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Nude Party Before and After Bike Ride Portland | Nude Shower !!

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This is the World Naked Bike Ride Portland "Before and After Party/Shower." After a long hot bike ride there is nothing like a cold shower. This event draws about 10,000 participants. It is a demonstration to lower dependance on oil, promote the use of bicycles, and
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Text Comments (1350)
Tony Cerda (13 hours ago)
@1:12 wow ☺️
FastZebra Zoom (16 hours ago)
Oh God don't let the Christians in here. We don't need to hear how more people are going to hell lol.
L Sticker (19 hours ago)
Pure minded people caring nobody and enjoying without hurting somebody's....... .
Youngdaggerdick Bitch (20 hours ago)
No wonder no black people involved
jejaka K R (23 hours ago)
After this..end world
nazeem ameen (1 day ago)
Crazy white people
rasmus bro (1 day ago)
3:46 69?!?
jjljk dweklh (1 day ago)
1:12 - she got the best body there
Samsung Samsung (1 day ago)
Very nice video 👍
Carl Grimes (1 day ago)
Wth ,and u film it
Dead pool (1 day ago)
I would fuck every single girl there
Guste Paskeviciute (1 day ago)
Omg stop bruh
Gerardo Patino (2 days ago)
Dayum 1:29
Mohamed Rashad (2 days ago)
ياولاد دين الكلب
Ahmed Nasser (2 days ago)
what the fuck is going on?
denny music (2 days ago)
if i am in there i will boner all the time
invincible creature (2 days ago)
Beauty with only vagina no mind these western people think that they are doing something amazing but they don't know that they are looking like pigs without clothes🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓
smile khull ka (2 days ago)
A time to leaving earth😂😂😂😂
Eduardo Mendes (2 days ago)
Eu também sou br
DemonTheSquadGod (2 days ago)
OM FJ (2 days ago)
Followers dajjal
Protect Tude (2 days ago)
Many likes from India
Raj Singh (2 days ago)
Wow, I wanna join
romi blaze (2 days ago)
Astak firulah
Mary Panganiban (2 days ago)
Hadija (2 days ago)
Umar Sharif (3 days ago)
I thought Mankind has Learnt a little
Jasmine McCavour (3 days ago)
I'm at this 😱😱omg
naresh kumar (2 days ago)
Hi jasmine , where is this place
Izwan Ibrahim (3 days ago)
When LGBT create an event..
VforVadentta34 Cs go (3 days ago)
Bu ne ananı avradını sikeyim
Complex AlienWare (3 days ago)
Who Else Loves Hairy Pussy Like If You Do 🤤
Craziest ANIMALZ!!!!!!
Mr Golstead (3 days ago)
Moses is coming back soon better put your clothes back on or he will throw the ten commandments at you all.
2:22 bushy
Rich Famous4u (3 days ago)
Tsunami pls
MITU RAJ (4 days ago)
On one side technology is going ahead miles. On the other side humans are going back to ancient times.
Dhanjit Choudhury (4 days ago)
I like to join
Jagjeet Gill (4 days ago)
is having sex allowed there?
amerika pi
dont igree
Simple Stelaize. (4 days ago)
Shameless act
Mohd Sajid Ansari (4 days ago)
Hol sale hai Bhai
rima chy (5 days ago)
I am22 years
naresh kumar (2 days ago)
I am 21
savage zombie (5 days ago)
Smells like marijuana
Waqar Ahmed (5 days ago)
I fapped thrice ...so watery hot video
dlarge6502 (5 days ago)
Its very funny to see that all the foreigners seem to be searching for these videos then comment on them stating stupid things like "we turning animal". Just highlights how uneducated that person is when they learn that humans are animals.
norddy nort (5 days ago)
6 >₩¤
yoma yama (5 days ago)
Algunas de estas chicas aguantan una aventura loca jaja...
Prafulla Gogoi (5 days ago)
how sexy
Shara Afreen (5 days ago)
Animal planet
Zainal Abidin (6 days ago)
Mau kiamat
gil lehrer (6 days ago)
1:09 and 1:33 -- Wow! Every woman gets hot with shaved pussy! I'm in love! (gilberto lehrer from brazil)
King-haiver Iraham (6 days ago)
The chubby one
ngoyi louis (6 days ago)
teguh buddy (6 days ago)
animal act
Asep Saepudin (6 days ago)
iiPastelUnicornii (6 days ago)
David Colmer (6 days ago)
this just screams countless #metoo potential.
azerty azertu (6 days ago)
Lmaooooo all this brainwashed people thinking they will have attention if they show their nude body xDD all they will receive is a dick in the ass and that's it. We get a dick in the ass and we feel PROUD and LOVED !
Andrew (7 days ago)
Looking like animals-beasts
Thomas Grimes (7 days ago)
These dumbasses shouldn't be allowed to breed! Fucking dumbocrats!
paulo lsta (7 days ago)
Q p e essa
This Ismyname (7 days ago)
1:14 😋😍
I Am A Ass Hole (7 days ago)
2:05 their dicks most likely hit 😔what a sad world this has become
Ban Dar (8 days ago)
Looks like it's a Mental Institution..that just broke down and it's residents were set free
Ban Dar (8 days ago)
الفيديو ده تعريف للكلمة المصرية: مليطة MALYATA
Kim Bingham (8 days ago)
I would never do something like that. It's too disturbing.
James Coco (8 days ago)
How did I even end up watching this video?
joey the beast (8 days ago)
so sexy
Perpa Karan (8 days ago)
Nice show
John Molshoy John (8 days ago)
the world is not chang humanbing is a change in the world
ajis dakri (8 days ago)
They like pigs
Irulemy Family (9 days ago)
What the hell
Munay Ke Abbu (9 days ago)
Abb samajh aya ' Aik hamaam mai sub hi nangay ' ka matlaab
Munay Ke Abbu (9 days ago)
naked women good but i am not going to hug a naked dude
Jay D (9 days ago)
When your at these things, or a nude beach are you allowed to lay down and jerk off and shoot cum all over the place? Will that draw an audience or the police?
GÖTZE 19 (9 days ago)
Win hdi ya zbi
Surendra Singh (10 days ago)
Indian Fire Stone (10 days ago)
This is what I call hawt 1:14
GAMING MONSTER (10 days ago)
1:40 that one fat person that eats all the people...
Jayman Anthony (10 days ago)
If I was there I would fuck people from the back
DankSquid :v (10 days ago)
2:56 Wtf
Esam Ebid (10 days ago)
They wear a very chic
Esam Ebid (10 days ago)
اجمل حاجه لبسهم في منتهي الشياكه
Love You (11 days ago)
True Skate Dude (11 days ago)
I wish i could be there lol
JAZZY or Jazzy (11 days ago)
Reversion of sodom and Gomorrah
Robson Games (3 days ago)
cause to have courage to face the life by yourself without fear of imaginary friends or demons, you need to have Big Balls
Baret Merah (4 days ago)
Yeah.. 1000% Agree with You Menn.... The world Have Too Old...
Vandhy Iksan (5 days ago)
+Secular GuyIam not afraid but we are humans not animals, there are rules we have to apply. So what benefits can we take from this activity? if we are naked what is different between us and animals? you need religious teachings so that your brain isn't misguided bro 👎
Secular Guy (5 days ago)
Oh, do get over yourself. Why are religious freaks so afraid of the human body?
Mohican Star (11 days ago)
Wow we are not that much different than apes!
Secular Guy (5 days ago)
Humans _are_ apes.
Mervin Banos (11 days ago)
Oh Hell Nah i would not go there Everyone is naked
Dolly Ghosh (11 days ago)
Lovely. I appreciate their freedom.
Z3nty B0urne (11 days ago)
I looked up body for school test but this Smh
Luke Verrall (11 days ago)
If I were there the police would have to check me for a sharp object.🍆😉
Chhoton Fulmali (11 days ago)
Acun Tavadjio (11 days ago)
this is the reason why THANOS came to earth
Gurpreet Guri (11 days ago)
Bad video
gdhsdfgjh dfgnsd (12 days ago)

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