun
Janoario Ramos Ramos (21 hours ago)
Very nice day
Dodhy Nugroho (21 hours ago)
Kalau aja negara Indonesia kaya gitu . Aim alouvyou touw
Fused Winner (21 hours ago)
Now i can die easily.....
Anonymous (1 day ago)
I wanna do it.. someone joining ?
This is the reason clothes were invented.
Nama Default (1 day ago)
Idiots.... Realy idiots
Bablu Halder (1 day ago)
Eder dhon ki khara hay na?
Harry Lowe (1 day ago)
Let's have sec
Harry Lowe (1 day ago)
Dotty Albritton (1 day ago)
Do more vids I scribe
Flynn Wright (1 day ago)
white people
Iconic (1 day ago)
2:20 wild hand grab those buns detected.. lol
Hemant Raj (1 day ago)
Mashaallah subhanallah... Jannat
Sonu THAKUR (1 day ago)
1:13 thumbnail
Srikanta Subba (2 days ago)
vary bad
Srikanta Subba (2 days ago)
bad party.
Justice Jakober (2 days ago)
I like the nice tits and asses
Calvin Watson (2 days ago)
Oh boy🤔
samoa lash (2 days ago)
I think people are stupid now a days
A Vang (2 days ago)
Lol... public indecency? No??? But someone in a coat flashing a random strange gets handcuffed... lol.. keep Portland weird I guess...
Catskillmtnbuckhunter (2 days ago)
Turn that dirty clown frown. Right upside down
Catskillmtnbuckhunter (2 days ago)
Dream of the 90’s is alive in Portland
Dario Mendoza (2 days ago)
3.k thumbs down = jesus bible family values Weirdoes!!! anyway WSOME video!!!
Damage (3 days ago)
Smells like....butt
i want to die (3 days ago)
Imagine the sheer quantity of boners
bbm_dylan_bbm yt (3 days ago)
i want to die y would u
Brooke Chandler (3 days ago)
wow so cool hah not so cool
Mr Man gamer (3 days ago)
If i would have been there ..i was surely fucking an ASS
Alamin Md alamin (3 days ago)
yo yo bigs (3 days ago)
Just came here to see some hairy coochie😛
Anonymous (1 day ago)
Me too..💋👄💦💦👙
And then they said (4 days ago)
3:34 someone is happy about the fun enema fountain
And then they said (4 days ago)
Not a single hot chick!
Louisa Rose (4 days ago)
2:03 pelea de espadas D:
Deneth Perera (4 days ago)
Ariana Lokkaa (4 days ago)
$ArianaLoka Cash app me I’ll send nudes 👅
Jijo Randy (4 days ago)
Lucky mens
Nix Shira (4 days ago)
Sourav Thakur (4 days ago)
Vipin Poswal (4 days ago)
Hahahaha when two men hugs then his penis also touch each other
Vipin Poswal (4 days ago)
Its amezing
Daud Ngulugulu (4 days ago)
If you try this in our country, every people they gonna bit you as a cow. Lazima ujute kuzaliwa,nyambafu!
Mohd Alif (4 days ago)
1:11 the best
RAMESH KUMAR (5 days ago)
Abe oye nikmmo jahilow
Fgtucnv Duricnfg (5 days ago)
Zhaira jane (5 days ago)
dont do this in saudi arabia.all arabs are not rapist..sarcasm
وسيم صبار (5 days ago)
يا ليت ونا عندكم
Sara Ahmed (5 days ago)
what,s this
Imagine what is happening back stage
Desi Viral (5 days ago)
Wow .. It must be pool fountain party in heaven 😍
raising desi (5 days ago)
If there any indian kasam se wo nachta kam or sabki gand marne ke firak me jyada hota😂 Or do minat me chod bho deta pata bji ni chalne deta
ابو سلمان (5 days ago)
لك الحمد علي نعمة الاسلام
BMF Rahman (5 days ago)
What i am seeing, lol.
Safin anim (6 days ago)
i want to go there im rich i have money ..fuck with me & get some money
Safin anim (6 days ago)
love you man
Jastine rhian (6 days ago)
God will punish these people they waiting for their judgment soon
xHala_candy thegamerx (3 days ago)
Your right
Jordan Martinez (6 days ago)
2:03 you’re welcome
Jedud Wild Fishing (6 days ago)
dajjal willcome soon
Kevin khisna (6 days ago)
2:03, ummmmm
Owen Wilson (6 days ago)
Whitest thing ive seen in a month
PANCHNAMA RECORDS (20 hours ago)
Jarhead (1 day ago)
+Kathleen Mcdonagh i have video evidence that 90% of the people participating, are white.
Mohamed Nassir (2 days ago)
This looks like wedding crushers hhhh
Damage (3 days ago)
That would be from 2:03-2:06
Kathleen Mcdonagh (3 days ago)
Your stupid
Raden Panji (6 days ago)
Rahul Jadhav (6 days ago)
This is not human only animal
Mannish Suthar (6 days ago)
I can't control to erect my dick to see naked ass and boobs
Derin Diken (6 days ago)
No no no no no what!!!!!
Attiya Imran (7 days ago)
I love nakedness the nono is so great I love doing sex and why not sex is great
Preetam Bhardwaj (7 days ago)
Beshram sallleee
Sir Lick Alot (7 days ago)
24/7 👅 Service
nur hari (7 days ago)
menjauhlah sejauh2nya dari kaum ini sungguh ini sangat dekat dengan murka TUHAN !!!!
Robert Fournier (7 days ago)
Not enough nudity.
Darkness World (7 days ago)
how come no one gets hard ?
Isaac (7 days ago)
so this is what the antifa does in their spare time?
Fluffy Brook (8 days ago)
Are they all single? If no then wtf
Bahamian Bunye (8 days ago)
I’m glad this ain’t the U.S or the human/rapist/pedophiles/pervert populations would be at a very all time high💯
md khan (8 days ago)
3:47 monkey from zoo
Shronkey Donkey (8 days ago)
N is for nothing is on their bodies. U is for understanding eachothers bodies D is for demonetized, what this video is E is for endless amounts of joy
Wtf is this a NA thing to do?
Balasaheb pawar (8 days ago)
Heaven s grace ❤ 😍
Salman Rkhan (8 days ago)
Go to hell ईसाई
DJ SICKICK (8 days ago)
Almost none good a woody was it that cold???
john patrick hellie (8 days ago)
sounds like a pack of hyena's while taking shower
kisano ka dost (9 days ago)
1:28 what a tasty ass
Jacov Hail (9 days ago)
ALFONS Alfons (9 days ago)
Samra TUTO (9 days ago)
ماهذا الخـــــــــــــــــــــــــــراء
Zane Michael (9 days ago)
ajit Singh (9 days ago)
Now I understand why osho says that tiredness is initial stage of relaxation . We can see it when we are free from our self made social cover . It's not a big things that they all are nude it's a big thing they are not doing anything else
SURAKSHA SALUJA (9 days ago)
its very
YATOX GLITCHEUR (9 days ago)
STARFOULAH Carrément party qui est français likd
M Siddi (10 days ago)
India me to ladkio ki same prob ha
M Siddi (10 days ago)
Its foreigner & not indian jo dekh k hi discharge hojaate ha
Mannvy Meas (10 days ago)
This is really weird
Azaira Fan (10 days ago)
what this place name

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