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16 Type of Boots and How to Wear Them - Women Fashion

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16 Type of Boots and How to Wear Them - Women Fashion - Biker Boots for Women - Chelsea Boots for Women - Combat Boots for Women - Cowgirl Boots for Women - Flat Ankle Boots for Women - Harness Boots for Women - High Heel Boots for Women - Knee High Boots for Women - Moccasin Boots for Women - Over The Knee Boots for Women - Oxford Boots for Women - Rain Boots for Women - Riding Boots for Women - Ugg Boots for Women - Wedge Boots for Women - Wedge Sneaker Boots for Women fashion style, fashion style guide, fashion ideas, fashion inspiration, outfit ideas, outfits, outfit inspiration, fashion, how to wear
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Rose Ann Bongares (4 months ago)
Helpful video! 👍
super star jitu (7 months ago)
hoe4hoseok (7 months ago)
Those outfits are so ugly
Sharmella Krishnasamy (9 months ago)
I will get one when i visit cold countries.
VINAYAK .E.S (10 months ago)
which one is cool on one piece??? high hill boots or knee high boots??? so, confuse...🤔
Tye Superman Cranton (11 months ago)
I only wear flat or wedge heeled boots right now, not brave enough for heel boots.... And I'll only wear wider heeled boots, nothing too thin so the heel accidentally snaps off
Aysha Malfoy:3 (1 year ago)
I just think ugg boots are lazy and kinda bogan😂😂😂 (no hate)❤️
Did boots look good on grown
VINAYAK .E.S (10 months ago)
SURENDRA SINGH Khangarot yes,it looks amazing
Pappy Fiddle (1 year ago)
Boots have been the thing for a while now, time for something else. I give it another 2 months. Then comes... I predict: Moccasins
Alice Merry (1 year ago)
Nana Obeng (1 year ago)
There is nothing like a lady with great legs in nice fitting boots. I mean it’s a heard Turner, night or day.
Alyson InWonderLand (1 year ago)
So all the boots can be worn with skinny jeans and skirts or dresses...
Kinetic Kid (2 years ago)
I only counted 15 types. But this was very useful and informative. I know my wife's tastes so this gives me plenty of useful data for my birthday shopping for her. Do you have a sandal video as well? Thanks!
Kinetic Kid (2 years ago)
That would be great; be sure to include some gladiator sandals if you do. Thanks!
All New Fashion Trends (2 years ago)
Really? That is our mistakes, sorry. We have no sandals video, but i think we will create it, thanks :)
Fact Picks (2 years ago)
Amazing boots!! I will buy....
All New Fashion Trends (2 years ago)
Thanks :)
Dee_xx (2 years ago)
Nice video! I love that you included more of a variety of types of women, nice to see a few older women in there, some non-model types, and I enjoyed the length of this compilation - I think you got every kind of boot!! Good job! :)
All New Fashion Trends (2 years ago)
Thanks, i will add more in next videos :)
cristina diaz (2 years ago)
Such a great vid, all in one ;) . Boots ... what can I say, another acessorie that I lovee so as this was so full of ideas I had to keep it my fashion outfits. Thank you
All New Fashion Trends (2 years ago)
Thanks, we hope it useful :)

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