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Girl Magic Meets

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These women are the very definition of Women Empowerment. Make sure to check them out. 🤙🏼 IG/FB: GIRLMAGICMEETS
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madelinehixon (9 months ago)
Where are you based out of? Love the edit! xx
Shane Sak (9 months ago)
madelinehixon that would be amazing. I always love the opportunity to collab with people. 🙌🏼 if we ever in each others town. Let’s make it happen.
madelinehixon (9 months ago)
No problem. I found you through my friend Michaela Kotob. I make videos on youtube too! Maybe we could collab sometime. Im in nyc
Shane Sak (9 months ago)
madelinehixon I’m a Boston based filmmaker. And thanks for checking this out. Always appreciated. 🤙🏼

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