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Style Of Eye & Slagsmalsklubben - Homeless (Original Mix)

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Lbl. Fool's Gold Records Rls. 08/10 Buy on http://beatport.com/s/r18Sdf
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Text Comments (75)
yoshimasterleader (1 month ago)
The piece as a whole is a little disconnected but the beat stomps.
A Y E (10 months ago)
Insert creepy spider demoknight jokes here
Caro (5 days ago)
Demoknight? As in TF2? Do you have a link to this video?
Thuy Tran (1 year ago)
This song is so weird sounding but cool
Fork AyeBee (1 year ago)
man I remember when this came out, I thought no way. But yeah, still a tune after all these years~
May (1 year ago)
DUBISMASSIVE (1 year ago)
What a hidden treasure! This song deserves way more views, it's pure gold!
masterofthecontinuum (3 years ago)
This song speaks to me. It says a black scotsmen becoming a spider is horrifing.
きたあかり (3 years ago)
What a sound \(◎o◎)/!!!
idiotindustries (4 years ago)
1:41 saving spot
Zac L (4 years ago)
DAT DemoKnight-Nightmare
A Y E (10 months ago)
M. Wiggles XD U TOO!
Unnamed (4 years ago)
Odesence (4 years ago)
Nonon? :D
Jeremy Freedman (4 years ago)
that video is the stuff of demoknightmares
Values (5 years ago)
fucking SICK 5*
Charmaine Min (5 years ago)
nice! abit of mario, abit of the wild, abit of the fashionista, abit of the civilization. Creative work out there!
Qweer (5 years ago)
Nope but try to think if someone did make a dubstep remix of it
Hoganable (5 years ago)
mrtyrk (5 years ago)
my uploads aren't enhanced and are mostly from wav's. they should sound great on systems with personal EQ settings.
nightmaregem (5 years ago)
Maybe it's just me, but this sounds a little like Goron City from Ocarina of Time.
Bellboymal (5 years ago)
Is this dubstep?
ShipShipMaya (9 months ago)
nope, just weird music
MrGalt (5 years ago)
Just heard this on the Grey Goose commercial. I'm glad I could find it.
Jay Pee (5 years ago)
It's really good quality to me, don't see what everybody is complaining about
léa payen (5 years ago)
ses pas comme je penser
Lord Nibble (6 years ago)
Actually even HD videos on youtube have only 256kbps audio... so i don't know what kind of speakers you have but if you've spent more than 40$ than you should give them back
J Hubert (6 years ago)
exactly what i was thinking lol. they have to have been influenced by that with the rhythm.
FranVanBuuren (6 years ago)
Fuckking great!♥
dts7714 (6 years ago)
Full Metal Jacket FTW
ck675 (6 years ago)
at 1:41 I could see how someone uneducated could confuse that with bad quality, but I love it
ck675 (6 years ago)
Matthew Montgomery (6 years ago)
so much potential for amazing samples it's ridiculous. thrilled to have randomly stumbled upon this gem.
3YECANDY08 (6 years ago)
CHERRY NOIR, i luv dat commercial its so sexy
Noelle K (6 years ago)
i just like this song in the commercial for grey goose cherry noir lol
Chacito (6 years ago)
Yep, that's all I hear too!
Purrpetuity (6 years ago)
Goron City.
1hard2findbro (6 years ago)
I love it! No drinks necessary!
GiraLikesYou (6 years ago)
getting head while this song plays >>>>>
lordgayos (6 years ago)
4:27 raw! Eyes closed, bamm!
Baltimore B (6 years ago)
Greygoose Vodka brought me here (Cherry Noir) .......and I dont even drink :) thanks @mrtyrk ....ur awesome.
Camilla Reimer (6 years ago)
In a bad mood.. Listens to this..... Still pretty bad mood, but damn this is fucking awesome!!! I feel it blowing up my heart.
TheFondler (6 years ago)
this track is fucking amazing.
honypop (6 years ago)
maybe some people think the distorted sounds in the track are lack of quality :)?
kevinsurf (6 years ago)
HoldTheWheelAndDrive (6 years ago)
oh that was pleasant my very own ears are trembeling in the joy of listening to this fine peace of accoustical joy
dabakos (6 years ago)
MrOddiee (6 years ago)
1:25 The best ♥
Camilla Reimer (7 years ago)
1:40 <3
BInRt (7 years ago)
Someone call Mythbusters, I've just proven their busting of "the brown note" was wrong :O
AcidLifeform (7 years ago)
1:32 nom nom
Henk Spoorweg (7 years ago)
@mrtyrk Cause: Due to the total awesomeness people turn their speaker volume to the max. wich will cause a distortion in the sound. This track is EPICAL!!!
UnchartedLuver94 (7 years ago)
I just got ear raped. lolol
designl8hobbs (7 years ago)
ooooooooohhhhhmfg. this song is so sexy dude. probably would be better without that man trying to moan like a girl in the middle, but y'know, whatevs ; )
mrtyrk (7 years ago)
@xdzyI lol, you mean you have the EQ set on right?
invisiblehandent (7 years ago)
Ya, xdzyl you must have the worst headphones in the history of the globe. That quality was awesome! That's some 32-bit float sh*t!
Herman Göransson (7 years ago)
So fucking great. Swedish madness...
DenSnelleJelle (7 years ago)
I can listen to this on and on and on and on and... I can't believe I didn't like this song at first.. Style of Eye is doing a great job nowadays and it's great hearing from Slagsmalsklubben again too
Medispawn (7 years ago)
so after 10 times of listening in a row I'm still not bored of this. I think I'm in love.
mrtyrk (7 years ago)
Well I don't know about you guys, but the quality is superior actually. maybe your speakers/headphones fail ?
Fei Zou (7 years ago)
@xdzyI at least for this particular vid mate
JoeyRG (7 years ago)
Style Of Eye and Slagsmalsklubben are homeless?! :(
Fei Zou (7 years ago)
@xdzyI 360p has better sound quality than 480p
PalebobUK (8 years ago)
ZaInT (8 years ago)
Nää, det här var inget vidare.
Gustav (8 years ago)
så jävla ball låt
padster86 (8 years ago)
what a tune!
mrtyrk (8 years ago)
@xdzyI lol
FlawProductions (8 years ago)
4:16 --- where the f***k am I?!?!?!?
hardriz (8 years ago)
dudes, you can download it legally and for free on SoundCloub. btw that sound is fckin insane. SMK & Style of Eye are the shit.
mrtyrk (8 years ago)
@Luddd3D Yeah, just checked. Thanks!
Grim Nyberg (8 years ago)
This is Slagsmålsklubben & Style of eye not style of eye alone. Beatport got it wrong.
Cesar Escobar (8 years ago)
kinda trippy
Stina Fagerberg (8 years ago)
awesome, just wanna go out and party all night when i hear this

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