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PUBG ALL SECRET EASTER EGGS REVEALED! - PlayerUnknownsBattlegrounds Hidden Secrets

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In PUBG there are lot of hidden easter eggs that the developers have put in for players to discover while playing the game. Anything from secret locations, hidden messages and everything in between. Were going to look at all of them today. Pubg best hidden secrets in Miramar and Erangel discovered. Twitter - https://twitter.com/TheCh0pper Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/ch0pper_yt/ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/thech0pper DONATIONS HERE: https://streamlabs.com/ch0pper
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Text Comments (320)
stinky Ass (1 day ago)
Didn't the first egg easter in pubgm
Julia Hart (5 days ago)
I found a zombie bro .... for real
Shadow Fruit (5 days ago)
6:40 maby it was a Easter egg for the map after that the jungle one (I forgot the name) because it looks like a jungle
cau (7 days ago)
1:31 video starts here.
Zaid Nizamani (12 days ago)
where is that zombie which is in erangel where he spawns there is a bunker going on left inside the bunker you will found a zombie
Nick Hqrin (12 days ago)
Did u see the flash lights In Vikindi
Barb Contorno (18 days ago)
I saw a map in the bunker
darkdigger15 (24 days ago)
Rly? 1minute 30 seconds before your 'intro' is done while really saying nothing more then the title did. Focus on content please
Sowmya Latha (26 days ago)
at 5:10 i think it is the English translation of those places i guess
Roblox gaming (29 days ago)
I seen blood on house and other ones
I'm Not Perfect (29 days ago)
when I was a 9 years old I thought that game easter eggs are literally just easter eggs
Hazey (29 days ago)
Dude you talk WAY TO MUCH
Hazey (29 days ago)
Video starts 1:35
OllieMakesVideos (1 month ago)
Sanhok in English means “fun chicken”
Abiyyu Komara (1 month ago)
In pubg mobile theres a zombie in erangel it's on the rocks near sosnovka, I don't know if you have heard of this...
lil_ xansss (1 month ago)
Part 2!!! Sanhok and vikendi
Xavier Torres (1 month ago)
There is also a Easter egg in the training map on mobile, you could find a chicken
Angel Soto (1 month ago)
On mobile, theres a chicken somewhere on the training map and theres a ghillie suit near it
Honorato, Jr. Palmero (1 month ago)
The old map of miramar is in the bunker
Pubg mobile has easter eggs, pubg pc must have a lot
GhostSeal 20 (1 month ago)
Can this easter eggs be seen in pubg mobile?
GhostSeal 20 (1 month ago)
VJ Javellana (1 month ago)
THESPIDERSQUID (1 month ago)
Is it on mobile???
Moisés Racines (1 month ago)
"Zombie" and the new update appears zombies"
Milky Way (2 months ago)
Nice video but try to add captions while editing the video. Regardless, nice and informative video!
MessedUpGamers 2.0 (2 months ago)
2:18 4:26 7:35 9:08
Trooper671 (2 months ago)
Mr. Nice guy! (2 months ago)
I highly expected "Battle Royal" to be referenced many times in "PUBG".... and I wasn't disappointed at all.
Dantdm rosmizy (2 months ago)
If you all want to know, in pubg mobile, in the training you can make shockwave grenade using frag grenade.Same like fortnite. Remember only on training
InexTinzer (2 months ago)
Part two please
LIMETree World The best (2 months ago)
I found an Easter egg in sanhok It is a mannequin or a statue with an angry face
Shadow 369 369 (2 months ago)
Probably not an Easter egg, but there's a small island in Erangel in the very top right corner. It's an unnamed location, and there doesn't seem to be any way to get there besides swimming. And I've only seen the plane go over it once. If you managed to swim there, it'll look like a jumble of locations, with the bunker tunnels you find under Erangel, the prison like structure in the war mode of Erangel, ect. There doesn't seem to be any secret that I've found so far, but it seems strange, for it to even be included in the game when you can hardly get to it and the storm makes it inaccessible so quickly, so I feel it's hiding something. Another strange location is also in Erangel, in the top left of the screen, called 'Zharki' and appears as a brown splotch of land. All the trees there have orange and yellow leaves, and it feels out of place the way the strange forest in Miranmar does. Note : I was playing on mobile when I found these, so I'm not sure if they appear on the PC version
taekokamuhkamo (1 month ago)
Thats the spawn island *facepalms*
SaadatSaadif (2 months ago)
Those names of Miramar are translated into another language
Harsheet Mahapatra (2 months ago)
Is this in pupg mobile ?? Please answer fast
VJ Javellana (1 month ago)
P4ul_Gamer372 (3 months ago)
hm 10 min
Jonas Bauch (3 months ago)
An Easter Egg inside an Easter egg 😂
sultan37 (3 months ago)
Ch0pper,If you want to do a part 2, I have an Easter egg for you. On PUBG mobile Chinese version and the map on MIRAMAR, You can find a chicken... The chances are very very very rare. But an easy way to see them go to the training mode (still pubg mobile) There is a bunch of cargos stacked on top of each other,go on top of it and you will have a chicken there. It even moves. There’s a tutorial for that on YouTube but it’s Indian tho.
A place in sanhok if you step that on that rock it will diffenetly kill you in a sec
rhino-ryan 547 (3 months ago)
I went to vegetation place
Propisha Johnson (3 months ago)
In Training Mode, there’s a live chicken if you climb all the way to the top of the shipping containers
Eugene Oivuled (4 months ago)
stop talking so much
Apple Zhang (4 months ago)
maybe we can have a community dedicated to easter eggs?
haamem zaki (4 months ago)
there actually is a picture of player unknown on the eastern side of miamar
Pawan Rastogi (4 months ago)
In the training mode if you climb on top of the container there is a desert ghille suit and a dancing chicken
-CoinzZ (4 months ago)
Is it just me or is the Cone not on mobile?
ganja man (4 months ago)
Part 2 please
stealthninja948 (4 months ago)
Chopper annoys me by all the filler at the beginning of the videos like he's cool but he just keeps repeating himself at the beginning and alotta it cn be done at the end like the liking and subscribing shit
Pedro Macedo (4 months ago)
i think that the bunker in miramar is a reference to the series "LOST"
Angelo Quiroz (4 months ago)
What about the giant poker chips
Moe Dawjee (4 months ago)
I’m from the future and crater bravo is camp bravo
Jahseh Onfroy (4 months ago)
What about the chicken in the training room? Hmu on Snapchat and we can talk more about this https://www.snapchat.com/add/itsafartherly
john fernandes suejoes (4 months ago)
Number equal to word
Etern4l Saiy4n (4 months ago)
1:23 even though the video is called: PUBG *ALL* EASTER EGGS
Amrita Roy (4 months ago)
You said all Easter eggs
Boa The Mudwing (5 months ago)
Do one for sanhok
Boa The Mudwing (5 months ago)
Part two plz
Dan Hooley (5 months ago)
Dragging this out for that 10 minute marker aren't we
ViperWolf (5 months ago)
Great fucking vid
Jimmy Legendre (5 months ago)
The building wit map and monitoring equipment is from movie tha game is based off, all the outfits in game are from characters in Japanese movie battle royal
Hardyvw (5 months ago)
Please make part 2 🙏
JABRDAST DUBBING (5 months ago)
I am biggest fan of your video
Vishal Govind (5 months ago)
1:32 thank me later
Kimbo Sache (5 months ago)
He said you can only find that map of the original names in that radio tower on the island. If you pause the video at 6:55 you can see the same map laying on the table. It’s not really a Easter egg if it’s in 2 different places.
Jason Boyer (5 months ago)
Erangel has some wierd complex with transport crates like what are used to import and export goods north of pochinki. Ive only ever seen it once on mobile but i got to explore a little bit and it had a bunch of stuff that you only found in drops and loads of ammo, adrenaline, and med kits
koala s (5 months ago)
There was a crater alpha and a crater bravo on the mirrimar map egg and those are names of famous military bunkers
Ghost Safin (5 months ago)
The PUBG GamerZ (5 months ago)
Did you find easter eggs and eat them?
chevo blyat (5 months ago)
Erangel school is pretty much filled with CHERNOBYL EASTER EGGS,stage room,gym and the pool
Do these work on Mobile
All Around Gamer (6 months ago)
Do a part two
Experience (6 months ago)
I was the first to discover the vine covered miramar one!
Tejas Chandran (6 months ago)
I don't know if this is only in PUBG mobile, I came across this interesting touch in the training map. If you climb up the shipping containers all the way to the top of the crane, you'll find a chicken standing right in the middle.
bbpatrol buloyz (3 months ago)
Tejas Chandran I got a ghillie suit next to the chicken
the last survival (6 months ago)
WTF 2:46 loock to the glitching ass
Piotr Kubacki (6 months ago)
In erangel there is plane like the one on the spawn 8sland it is south west of shooting range in the north of the map
Carly Parker (6 months ago)
The bunker one. Radiation city.
Vhalarox Gaming (6 months ago)
I found a Bruce Lee Easter Egg on the new map haven't seen it online anywhere yet.
smokeydopey81 (6 months ago)
1st e egg pubg vid iv seen🙂 love to see more👍
SqiddlyDiddle Penguin (6 months ago)
Owen Luo (6 months ago)
Do these Easter Eggs work on Pubg Mobile?
Sakar Nepal (6 months ago)
But we cannot find first one on PUBG Mobile
Zephyx (6 months ago)
when it’s 2018 and your gf says rip harambe
Upgoing Gaming (6 months ago)
I think the names on the old map are the same just transferred differnt
Darlene Jean (6 months ago)
Do A PART 2 please
Evil Monkey66666 (6 months ago)
please for the love of bob go and look upp read and watch BATTLE ROYAL.... FOOK HUNGER GAMES the games made as a nod to BR
PUNK pandaXD (6 months ago)
Ever think pubg mobile has the same map layout?
Saad Golandaz (6 months ago)
Waiting for part2
imabadfish1 (6 months ago)
4 ads in a 10 minute video? Yeah you can just fuck off
Philadelphia Eagles (6 months ago)
Are these in mobile?
David Lima (6 months ago)
500 likes lol 😂
Irene Gallegos (6 months ago)
You talk too much on the beggining on each video
Big Chungus (6 months ago)
Hah! I got a fortnite ad!
Daniel Dowd (6 months ago)
Wonder if it's on mobile?
LilNiggaVEVO (6 months ago)
another easter egg in the desert map at the side of certain building it says "el pollo es millo" which translates to The chicken is mine (winner winner chicke dinner) it was even in the footage of one of your videos
何ですか!?. (7 months ago)
I Hate School (in PUBG) why? Because i just jump out from the airplane and i just run to the school and someone kills me from my back :'(
golden dragon (7 months ago)
ya know
Rithwik Ram (7 months ago)
Get to the choppaaah
NAVYCalvin (7 months ago)
Hey guys im just did an observation on miramar bunker in PUBG mobile and i found that, it is there, downgraded but the green shrubbery ,vegetation and foliage not to mention the game master room is still there too. took me a while of running and yep, no one ever there
Temmie Tem (7 months ago)
Down hill of los leones theres a hidden mine... And south of Shelter a weird place with good loot
Camaro John (7 months ago)
I got beaten again.......I was shaking.................please.....help me.
blunts and bullets (7 months ago)
I know you get paid for the ads but calm the fuck down with them!! You seriously have an ad every 2 minutes.
Dingus Bung (7 months ago)
Spends an entire minuet talking then a 30 second ad pops up

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