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Never Rip/Tear Another Gasket - Immortalizing Paper Engine Gaskets ("A MUST" with Carbs)

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One of those old mechanics tricks - works on all PAPER gaskets Here is the video detailing the 5 speed swap - super cheap and easy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v17PubGaO9Y
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What was that outro song
Tree Fiddy (6 months ago)
I have a question. I have a 1962 Falcon, 170.The master cylinder sucks,It is hard to access,and it has the rubber going through two holes in the top.Is there another Brake master cylinder that is sealed,say with a plastic reservoir.The clutch pedal assembly is also cheap.I think I got garbage in my throwout bearing due to a rubber boot failing.
Gix Gix (6 months ago)
Watched a vid from AutoRestoMod Car Restoration Modification. On a dizzy. They go back to using full vacuum not ported vacuum. What are your thoughts?
1965 Santiago (6 months ago)
Jack Fereday (7 months ago)
New to the channel, great content and very informative. Even though i don't have an old American car. SUBSCRIBED. Keep up the great videos. Jack From The UK.
Came here from Junkyard Digs, liked this vid n the Plymouth y'all just did, liked n Subbd. All 3 of you guys
Cwb 931 (7 months ago)
I had an old 77 Ford f100 Ranger in high school and I lost it in 2001 when I got in some trouble with the law and never was able to get it back. Kept my nose clean ever since but just never was able to get my truck back and I dream of getting it or one like it back one day.
Martin Benton (7 months ago)
Wow! I just ran across your videos yesterday morning. I've been binge watching since. Lol Reminds me of my friends and I back in the 70's. Pulling trucks and cars, (ford's mostly) out of groves and fence rows. My son and I currently have 74 F-100, factory 460 he is the second owner. And my 75 F-150 XLT 390ci. Keep the cool videos coming! MB BAR RANCH
4eyeFoxbody Fan Club (7 months ago)
Why dont you put a short throw shifter on that T5....the throws between gears look a mile long.
ThunderHead289 (7 months ago)
I always thought I’d swap a tko and 351 based stroker into the truck, so I didn’t put any extra money into it. Here I am ten years later .... maybe someday I’ll give it a once over. It’s like a time machine, Iv kept it how I had it in high school
Old Car Alley (7 months ago)
What a great idea using petroleum jelly to keep gaskets from sticking... I will for sure do that from now on! Thank you for the tip.
F-350 Guy (7 months ago)
Awesome, thank you! 🤠👍
Kurt Simmons (7 months ago)
Have you thought about taking a pipe tap and threading your carb spacer?
Kurt Simmons (7 months ago)
Buy a stick of chapstick and put it in your toolbox. We used that when we were racing and used that on the gaskets. You won’t have to worry about getting all of the vaseline off your hands!
Deucealive75 (3 months ago)
Yep. I have painted gaskets with chapstick for years. Wish I would have done this when my holley carb was new. I could have pulled it apart, treated the gaskets and not have the problems removing the gaskets like I am today.
Jonathan Cohen (7 months ago)
Hi there. Without knowing how to contact you directly, I wanted to know if you have a video specifically related to setting the fast/high idle on a Holley. Mine is not engaging at all so I am wondering what is physically wrong and what the proper settings are with the screw, cam, other...... Thanks!
Jonathan Cohen (7 months ago)
4150 sorry
Jonathan Cohen (7 months ago)
Thanks for the reply. Actually the Carb works great overall. It’s a 4140 with secondary vacuum. The issue is related to the fast idle. When starting cold the fast idle does not engage and I have to keep my foot on the gas. Holley told me to simply adjust the fast idle screw to see what happens. I’ll test it out. Maybe it needs to be higher up on the fast isle cam.
face smasher (7 months ago)
Jonathan Cohen - bc i dont know what kind of carb is it, the way i understand how a carb works: if the adjuster screws are not compensating idle or rpm and the air fuel mixture its time to rebuilt your carb a carburator usually have these steel balls inside and ppl tend to turn them around to check the bottom upside down lol thats crazy bc those steel balls will dislodge from where they go and end up somewhere else in the carb but not where they belong - to correct this procedure you must dissassembly your carb completely to check for this problem if the carb has ever been turned upside down as a general rule in a rep shop, an autotech will never turn around a carb bc of this well known problem is that your case?
Siri Hosts (7 months ago)
Does this work for valve cover gaskets ?
Boats (6 months ago)
I swear I seen you do this may be in an older video?? Either way I have been doing it ever since and it works great. Awesome tip.
ThunderHead289 (7 months ago)
It does indeed - as stated, grease also works, it just tends to be more messy. I like to seal the cork gasket to the valve cover with sealer, then coat the other side with grease or Vaseline that contacts the block 👍
like a rock (7 months ago)
She sounds SWEET🚗
face smasher (7 months ago)
vaseline is good but grease works much better for gaskets that usually seals aluminum w/ alloy steels or aluminum and aluminum too vaseline is better indicated on injector seals; and grease of any kind on all the other gaskets by first taking into consideration the following: 1. head gaskets need to be sprayed with a coat of cooper spray for a longer durability and a better seatting process 2. valve cover gaskets: (i) when they're made with plastic, first glue them w/ wheater strip to the valve cover, then add toyota silicone to any openings between the head and the valve cover base area, or roundenessess, and finally use a bead of shellack indian head gasket (even on top of the silicone but only on the gasket attached to the valve cover area) (ii) when valve covers are made with cork: do the same procedure as prescribed before but this time you will also add shellack to the base area where the the cork gasket seats on the engine area 3. steel seals covered with: (a) plastic: use always a film of silicone over it; on its external contact area and oil or grease on internal lips steel seals covered with: (b) paint: always use a thin coat of indian head shellack on its external contact area and oil or grease on its internal lips 4. on other o-rings always use oil or grease to get a perfect mounting action 5. paper gaskets: use vaseline or grease either way and youl'll be ok
Mike Grandinette (7 months ago)
Just curious, what kind of fuel mileage do you get with that set up ,302 / 5 speed ?
ThunderHead289 (7 months ago)
It does very well for what it is. Roughly 20 at 70 mph. Gets 22 or so at 55
Daniel Fisch (7 months ago)
Great pro-tip, thanks for sharing.
SJ Tucker (7 months ago)
I know you do Fords, but any suggestions on tech resources for a 49 dodge?
ThunderHead289 (7 months ago)
Yep. Dylan mccool - that’s literally his channel name. He has a very good handle on the mopar stuff
TheFrameoff (7 months ago)
Cool ..
kstricl (7 months ago)
You're bang on about the EGR on those manifolds. I had the 351W (cast) version of that manifold, complete with the original EGR plate. I just cut out some tin to block it off, never had a problem. I also used a similar spacer design on the carb - it had great throttle response.
ThunderHead289 (7 months ago)
it seems to run way better on the top end with it - something to be said about directional air flow and velocity. the air had to make quite a sharp turn out of the carb before the spacer
Brian Mulligan (7 months ago)
Any more videos on the forgotten Military jeep?
ThunderHead289 (7 months ago)
come on luke, put them together! yes, i have a TON of content - need to make it
ThunderHead289 (7 months ago)
thunderhead289 - tech & Tune Forum (Facebook) what do you all want to see for video? let me know . . .
kbilly118 (7 months ago)
Do you have any experience with those carb to efi conversion kits?
face smasher (7 months ago)
how you ever had an old fashion carb that a small filter is inserted in the inlet take port? 👉 think of this case scenario: it's 3:00 pm on a friday afternoon, your repair facility closes @ 5:00 pm - your customer is coming to get that car w/ the demaged carb @ 4:30 pm then, that intake port in the carb has a crack; no teflon tape or any silicone alone, or jb weld will ever stop a major gas leak there, in order to stop that leak, what you do to stop the leak w/o dissassemblying of the carb? 🔧
SJ Tucker (7 months ago)
I don't think I've ever seen you dig into a transfer case for a service or fluid change. That might be an idea. Also maybe a LSD TruTrac install...
Junkyard Digs (7 months ago)
ThunderHead289 (7 months ago)
holy crap . . . PUT A SPACER ON THE OLDS YA WANK. LIGHT BULB ON BOTH OF MY BRAINS we have a lot of inside jokes. were dumb or just retreaded. not sure.
ThunderHead289 (7 months ago)
gona miss the ol delty nine-hundy

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