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30 Puffer Coats in 60 Seconds | InStyle

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Searching for a stylish winter coat? Check out our new series 30 in 60 seconds and you're sure to find the one that fits your style. If you see a coat you like, click the link for brand and buying info: http://www.instyle.com/videos/30-puffers-60-seconds Don't forget to subscribe to InStyle on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=instyledotcom InStyle is the leading fashion, hair, makeup, and celebrity news site. See celebrity and runway photos, how-tos, and learn about the latest trends. For more makeup how to videos: http://bit.ly/1JMq4GH For more fashion inspiration: http://bit.ly/1Nau7zf Website: http://www.instyle.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/instyle Twitter: https://twitter.com/instyle InStyle Magazine is published by Time Inc.
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Text Comments (7)
Dave-the -mave (8 months ago)
Where was jacket 27 from
InStyle (8 months ago)
Brand info here: https://www.instyle.com/videos/30-puffers-60-seconds
I like the 2 one
Russian Red (1 year ago)
Number 3 😍😍 it’s the most expensive too 😝😝 $2300 usd shit
RetiaryWorm471 (1 year ago)
Definitely 30 for me
Laura Young (1 year ago)
Ahhh i want red puffer jackets! Might start looking for 1 for winter☺
alright I say this Summer I want a puffy coat, so now puffy coats are in style.oh well

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