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Disclaimer: I realize this video focuses mostly on femme styles and a bit on traditional masc men's styles, so I hope to expand my style videos with time! Right now, this is the "language" I know best about style based on sign, so bear with me! I would never intentionally leave any presentation/style types out. Let me know if you have any questions. TIMESTAMPS: Aries 1:43 Taurus 5:58 Gemini 10:29 Cancer 14:21 Leo 19:20 Virgo 23:49 Libra 28:46 Scorpio 33:00 Sagittarius 36:44 Capricorn 40:12 Aquarius 45:45 Pisces 50:42 CALCULATE Your Natal Chart: http://astro.cafeastrology.com/natal.php INSTAGRAM: @gfrancescamusic @mindfulindulgence TWITTER: @gfrancescamusic MY PINTEREST WITH ZODIAC STYLE BOARDS FOR EACH SIGN: https://www.pinterest.com/mindfulindulgence/ Awwww the last video I filmed in my LA apartment! It literally took weeks to edit so...that's why it's up now. Yikes! Learned my lesson, I should've filmed them sign by sing. Anyway, enjoy the video! Love you guys!
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Text Comments (2536)
peachy one (1 day ago)
Help i'm taurus sun and leo rising 😅
Amara Carroll (2 days ago)
Sweet Rose Neko (2 days ago)
I'm capercorn I have very light skin very light blond hair emerald green eyes...but I wear a lot of black and hoodies
Dani Lane (3 days ago)
She said you don't have to put on a lot for a virgo...I take an hour just to cover up everything! I have so much acne 😞
sweetmochi chimchim (3 days ago)
**leos are the sexy type** **literally my friends say I'm cute and baby-ish**
Israa Abdulateef (4 days ago)
I am an Aries and everything you said is true!
Im leo. Im a girl with UN athletic stomach and small butt. I fricking HATE everything you said they liked to wear. Big jewelry? UGLY. Big sunglasses? UGLY. Beaded clothing? UGLY.
Kris Flow (5 days ago)
Leo sun/Virgo rising here! Pretty good description of virgo rising style. I do notice I feel much more comfortable wearing simple, classic attire. I do however enjoy letting my Leo sun take the wheel occasionally, lol.
Georgia Blue (5 days ago)
Im an aquarius, my sense of clothing is very bland? Almost causal. When I have to get dressed up, I will but its defiently not quirky.. no bright colours or textures, no patterns.. I'm just a basic bitch!
The hanibadger (5 days ago)
Scorpio squad What she said described me
Maria Fraser (6 days ago)
any Leo's here
Izzkka (6 days ago)
I'm an aquarius and brown is my favorite color to wear. Wtf
Leo have sporty stomachs and big butts Me:looks holy hahahhahah
motovebr (7 days ago)
What if i'm something between cancer and leo and idk how i feel more? (Sorry for my bad english)
Zhanae medic (7 days ago)
This describes me so much...
Mousie_ love (9 days ago)
I'm not very confident with anything I wear, so I really hope that this helps me because.. well im very spooked of everything XD Edit- I'm a libra
Kanisha Parekh (9 days ago)
not accurate at all I'm a Gemini but I'm nothing like that
Multifandom Fangirl (10 days ago)
Aquarius anyone?
blue monday (10 days ago)
she went and said gemini could take it too far and make it lolita like i almost died💀😂
TheChess Queen (11 days ago)
As a Virgo, I do like classic and clean looks, but I do like showing off a little more skin than is traditional. Maybe plain professional colors but I would wear a crop top, so I’m not as wholesome.
I'm a Sagittarius, but long hair looks rlly bad on me, so I got a pixie cut :3
Jasintha Pillai (11 days ago)
Blake lively must be Sagittarius rising😍
Olivia Z (11 days ago)
I searched up my chart on the website you said to , and I have SOOOO much Leo, even my sun sign is leo
I’m_That_ Slytherin (12 days ago)
💕💕💕I’m a Libra. You’re so pretty by the way. Also I wear black a lot lol. The only difference is I pair a colorful shirt or sweatshirt and some black leggings. But that’s more on a comfortable look. The other clothes you talked about seemed accurate though.
Bro0ke_ Lyn (12 days ago)
My rising sign is Leo. This probably has nothing to do with the signs but I tend to feel most confident in darker colors. My ideal outfit would be a pair of high waisted black skinny jeans with a simple t shirt tucked in or knotted just about the button of my jeans. No jewelry or something light. Maybe this comes from my sun sign, Virgo.
minagelina (12 days ago)
Anybody feel like they are a huge mix of signs?
minagelina (12 days ago)
Sag with capricorn rising......would hate dressing like capriorn rising (sorry, can't type with stupid gel nails....cute but bad idea, lol!)
Amrita Natarajan (12 days ago)
I am a Cancer rising and what you described is exactly my style
le trash (12 days ago)
I hate my thicc thighs T^T
TawneeRei (13 days ago)
Never really paid attention to signs until recently just started redoing my wardrobe and am very attracted to classic timeless neutral looks and red lips and have always been told I look good in pink and yellow and look younger and just found out I'm a Libra rising 👌 seems about right
LokeyLimepie (13 days ago)
imma be honest i just liked the vid because you made me feel good abt myself
m e (13 days ago)
gabriela carDONTTESTME (13 days ago)
jøan l (13 days ago)
im a cancer, and i KNEW i looked good in white. SHE JUST CONFIRMED IT LOOOOOOOOOOOL
midnightmares (13 days ago)
Me being a libra: okay.. Me also being an emo libra: haha sure.. ;-;
Klárka Céčko (13 days ago)
I don't understand why are you talking about Kim K. as sagittarius when she's not. No hate i just don't get it😂🤷🏼❤️
tae mi (14 days ago)
capricorn........u nailed it :)
tasha lee (14 days ago)
That's dark blue coat for the Capricorns reminded me of gorge Washington Oh and I'm a Capricorn
Axlina Playz (15 days ago)
I’m a ♌️! Leo!!
Jane Balcena (16 days ago)
Taurus's is so accurate ♉💚
cera noble (16 days ago)
you’re hair is so incredibly cool! i wish 😍
ruby ; (17 days ago)
I'm a Leo sun and rising and I hate that leopard print, golden aesthetic :( I prefer the scorpio aesthetic tbh.. love old Hollywood though, that's the type of glamour I love. But I generally prefer to look cute and sexy at the same time.
Aysha (17 days ago)
I don’t agree with the gemini style, like i’m a gemini and i have really classy style and I don’t really like crazy colors i’m more of nudes and black colors kind of girl 🤪
nina bellisario (16 days ago)
+Aysha which air sign? gemini libra or aquarius
Aysha (16 days ago)
nina bellisario Air
nina bellisario (16 days ago)
what's your rising sign tho?
Queen Copyeecat (17 days ago)
i’m a gemini rising and this was way to accurate
Hi fellow Humans (17 days ago)
Me a *Sagittarius:* *_Video:_* Sagittarius tend to have *thick* legs, big hips, big butt *_Me:_* oh oops *_Video:_* they look good with super long hair *_Me:_* short hair *_Video:_* they look bomb in sporty clothing, and glitters *_Me:_* oh no no I have a vintage/ artsy aesthetic And don’t really like those sports ahahah *_Video:_* compares Sagittarius with Kim Kardashian *_Me:_* OK ENOUGH OF THIS VIDEO
Hi fellow Humans (10 days ago)
nina bellisario ok thanks!
nina bellisario (10 days ago)
+Hi fellow Humans you can google it, ypu just need to know your birth time+location
Hi fellow Humans (10 days ago)
nina bellisario I don’t really know? Do you know how I can know?
nina bellisario (16 days ago)
what's your rising?
Min Hangsoomi (18 days ago)
Leos have athletic stomachs Me:*stares at all the junk food I just ate* Nope not today
Shriya Chaturvedi (17 days ago)
Yo same! Love the profile pic btw and also Happy Suga Day!!
Bambi Angel (18 days ago)
Me, as a Sagittarius, I can say that I thought I was a fat ass for having *thiQQ* legs
Nat W (18 days ago)
U r right. I love wearing tons of rings, have super long nails, and I do want a simplistic tattoo later on down the road.
a sister was shaken (18 days ago)
i’m a aries sun, gemini moon, scorpio rising, and people call me crazy for a reason ;)
Lucy Danielle Reads (18 days ago)
Woah you're right I'm a Taurus rising and I've got big boobs, curves and broad shoulders, I'm always trying to cover my arms:')
Toni and Cherly (19 days ago)
I’m a Gemini a Taurus moon a Sagittarius rising
Frosty Cucumber (19 days ago)
Leo's? Can I get some leo hype
ferce g2 (20 days ago)
Im a capricorn and I have black hair and black eyes btw im mexican
Mackinley Mallard (20 days ago)
I’m Gemini zodiac and moon. I’m Libra rising
Gachax Gamez (20 days ago)
10:29 Gemini
I'm a cancer with a lot of gemini and leo in my chart
LunarKittywaffle Yt (20 days ago)
WAIT WAIT WAIT..I do like that stuff but I'm a Leo who likes books and Crop tops and rings and necklaces. I like jewelry and Art too, I sometimes get treated like a princess but not ALL the time..i loveee blankets and hanging out with my Sagittarius friend too! I also looooove hoodies..😁
Galaxy Narwhal Lover (20 days ago)
No wonder I'm pretty tall and curvy lol 36:46
I'm an Aquarius, and I will 100% follow your tips for my outfit today! <3
Imani Dunn (21 days ago)
*I just want you to pose for a picture... Idk why*
Josselin Salgado (21 days ago)
Had to look up my rising sun. I’m a Virgo but my rising is a Libra and *she described my style perfectly* And yeah I do look so young for my age it’s annoying.
maria belen Lopez (21 days ago)
"just do you" ok not helping at ALL
Mamma Pig (21 days ago)
You scare me. I feel like I have fat legs and long black hair... I look terrible in pastels and I like wearing sports outfits. (Sagittarius)
taty santos (22 days ago)
NO I DONT WANNA BE THE PREEPPY FENIME ZODIAC SIGN. but yeah I’m a minimalist in style. -virgo
Rudrani Borah (22 days ago)
Am i the only gemini who wears clothes that doesnt hv bright colors n patterns ?
Grace HILTON (22 days ago)
So not true
Whole Blends (22 days ago)
I’m a Scorpio, and ugly af if someone remembers me it’s cuz their like “ oh that ugly bi**h” serious though im sad. My facial bones/features are just meh not sharp...
Marlie L (22 days ago)
Where is my Libra squad at??? 😺 I’m a Libra!! ❤️👌
Potato Queen ᴖᴥᴖ (22 days ago)
Leo "has big butts" me im flat as a pancake not even a pancake. Pancakes are thicker than me lol😂😂
u so cute (22 days ago)
lol sexy forest
The cheesy pizza demon (22 days ago)
ttooppkk ttooppkk (22 days ago)
Yess, we Sagittarius do have big thighs, laughs*
ttooppkk ttooppkk (22 days ago)
I'm Sagittarius
Leavitating (23 days ago)
if anyone wants to answer this: i am a cancer rising and i was thinking about doing a vintage aesthetic... would that work?
Saar van Damme (23 days ago)
I'm a female scorpio and I only wear streetwear from the unisex of men section, and I look great in it. Because I rock it.
Meh_emo! (24 days ago)
I’m Virgo!
Nobody is capricorn 😪😢
Aria (25 days ago)
: even her bones are delicate and then the bottom is like BAAMM!! Me : *smack da boottaayyy* 🍑♐️
Stefania Hairdyeordie (25 days ago)
As a mess of a Gemini i can relate
Rashmi Kotian (26 days ago)
any cancers who are not a homebody but are outgoing
Tamara Tóth (26 days ago)
SAAAAAAAAAMEEEEEEE: Leo sun Virgo rising 🤩
Bella Smith (26 days ago)
When you're a Sagittarius rising and also a theatrical romantic 😛😂 the accuracy
Scott & Maggie McShan (26 days ago)
Leo’s for life I’m a hard core Leo and I love lions and to finally find a Leo YouTuber I’ve been searching soooo long
Zeina Shakhshir (26 days ago)
My clothing style is very virgo but I love accessories so much and I have some piercings, I'm sun in virgo moon in aquarius and rising in Gemini
Mariam Osibo (27 days ago)
gemini??? what happened to angelina jolie?????🤨😘
chloe b (27 days ago)
omg i thought of me as a siren for the longest time!!!!! NO JOKE😂♏️
Angela Boo (27 days ago)
not true about gemini i hate wearing bright hair with pixie cut eww nooo
litl sunflower (27 days ago)
It’s juste me #Aquarius ❤️💁🏻‍♀️
Hi (27 days ago)
My regular sign is a Gemini, but my rising sign is Capricorn
Yannis Lol (1 month ago)
Gemini ♊️?
Human Being (1 month ago)
When she said long skirts for pisces rising I was about to flip a table. I hate long skirts with a passion, I enjoy my flowy short skirts that are above the knee.
Everyone be saying that scorpios look intimidating but I simply look ugly
Anaiyah Gonz (1 month ago)
I'm a Leo and I am like True.... 😂😂😂
Sara Weber (1 month ago)
Ayyy in French and cancer like yasss
Lillyanna Parriera (1 month ago)
You see, im a Cancer and I look like more of an edgy baddy? I dont look the best in cute cozy outfits.
Lily (1 month ago)
Where my Libras I’m one of them May we UNITE!!! ♎️
Victoria Jennings (1 month ago)
Im a scorpio i look good in navys dark reds and blacks
The Mango Professor (1 month ago)
Im a Female scorpio and i LOVE to dress up in tie and top hat
Why.Don't.We_ imagines (1 month ago)
0:21 **looks over at friend** Me and my friend: She said Why Don't We... **CELEBRATES**
Evelyn Zermeno (18 days ago)
Cee Jai517 (1 month ago)
Sag♐️ Lady here - - - she is spot on! I’m a sporty girl and I luv gym shoes! When I do embrace my girly side I go in just as she described!!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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