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Basement Jaxx - Metropole Orkest - Hush Boy

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Eindhoven 2010 - Optreden van de Basement Jaxx in samenwerking met het Metropole Orkest in het Muziekcentrum Frits Philips in Eindhoven. Het Metropole Orkest wordt gedirigeerd door Jules Buckley. http://www.mo.nl/ Eindhoven 2010 - Performance of The Basement Jaxx in cooperation with the Metropole Orkest (Metropole Orchestra) in the Frits Philips Music Centre in Eindhoven. Jules Buckley acts as conductor. http://www.mo.nl/en/
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Text Comments (18)
yaomicqui (1 month ago)
fucking awesome
Henk Troost (2 years ago)
Dit Metropool- Orkest heeft naar mijn smaak ietwat- mèèr body, dan (bijvoorbeeld o.a.) het iIl- Novecente "Night of the Proms" orkest..(Met wat voor een groot deel, uit de zuiderburen bestaat.....Naar inside- info misschien, nèt iets te "Jupilair- afhankelijk", met zo'n (overigens, wonderschone-) dirigente... ^_^)... Maar wèl met een Nederlandse- drummer, Hurkie het ultieme-  Funkbeest... Die zijn ook heel erg goed, maar dit is (misschien-) toch nèt iets de overtreffende trap èxtra...^_^ (Overall gezien, maar niet zozeer- vanwege het slagwerk..) Mooie compilatie hier van de droge funk, met de son- en clave van Cuba, in de independancy- drumming...Met ook een knetterende, percussie- en timbales..These nice- brown frames, in the lead- singing... Zij, hèbben het...In een gezonde, volle- verpakking c.q.- klankkast...^_^
Kristina K (3 years ago)
oh daaaaamn this is so much better than original !! 
chiquiboy23 (4 years ago)
I love basement jaxx more than before. They are "real electronic/house musicians" plus they love mixing all types of music to create their own. Keep it up, guys!
sarah co-hen (4 years ago)
Blacks are better than as in Music, dance and sport thos is the proof honey! I love youuuuuuuî
+sarah co-hen then the Australians come in and ruin everything by - being better :P
Louis Claudel (3 years ago)
+John Citizen Hum.... By the way, I was answering the 2nd post.... Like, yes, there are differences between races. It's just normal. But I totally disagree with the first post. OP's dumb. I just wanted to point out the fact that ethnicity comes with a large variety of specialisation. And each one has its own unique personnality, hence some races being better at doing something than an other races (sry for the broken English)
Louis Claudel (3 years ago)
+John Citizen Actually yes. It's a fact. That sounds a lot like rasiscm I know... But really it isn't. You just got to accept our natural differences : That's the first step to understand how tolerance works.
John Citizen (3 years ago)
Except you know, that's a load of shit. No race is better at anything than another.
Moonki Jun (4 years ago)
Oh my... This is R.E.A.L.L.Y dope!!!
Victor Iliescu (5 years ago)
One of the best parts is the oddly effected and perhaps vocoded "if you want me for your girlfriend" after hush boy and I wish they had it in this version :) But a fantastic rendition nonetheless
Eduardo Cruz Fuentes (5 years ago)
hush boy♪♪ vula is singing
Tima (5 years ago)
I want MOAR!!!!
cherry wl (5 years ago)
Oh my Vula kills it!!
bendykeysmusic (5 years ago)
incredible singers and arrangement!
tendervoraus (5 years ago)
KingPrintmaker (5 years ago)
AWESOME!!!! Why can"t more orchestras be more like this?
Nalkaolisi (5 years ago)
Amazing! :D

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