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current jacket collection

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1. Purple Vest - Op Shop 2. Black & White Sherpa Jacket - General Pants Co. 3. Vintage Light Wash Denim Jacket - Calvin Klein 4. Vintage Adidas Jacket - Storeroom Vintage 5. Red Puffer Jacket - Sportsgirl 6. Purple Vintage 80’s Shoulder Pad Jacket - Cheep 7. Orange and Blue Jumper/Jacket - Kappa Vintage 8. Vintage Peach Cardigan - Adidas 9. Pink Silk Bomber Jacket - L.U.V.S Los Angeles 10. Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren Salmon Jacket - Vintage Marketplace 11. Black Sherpa Jacket - I AM GIA 12. Purple Reebok Jacket - Vintage Marketplace 13. Vintage Colour Block 90’s Jacket - Random Vintage Store 14. Faux Leather Jacket - Pretty Little Thing MUSIC CREDIT - https://soundcloud.com/harrison_music/sets/future-blast-edits-2
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Text Comments (3)
I love the purple puffer vest at the very beginning
Equanimous_One (9 months ago)
That Adidas bomber jacket is super hot! I've never seen one like that before!
kelleh (9 months ago)
my fave jacket, its vintage!

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