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Disclaimer: I realize this video focuses mostly on femme styles and a bit on traditional masc men's styles, so I hope to expand my style videos with time! Right now, this is the "language" I know best about style based on sign, so bear with me! I would never intentionally leave any presentation/style types out. Let me know if you have any questions. TIMESTAMPS: Aries 1:43 Taurus 5:58 Gemini 10:29 Cancer 14:21 Leo 19:20 Virgo 23:49 Libra 28:46 Scorpio 33:00 Sagittarius 36:44 Capricorn 40:12 Aquarius 45:45 Pisces 50:42 CALCULATE Your Natal Chart: http://astro.cafeastrology.com/natal.php INSTAGRAM: @gfrancescamusic @mindfulindulgence TWITTER: @gfrancescamusic MY PINTEREST WITH ZODIAC STYLE BOARDS FOR EACH SIGN: https://www.pinterest.com/mindfulindulgence/ Awwww the last video I filmed in my LA apartment! It literally took weeks to edit so...that's why it's up now. Yikes! Learned my lesson, I should've filmed them sign by sing. Anyway, enjoy the video! Love you guys!
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Toni Hewitt (10 hours ago)
33:00 36:44
ɑpɦʀѳɗitɛ (19 hours ago)
36:45 my legs are so thick and it looks so wrong 😂 Sagittarius problems
P B (1 day ago)
My rising sign is a Pisces. My actual birth sign is a libra. What's weird is they have similar color stories. However they have totally different styles. So I don't know which one to dress as.
Alejandra Ortiz (2 days ago)
Where are my Scorpios my dudes?
Maria C (2 days ago)
I’m a leo but I definitely don’t think I look good in anything you described. Maybe it’s because of my moon sign capricorn lol I don’t like too crazy, I don’t like too much. And I do not have a big butt at all. I also can’t stand low back tops 😩 like I despise those! I’m not that feminine, but like you said I do definitely feel more comfortable in sexy badass clothes and not very comfortable in the cutesy stuff.
NaBieLaH belle (3 days ago)
scorpio ..u can handle a lot of different make up look...ahah..thats right..thats me
My sun and moon is a Virgo and my rising is a Scorpio
Aubrey Skwarlo (4 days ago)
What about boys
James Pritchett (4 days ago)
Need More Example For Male Style I'm Sagittarius Rising Btw
Baby Blue (5 days ago)
28:46 For y all indescive Libra muafuckers
Audrey H (5 days ago)
I'm a Scorpio rising and Sag moon and its so funny cause back in the day I would try to wear those girly, flower child, bohemian looks and it would never work omg. Also love the attention to Sag athletic legs and separating from the top because I only ever look good in crop tops and stuff like that. This was surprisingly helpful, really reminded me what I'm all about.
Nelly .M. (5 days ago)
Well I am a Sagattarius rising and I'm not tall or have a big butt...so...
losttobefound (5 days ago)
I'm a Leo Rising ♌ and Capricorn Sun ♑ I think my style leans more toward Capricorn
Luz Puebla Lara (6 days ago)
Luxurious/cozy/moody 😉😅
Celina Liniarska (6 days ago)
You're so right about Sagittarius! I do have thick thighs and wider hips, and now I have short hair, but I am definitely going to grow them long :) And I love the style that you suggested😃😃😃
Jewelia Keller (6 days ago)
im a goth taurus rising lmao
Liz Corbs (6 days ago)
I wish you'd show more athletic Sagittarius tho. Kim Kardashian is a horrible example
Liz Corbs (6 days ago)
I'm a Sagittarius and what you say is true. I have very developed quads, glutes, and hams but my upper body is very delicate.
Paris Indiana (6 days ago)
When you were judging Gisele’s second look she was on the runway so I don’t think that was a fair judge
Paris Indiana (6 days ago)
I love how Capricorn is the complete opposite to me
Helpful kitkatlo (7 days ago)
Our names are kand of similar, Francesca... just put the letter H after the first C DO NOT COMMENT THE NAME YOU COME UP WITH!
lili 222 (7 days ago)
yup i do like simple and kinda boyish clothes ..capricorn☝
Paris Albert (8 days ago)
Pretty true...Imma Taurus and id say I have a pretty feminine body :)
Chantel Wensley (8 days ago)
I feel like the moon has a play with how we dress as well, along with placements in the creative houses like 5th house. I am a Pisces Taurus rosin Scorpio moon with my fifth house cusp intercepted in Leo (should be in Virgo)
Martine (9 days ago)
Sag rising is spot on! I have a the BIGGEST yet good looking bubble butt, hahah. My legs are also so beautiful, not even mad for saying that about myself. It’s like «God» said to make me look good from waist down and give a fluff from waist and above. Haha.
Lilliana Maxfield (9 days ago)
I’m Gemini sun and Sagittarius rising and in a weird way I have elements of both in my style
Elayna Jenae (9 days ago)
Wow, I never knew my rising until now. Taurus, Leo rising. In a way those styles are pretty similar. I prefer Taurus style but have been told that I could pull off something that would be gaudy on someone else.
Cosmic_Tears (11 days ago)
I was one of he LUCKY few who was born on a sign changing day so I have to have my birth time (April 19) so I can’t find out my rising sign :(
christina's world (11 days ago)
LOVE JOY (11 days ago)
GEMINI! What an enjoyable video you nailed it with Gems I love primary colors bold traditional prints scarfs tied in a bow on my head and 50s looks are the bomb...the only thing I disagree with is..."we tend to be short"..my legs are long I'm 5'9 and a half..other then that, You nailed it.
Corissa Fargo (11 days ago)
Aries rising, scorpio sun and Leo moon...help me idk what style I wanna do lol. I dont like fussy clothes, love comfort but bold and sexy stuff.
Merushiki (11 days ago)
6:00 I'm happy to be a taurus
Galaxywolf 12345 (11 days ago)
Girl, your beautiful
Stefania (11 days ago)
I have Libra rising and it's absolutely true, I cannot wear anything asymmetrical. But I also have a stellium in Cancer and one in Capricorn and I always need to keep it simple, colours have to be neutral, pastel and light blue tones are great, I almost always throw some white in. So I think the rising is important but we somewhat reflect our other important elements of the chart as well in the way we dress I think.
Gemma Louise (11 days ago)
my zodiac sign is capricorn, rising sign is libra, moon sign is capricorn, and venus sign is aquarius
phan miraculous (12 days ago)
Hey virgo twin😂👋👋
Kirra Lanette (12 days ago)
Yeah I’m a Capricorn and I look bomb in body con dresses. 😛😛😛😛😛
Sonja Lamarche (12 days ago)
Capricorn rising was to real
Alvin Calvin (12 days ago)
I loveee all the colors u told abut cancer m cancerian
Andricha william (12 days ago)
I am a Libra rising and leo as my sun sign so I can't choice between glorious trendy queen and sophisticated classy look and I end up looking bogus..I have to admit I have no fashion sense so I go for comfy clothes...I need help badly
Heather Young (13 days ago)
I'm an American Taurus, and while I am very earthy the problem is that I'm 5ft. so most outfits you mentioned, flowy, goddess like, just all kind of make me look shorter. A style I found that works for me actually came from Japan which is called Mori which roughly translates to forest. I found I got more compliments with that style then any other I've tried so far. It just makes me look fairy like
Karma Kat (14 days ago)
Virgo, I’m 11 and I have bumby skin, a boney nose, and I wear sweatshirts and leggings all year.
Faridah Davis (15 days ago)
Aquarians where y'all at?♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️♒️ 🍶🍶🍶🍶🍶🍶🍶🍶🍶
sleepy kitty (15 days ago)
My zodiac sign doesn’t suit me at all isn’t that odd...o.o
Anjali Jain (10 days ago)
same. she said leo risings have big butts and i’m a leo rising and i.........don’t also i wear cutesy glasses idc. some of us have shitty eyesight and need to see.
BattleScarsgirl MSP (15 days ago)
katherine56631 (15 days ago)
I’m a scorpio moon and I love to wear dark colours. Bright colours just don’t appeal to me. But I love classic fashion. Id rather wear smth from the 60s than follow new trends.
I was shocked that Christina's looks are so hot, when her clothes are so fabulous and her bosoms are showing! 😍😍😍😍
Mary_Loumanizer (16 days ago)
49:05 Gabriela "look at her hair, look at her makeup,.." Me: *looks at cleavage*
Nemo_CC (16 days ago)
I'm a Sag, and my rising is Scorpio
Milky Min (17 days ago)
yeah I'm Leo...
Korean _pasta (18 days ago)
10:32 ♊ gemini ♊💜
Gemini ❤️✨
xBasicFlower (18 days ago)
I’m a Taurus but uh.. Baggy sweaters and black leggings... mm 👌🏻
Lily Wìlkison (19 days ago)
what's august 2nds rising sign?
Lily Wìlkison (10 days ago)
+Anjali Jain thank you so much for the help <3
Anjali Jain (10 days ago)
+Lily Wìlkison you’re a leo sun, scorpio moon, and an aquarius rising! your cancer placements are in mercury and venus; virgo in mars; scorpio in moon and jupiter; leo in saturn; pisces in uranus and true node; aquarius in rising, neptune, chiron; and sagittarius in pluto
Lily Wìlkison (10 days ago)
+Anjali Jain casper Wyoming
Anjali Jain (10 days ago)
+Lily Wìlkison location?
Lily Wìlkison (10 days ago)
+Anjali Jain I was born august 2nd 2006 at 9:00 pm
Aquarius is at 45:46 yall
Yess me a magical Aquarius
Chicken Nugget (21 days ago)
I'm a scorpio and I just wear black. Black hoodie and black jeans and black trainers. My perfect style. You are also looking beautiful as usual.
Emliy Hxre (21 days ago)
yes sis <3
LittleFauxFox (22 days ago)
As a Capricorn currently wearing jeans, a button-up, white sneakers and a baker boy hat I was SHOOK
Briana Anderson (23 days ago)
PSA. This is for YOUR RISING SIGN because your rising sign controls your appearance and overall vibe when your in a new setting! Stop only reverting to your sun sign 2k18! I will say tho, it’s good to watch both looks for your sun and rising and even moon because they all play a role. however your rising sign should be your go to when it comes to appearance.
Self Proclaimed esper (23 days ago)
Should i be looking at my venus sign
Cloud Walker (24 days ago)
Aries here. I love simple, structured styles. I go for blues, nudes, blacks, muaves, floral, mostly jeans and comfy pants, and wild hair! Soft textures are a must
Apple_Cider (24 days ago)
damn mama.
Okay i am a geminine but tattoos colors to much short hair nah girl you did us wrong😂
@Gabriela Francesca would love to hear it you slayy❤️
Gabriela Francesca (25 days ago)
Lmfao sorry I will consult you in particular in the future to make sure you approve
Pork Sodie pop (27 days ago)
Bahaha I’m a Taurus Gemini cusp and none of this except for the tattoos and piercings and (kinda) hair appeals to me, I kinda understand though
Fariha chowdhury (27 days ago)
35415 th subscriber me 😁
Dankychoo (27 days ago)
Leo: go for the dramatic look Libra: balance out your look Me, a leo sun libra rising: *sweats*
Gabriela Francesca (27 days ago)
HAHAHAH just wear giant earrings on both sides. Boom, compromise ;)
Rocío Mier (28 days ago)
I am an aries sun and rising and I struggle like you have no idea to look good in formal clothing :(
Luci ana (28 days ago)
I'm libra rising pisces sun and i have edgy sometimes grunge looks and that's the only way i know
KAMZ l (28 days ago)
Gabriela, are you Brazilian?
Gabriela Francesca (28 days ago)
No, I am Mexican!
Olivia watkins (29 days ago)
I'm Aquarius
Calli long (29 minutes ago)
Olivia watkins same
Me too. 😃
Maddy Grace (29 days ago)
My moon and sun is Scorpio but my rising is Sagittarius. I only have one feature that my friends always tell which they say, “You look at people with a calm vibe and like your going to kill them.” That’s the only feature I know I have.
Sunchild1913 (29 days ago)
Me; sag rising: Has thick legs, butt, long hair 👌🏿 acccurate AF
Hairline Snatched (29 days ago)
Im a Capricorn and that's 100 percent not me
Gabriela Francesca (29 days ago)
Nice lol
King Of DIY (1 month ago)
I am Leo but I am not lady I am men can you plz make one on man plz thank you
King Of DIY (1 month ago)
I am Leo but I am not lady I am men can you plz make one on man plz thank you
HuffleFluff (1 month ago)
Lol I'm a Scorpio, and the only thing about my face is if I don't smile, I look like someone just murdered my mom and I'm going to kill them. And it Dosen't help that I look older than my age and I'm supposed to be 5'11 when 16...
Tatianna Resnickoff (1 month ago)
I'm a capricorn, sagittarius cusp. I'm bottom havey. I have very pale skin very light blonde hair but I like to have it dyed purple. I'm very very pale and have a dark style. Most people say I look best in dark blues and blacks. I often where light makeup or no makeup at all... and I refuse to wear dresses or anything girl. Although I enjoy tight pants and shorts and on occasion tight shirts
omg I'm SUCH a Leo rising. I need to fall into this style more. Thanks for making this video!
Gabriela Francesca (1 month ago)
You're so welcome!! <3
Along the Lane (1 month ago)
i'm pisces ascending cancer and I fell closer to the pisces description than the cancer one... Even though my favorite clothing item is my thinck oversized light grey cardigan and I do have a great collar bone but no boobs, i'm a flat chested guy
Aurii Julii (1 month ago)
45:46 for mah Aquarius squad♒💙
a w (1 month ago)
Gemini is @10:30
Sav Aka Monster (1 month ago)
Thanks I'm a Aquarius
Maddy Grace (1 month ago)
My sun and moon and Venus is Scorpio and my rising is Sagittarius Also I’m a Scorpio
C R (1 month ago)
leo sun, aries moon, and scorpio rising :P
anna mess (1 month ago)
Omg you're right about virgos! I always wear simple stuff, with no accessories. For example now I'm wearing leggings and flannel with converse. Done.
Jayson-X Misa (1 month ago)
i am taurus.im not over fassion. i use white T-shirt blue jean and converse shoes. that's all.
Little Nugget (1 month ago)
I’m a Sagittarius Rising and my legs are so skinny 😂. But... they are long and athletic *gasp* just like a horse
Rachel Jones (1 month ago)
Im a leo rising and virgo sun. I dress more virgo rising than leo rising. I love form fitting clothing but I keep it simple and minimal. It is easy for me to look overdone imo.
GrumpyGrandpa (1 month ago)
Aries: 1:46
Hoeyann (1 month ago)
Why are Pisces always last in every list xD
Hoeyann (1 month ago)
I normally wear dark colours, only because I'm super messy when I eat. I destroy pastels
aizmyname _ (1 month ago)
In sun. I am Pisces. In moon I am Leo and in rising I am libra.
Daph Chan (1 month ago)
I’m a Taurus sun, Virgo moon, and Scorpio rising
Mary_Loumanizer (1 month ago)
when she talked about scorpis as a siren... the siren sounds appeared in the background :O
ella (1 month ago)
I don't know my rising sign but your description of aries described my style to a t. Literally wearing a red sweater, a hat, and vintage jeans rn. Always wearing comfy, kinda masculine 80s vibes looks 😊
Zoey Cardinal (1 month ago)
But I love the Earth♒️
Akiyah Z (1 month ago)
I’m Sagittarius and I have thick legs and a medium size Butt and yes my waist doesn’t match my legs it’s weird but I’ll get used to it.
K C (1 month ago)
Cap here...I love wearing a blazer, jeans, and heels...men love it:)
Robin Mike (1 month ago)
I love that she says great things about Taurus! #earthgoddess #taurus #lovinghervibe
LauraXD_Queen (1 month ago)
Pause the vid and go to 52:00 do you see what I see omg 😂😂😂

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