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The Persuaders - Thin Line between Love & Hate - Video (High Quality)

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Text Comments (1934)
B G (7 hours ago)
SING IT!!!!!!
mandla motsoeneng (2 days ago)
h town did the cover version
Richard Ceniseroz (4 days ago)
Man i woulda loved to be in thst crowd whooooo who is it?
Annette Harmon (4 days ago)
Black love is powerful 💙 my ancestors say so.
Annette Harmon (4 days ago)
Yes it is.
K 209 (4 days ago)
Yeah, it’s a song about taking advantage of a good loving woman.
klenkle olivier (4 days ago)
2019 in 974(île de la réunion)
Latia MoniqueMinus (6 days ago)
terrell mason (8 days ago)
Kenny latimore not too busy
Cameron Franklin (9 days ago)
I am 56 an i use to watch them practice at Finks bar in Baltimore Md. Smokey the lead singer had dinner at our house oneday.. I wonder where they r now.
LOVINGME PLUSTWO (10 days ago)
“Is you hungry did you eat yeah”
Arthur Brouns (10 days ago)
all dem afro's <3
Poco1997 (11 days ago)
I loved watching Soul Train when I was young
L Acosta (11 days ago)
I searched up this song by putting "are you hungry did you eat yet"-stoned
Gravity (12 days ago)
*REAL MUSIC* Puerto Ricans appreciate music from the brothers
Kane Parker (13 days ago)
Larry Moody (14 days ago)
I can't find my replay button..
Gesticu Lato (14 days ago)
je dirais même plus: la bonne musique de l'époque est aussi bien que la musique d'aujourd'hui et que celle d'avant
Sherrel Jones (15 days ago)
So true
Tony Montana (15 days ago)
Bra damn near died because of love 🤕
Tony Montana (15 days ago)
This is the hardest realist song I've ever heard
blackjade101 (18 days ago)
I'm on an oldies binge!
andrea phillips (13 days ago)
Me too
Shirley Butler (16 days ago)
OMG Please don't leave me out how about April 01 2019 I'm a ode skool junkie can't have it no way 4REAL! ! When real music speaks for itself timeless indeed do you agree? MEMORIES WOW! !
Rusted Root (18 days ago)
the song that plays in your head when your girl cuts your dick off
cnniz fakenewz (20 days ago)
These dudes are bad azz
AmJustKay Kay (26 days ago)
She hold something inside
Gemini Lover (27 days ago)
Back in the day when great music really meant a lot, because it came from the bottom of there Soul... something today's so called artist knows nothing about.... what a shame !!!!!😎👍
Shirley Butler (16 days ago)
OMG You just hit the ball out the ballpark with those comments TRUE DAT! Gemini Lover no skool like ode skool music timeless indeed 4SURE! ! Do you agree? MEMORIES WOW! !
waymond williams (28 days ago)
Bronx boys
mws Sau (29 days ago)
Wish i could dance how they are dancing...
Randy Johnson (29 days ago)
Man, you have to really listen to the words to understand how powerful these words are. Problem is, a lot of us men (me included at one time) were a little to late to understand it really is a thin line between love and hate... The sweetest woman in the world, can be the meanest woman in the world, if you make her that way.
Basically don’t come home after cheating!!🤷🏾‍♂️😂
Jeremy Washington (30 days ago)
I realize that in most cases the original is the best...not this time. H-Town anyone?
Kenneth Hanks (1 month ago)
SAFE house party's😄 the one two slow DANCE!! with feelings,,. Back in the days when hustlers are hustlers and players are players!! And everyone was able to get together, SAFELY, only to think about the next day was,,, do l ware my penny loffers or my Stacy Adams😎😎😎!!!
Rubens Lima (1 month ago)
Black Music is the best...
Amazing ❤️black don't crack
Magiq (1 month ago)
And true today
Dirty Red (1 month ago)
Vince (1 month ago)
Soul Train should make a return.
Barbara Johnson (1 month ago)
Jason Escala (1 month ago)
Real life music!! So much truth to this song
Thomas Boyd (1 month ago)
This is life sometimes
PORNhubby MODz (1 month ago)
hoop dreams (1 month ago)
H town
Harold McNamara (1 month ago)
Real music
SweetTha God (1 month ago)
2019 soul brothers & sisters ✊🏿✊🏽✊🏾✊🏼!.
Theresa Childs (1 month ago)
Eliza Dee (1 month ago)
Music to the soul 💙
Kobe King (1 month ago)
for we are the real hebrew isrealites the bible speaks of ..... gods chosen people .......the most high is coming back for his nation hold tight the 12 tribes of israel
Kobe King (1 month ago)
for we are the real hebrew Israelites the bible speaks of ...god chosen people
Deanne Hyde (1 month ago)
Pimp2g6 (1 month ago)
🙌🏾 sang it y’all
GRADYBABY (1 month ago)
GRADYBABY (1 month ago)
It’s 5’oclock in da morning! I’m just getting in I knock on da door *knock knock knock*
Hello,i´m from Brazil and you make me remember 70´s and the golden age of soul music.
Andy 777 (2 months ago)
Foolish Men Be Warned Hell hath no Fury like a Woman Scorned Burn 🔥🔥🔥 #ThinLineBetweenLove&Hate
Gabriel Giron (2 months ago)
It happened to me back wen I was with my daughters momma n that was back in 1992 she left with kid n never came back I was just going on 25 now I'm 52 2019
BEA DAY RUSH (2 months ago)
Chauncey Threets (2 months ago)
This is soooo true
Supajoc (2 months ago)
My beautiful black people. I can dig it mane
Sheila Sams (2 months ago)
I have a Documentary about ST,It says in the early years of the show the performances were being sang live w the original music playing in the background, They started lip synching in the later years of the show, THIS SHOW US MY CHILDHOOD BABIES, I GREW UP ON THIS ✌👍🎶🎵🎼😁🙂💜❣😎
Anderson Hilliard (2 months ago)
Thin line between love n hate,don,t make her hate u.
Anderson Hilliard (2 months ago)
These guys n can SING,not imitation,knobs fix,n these so call singers 2days.
Serene Marine (2 months ago)
Gemini Lover (2 months ago)
This song really teaches you how thin real life love is....if you don't trust and respect your woman"""well done guys.😎
Gus Diaz (2 months ago)
This is actual grown folk sanging right here real talent
Jackie Ashley (2 months ago)
Slow dancing music real music the younger today don't know nothing about real music
M.Behavi0r (2 months ago)
Yes sir I'm getting it in tonight
Martha Greenlaw (2 months ago)
Johnnie Taylor walk away
Raphael Nelson (2 months ago)
This is such a logical R&B song lol he’s saying be smart and careful
Michelynn Demir (2 months ago)
I'm jammin to this right now 2/19.
Alan Kelly (2 months ago)
Wonderful !!!
Franklin NJ (2 months ago)
A woman is holy the closest thing to God for her ability to create life and should be treated with kindness and understanding no matter what, no matter her personality. A Black woman is especially sacred for all the suffering they endured in our past history.
Linda Jackson (2 months ago)
Hi edagdwg love this song sooooooo true God at work when a woman knows that your cheating she just wants but it's better to let him go Linda j. God knows it hurts 💯💯
Tha Canic (2 months ago)
A thin line between fries and shake
VLOVE 77 (2 months ago)
If we are not Yah choosen trendsetting people then who are we?
Vivian Hayes (2 months ago)
Ok took me back to Miami in The day!! House parties 😅😅😘Where did all of it go???
Shirley Butler (2 months ago)
OMG When real music speaks for itself timeless indeed AMEN! ! I was so lucky to be born to experience that awesome era and some 4REAL! ! ! This beautiful classic just moves your soul in the right direction do you agree Vivian? Still Listening How About February 04 2019 MEMORIES WOW!
Dallas Winfield (2 months ago)
Who can't like this song
Kenneth Bunch (2 months ago)
No mothafuckin lip synching on this one.... Douglas "Smokey" Scott on lead.....Sounds just like the record...Facts.
Tammy Prattis (2 months ago)
Here you are tied up in the closet bandaged from feet to head. ♊
Johnny Ortiz (2 months ago)
If you make her that way?
LucySamy Music (2 months ago)
2019 yesssssssss
Maribel Martinez (2 months ago)
it's a thin line between love and hate yes it is yes it is <3 <3
Cindy Ace (2 months ago)
She might be holding something in side 🤔🤔wtf🤬 she wants to go to the restroom??? 🤔🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣
Cindy Ace (2 months ago)
Mark Daniele (2 months ago)
No great tv anymore. RIP Don. Sadly left a hole in the living rooms of all of us.
Calvin Morales (2 months ago)
dam us Black Americans make makes some good ass music. Classics stay burnin
Taylor Kendricks (2 months ago)
Music of today in no way compares to music of yesterday. #OLDSKOOL4EVA
Adriane Chatman (3 months ago)
RIH my uncle AC Chatman this was his jam he be so damn drunk singing this song. Lol
Billy Wilder (3 months ago)
This is music...
May Beautiful (3 months ago)
Back when the ONLY way you was able to get a record deal is if you could really SANGGGGGG ! Wish I was born but hey thank god for youtube
Addie Payne (3 months ago)
Side chick type of shit!! You come home at 5 in the morning I will ask your ass where have you been matter fact you might not get in damn it
Denise Mitchell (3 months ago)
gday luv oh yes when our Kings sang with harmony and respect remember grinding smoking a kool drinking boones farm playing spades holla if you hear me miss this so much passion
el cerrito (3 months ago)
nothing like sitting relaxing kicking back on your couch listening to this old school and life is allgood
el cerrito (3 months ago)
without this music there wouldnt rap artist today
Odessa Clark (3 months ago)
There's no hate on this end
sweetlatina53 (3 months ago)
The greatest music ever made, that music of today is so nasty dont like any of it
Kelvin Fairwell (3 months ago)
This is before lip singing, if you couldn't do it live you couldn't have made it back then!!
Patricia Guard (3 months ago)
Them was some songs back then now it mostly rap songs today people like to hear them
Cooke Time (3 months ago)
she says "Are you hungry?" 😂😂🤕🤕
Greg Bowman (3 months ago)
I REMEMBER WILLIE B coming over to his sisters house in the early 60s in old Newsome Park A street Newport News Va
Ren Jacobs (3 months ago)
When did “the culture” switch from this to smokepurpp and lil pump

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