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The Persuaders - Thin Line between Love & Hate - Video (High Quality)

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Johnny Ortiz (5 hours ago)
If you make her that way?
LucySamy Music (15 hours ago)
2019 yesssssssss
Maribel Martinez (2 days ago)
it's a thin line between love and hate yes it is yes it is <3 <3
Cindy Ace (2 days ago)
She might be holding something in side 🤔🤔wtf🤬 she wants to go to the restroom??? 🤔🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣
Cindy Ace (2 days ago)
Mark Daniele (3 days ago)
No great tv anymore. RIP Don. Sadly left a hole in the living rooms of all of us.
Calvin Morales (4 days ago)
dam us Black Americans make makes some good ass music. Classics stay burnin
Taylor Kendricks (4 days ago)
Music of today in no way compares to music of yesterday. #OLDSKOOL4EVA
Adriane Chatman (6 days ago)
RIH my uncle AC Chatman this was his jam he be so damn drunk singing this song. Lol
Billy Wilder (6 days ago)
This is music...
May Beautiful (7 days ago)
Back when the ONLY way you was able to get a record deal is if you could really SANGGGGGG ! Wish I was born but hey thank god for youtube
Addie Payne (7 days ago)
Side chick type of shit!! You come home at 5 in the morning I will ask your ass where have you been matter fact you might not get in damn it
Denise Mitchell (7 days ago)
gday luv oh yes when our Kings sang with harmony and respect remember grinding smoking a kool drinking boones farm playing spades holla if you hear me miss this so much passion
el cerrito (7 days ago)
nothing like sitting relaxing kicking back on your couch listening to this old school and life is allgood
el cerrito (7 days ago)
without this music there wouldnt rap artist today
Odessa Clark (7 days ago)
There's no hate on this end
sweetlatina53 (7 days ago)
The greatest music ever made, that music of today is so nasty dont like any of it
Kelvin Fairwell (7 days ago)
This is before lip singing, if you couldn't do it live you couldn't have made it back then!!
Patricia Guard (7 days ago)
Them was some songs back then now it mostly rap songs today people like to hear them
Cooke Time (8 days ago)
she says "Are you hungry?" 😂😂🤕🤕
Greg Bowman (9 days ago)
I REMEMBER WILLIE B coming over to his sisters house in the early 60s in old Newsome Park A street Newport News Va
Ren Jacobs (9 days ago)
When did “the culture” switch from this to smokepurpp and lil pump
Ciarra Talford (9 days ago)
raw talent
chell Lockhart (9 days ago)
When it was ok to be lame
Kivion Iles (10 days ago)
This sing will never gets old!! Team 2019!
Tammantha Shaw (10 days ago)
Donna J. Richardson (10 days ago)
That woman beat your a**. It's a thin line alright
Mr Man (11 days ago)
Shout out to H-Town for turning this classic into another classic!
Willie Dynamite (12 days ago)
Don Cornelius' shirt is the business. Oh yeah and the Persuaders were great too.
Carlos Rivera JR (12 days ago)
This song is very deep I can remember exactly what happened when I came early it was SWEET and. LOVLEY !!!!!!!!-
Booster Alharthy (13 days ago)
It's a thin line, it's 5 o'clock in the morning And I'm just getting in, I knock on the door A voice sweet and low says, who is it? She opens up the door and lets me in Never do she once say, sir, where have you been? No, she says, are you hungry?  Are you hungry, honey? Did you eat yet? Let me hang up your coat, your coat, your coat And the woman tells me, pass me your hat too All the time she smiles, never once raises her voice  It's 5 o'clock in the morning 1-It's a thin line between love and hate.. 2-The sweetest woman in the world Can be the meanest woman in the world If you make her that way, you keep on hurting her She keeps being quiet She might be holding something inside That really really hurt you one day Here I am laying in the hospital Bandaged from feet to head Ya see I'm in the state of shock Just that much from being dead I didn't think my woman could do something like this to me I didn't think she had the nerve, so here I am  I guess action speaks louder than words (repeat 1, 2, 1) It's a thin line, between love and hate It's a thin line...
Shirley Butler (12 days ago)
OMG Thank you so much for sharing those beautiful lyrics I'm an ode skool junkie can't have it no other way MEMORIES WOW! !
parijuana1 (13 days ago)
2019 Sam was here 💪🤘😎
Alquan (14 days ago)
Black people are too cool!
Govony Israel (14 days ago)
true cant keep treatn people bad and think they wont ever get mad to TRUE. do unto others as you would have others do unto u. That's the golden rule to. Amun. True. YAHAWAHSHI YAHASHUA ISRAEL A.K.A T.L.O.S
Michelle 1 Smith (15 days ago)
this take me back i 💋ws 16 oh my days
Sandi Bliguin (15 days ago)
pamela smith (15 days ago)
Martu Gari (16 days ago)
SOUL and R&B no need to write one more word!
Sidney Ribeiro (16 days ago)
ALUCARD BELMONT (16 days ago)
rochelle fighting with julius
Angela Hunter (17 days ago)
Marquetta fields (17 days ago)
SOB x GOAT Gang (17 days ago)
H town Copied this song
Jessie Silva (18 days ago)
I’m 22 and I would prefer this time of music over ANYTHING out now.
Erica Flores (20 days ago)
This is when you dedicated a song and the lyrics meant how you felt...
Erica Flores (20 days ago)
This is music!!! Young ppl will never know the meaning of music until they listen to this..
communist wise guy (21 days ago)
2.8k dislikes? Its a thin line between smart and stupid as well.
Wanda Baskin (21 days ago)
OMG back in days as a little girl
Ria (21 days ago)
Watching in 2019. This is what you call music.
Byzenteen Dutchies (22 days ago)
It's a thin line between getting them drawz, y'all! It's 5 o'clock in the mornin...
Tommybhoy Coog (23 days ago)
Beautiful song
Royal Donavan (23 days ago)
This is what real music sounds like
vR Slay (25 days ago)
Why can’t it still be like this today
Vergia Kuykendall (25 days ago)
Odessa Clark (25 days ago)
Who Hooty
daniel soto (26 days ago)
Daum my. Song. from break up song .taking me back .when all i did was party and hurt the women in life .. I was just a blind young FOOL .
Marcus Brown (27 days ago)
Man i bet fucking was real back then!! Oh i mean love making!! Llh
ToMaRo28 (28 days ago)
A family member of mine was pushed too far. She gave the dude the beating of his life. Beat him senseless!
LILMANlc (29 days ago)
Still bumping this loud asf in 2018/2019 always untill I die .#amorchicago.southsidePilsen18thstreet.
David Viar (1 month ago)
This white man loves this music memories oh what good times!!
Bookie Brown (1 month ago)
5am she never ask where u been she asked is you hungry have you ate
Bookie Brown (1 month ago)
2018 still here
Rose Anderson (1 month ago)
George Jefferson Jr. (1 month ago)
Too short
Jerrel D (1 month ago)
These are very strong lyrics…….love it
Izaac Ramirez (1 month ago)
Grew up listening to oldies and let me tell you it puts me in a good mood.... Puro east los califas y baja califas
Earl Calloway (1 month ago)
Kids use to get there ass whipped while yo parents partying
Wil Robles (1 month ago)
Music has evolved over time, but it doesn’t get any better than this.
Dwayne Bates (1 month ago)
Ot Kitenge (1 month ago)
Jay Toscano (1 month ago)
Eduardo Marin (1 month ago)
Buuuum yeea
Rodrigo Lucena (1 month ago)
Como se chama este rapaz que apresenta?Ele ainda é vivo?
Dariush Gorgin (1 month ago)
the host of the Soul Train spoke like old men even when he was young.
Raymond Zarate (1 month ago)
Loves gonna pack up and walk out is a powerful song also. My mom sent a message to my biological father with that one. May he rest in peace.
Frances Davila (1 month ago)
I'm 31....any guy that listens to this shit...at my age...?
mae12561 (1 month ago)
look at all the views on this. props to you. this song is real all over the world if someone understands English, lol. maybe it's even translated. back in these days, when I was growing up watching soul train - black men in usa were teaching themselves how to behave accordingly but the liberals in country wouldn't let them. time to fix that and bring back loyalty to love family and survival, otherwise it's more of this once the girls get onto it. the times are calling, which side is music on these days? baby mama's getting cut of welfare cuz their daddies in jail - mom's at home putting up with this crap because it pays the bills. enough is enough. vote red, bring back red - 1970's. Even back then, red and blue was purple and the Persuaders rocked everyone's car radio somewhere. Now we got kill that bitch rap eat my butt music. The liberals create that scenario for black men and women, not the conservatives.
Samuel Sowunmi (1 month ago)
this... it's beautiful, does something to you.
Howard Sterling (1 month ago)
A woman is a beautiful think To love alway a thin line
Me Only (1 month ago)
Don't ramp with a woman she don't play 🔥🔥🔥
Robert Johnson (1 month ago)
This is God's music
Andy Cunningham (1 month ago)
I love this
I think we both fell this.. it a two way...I know he hates me, and I end up feeling hate back.. VMA!Took u long anought;to say Fuck off.. Im done playing you.
Dre am (1 month ago)
The persuaders was bad back in the day. I grew up listening to this group. You really had to sing back then. They had no help from computers, but they thew it down. I miss the music from back in the day. They not singing today i don't listen to crap they have out its garbage i know real music when i hear it and the stuff they have out to day don't do nothing for you like the music back then. People was happier in the 60'/70' and the music played a part in our happiness back then. Not this crap they have out today! Dream
Hell N Degenerates (1 month ago)
Whoever suppressed the black man should be ashamed!
She said (1 month ago)
"if you make her that way"
Saca Nalha (1 month ago)
2018 alguém?
seth r (1 month ago)
That’s baby making music
Nyah Fyah Broadcast (1 month ago)
The Movie made me love this song...
phee terrell (1 month ago)
shiii another suprised. i Thought h-town were the original. great surprised as always. Dino nailed it tho https://youtu.be/tjRXTy-stnI
Joseph Rocky (1 month ago)
Just Smooth Soul!!!
Charles Teale, Sr. (1 month ago)
My generation loved our women and we weren’t afraid to say it or sing it. We ain’t changed a bit!
Carlo J. Morisset III (1 month ago)
I bet at least 3K people whoever disliked this video all woke up in the hospital.
Alma Stevenson (1 month ago)
It is November 26, 2018. The weather is beautiful in the morning, love is always beautiful at night in El Paso Texas
Nini joy (1 month ago)
so true....that lines thin.....
Mister Mellow (1 month ago)
God i hate everything about this time.I wish i coulda experienced the 70's
Lori A. Hill (1 month ago)
Lori, I love this Love Ballet.I've known this sog since I wda a little girl. My mom & uncle sang this song Uncle Ervin would say 3:00 in the morning & my mom(Betty) would come back and say 5:00 man. Yes it's a Thin Line. alroght.
Zev Feldman (1 month ago)
Sassy Williams (2 months ago)

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