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How to sharpen a Stihl chainsaw

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Tools that you need... File holder -- I don't know the maker of the one I show in the video, but there are similar ones on Amazon. A File -- Check your manual for the right file size for your chain or contact your dealer. A depth gauge for the chain -- Ask your dealer for the right one. A caliper -- You only need this once in a while. About every 4th sharpening. I have several Stihl chainsaws from 028 AV (the oldest one I own), 180C, 017, and 170. The 180c, 017, and the 170 all use the same 3/8 in. PMN pitch chain while the 028 uses a .325 in. pitch chain. Use a 4.5 mm round chainsaw file for the 028 chain and 5/32 in. for the rest. I use a caliper in the video to find the shortest cutter on the chain and to set all the other cutters to the same length. I only bother with this when the chain was damaged (hit a rock or nail in the wood) or about every 4th sharpening. I also show using a depth gauge. While it isn't necessary every time you sharpen your chain I recommend it since it doesn't take that long. Disclaimer: All products used in this video were purchased by me and all video content is my own and has been edited by me, Matthew Fox. Note: Filmed using a Samsung WB250F
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AnnaMarie Arsenault (6 months ago)
Works very well.>>>ur2.pl/705    Cuts  logs wood , I'm working with easily. I'm happy with this purchase and would recommend this brand of chainsaw.
Bob Woodbutcher (2 years ago)
I bought on of these tools for sharpening my 3/8" chain and it is just another piece of junk. I gave it my best try and after a couple of time found it to be a flimsy piece of junk. Don't waste your money on this crap.
Jacques Blaque (2 years ago)
Couple things: file guide is Granberg "File-N-Joint", but yours is minus handle; caliper for equal cutter length quite unnecessary- just remove min metal to make them sharp; "depth gauge" is the fore-part of the cutter, that sets depth of cut, not the tool; "twin cutters" can only happen with # of drive links not multiple of 4. Get it straight & know how.
PanosS56E (3 years ago)
Many thanks and many Congratulations. Very nice, simple and precise tutorial on sharpening the chainsaw!

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