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Keep on Dancing
Sridhar Nimmagadda (2 days ago)
Hailey is hilarious
Brandi Mulberry (2 days ago)
I noticed I could tell it was her eyes and voice
Althea Fae (3 days ago)
I've been watching barbie since I'm in highschool and now I have a daughter I will let her watch barbie.. I mean all of them..
Funny Vine gs (3 days ago)
i loveeeeee barbie 😍😍😍
Suleiman Zangina (3 days ago)
I love Barbie no matter how old I am
Fatima Le Roux (4 days ago)
I like this movie the most
Kelly Duong (4 days ago)
i love when it's full screen!!!!!
Teresa Smith (4 days ago)
Wolfie i dont thing so and yah right😏😏😏😏😏
Maia and Maesi (5 days ago)
Syahirah Yaacob (5 days ago)
maybe for the first time.. but i think they are professionals so i don't think that they will get dizzy.. cause they had practice for many years
krystal jeon (6 days ago)
this is barbie but im feeling a little bit creepy because of the movie wishing stairs
Kristine Caren (6 days ago)
I really really miss it..
Noelia and Valentina (6 days ago)
I loved it
jem pasian (7 days ago)
she's so annoying tho
Zailey Samuels (7 days ago)
I only watch barbie every day💋💖💋💖
She wolf (8 days ago)
Isn't it a little bit weird the the girl in Dance Academy and and here are both really good and named Tara
She wolf (8 days ago)
notice that it's got a bit of Giselle Nutcracker Swan Lake and red shoes BTW I'm a ballet dancer so I know all these
sniper quiet (8 days ago)
I can give you a gold bucket!!
Shrikanta Dey (9 days ago)
I am 13 and still barbie fan
Syahirah Yaacob (5 days ago)
well im 16 lol
arnijar dastala (9 days ago)
_dyinginside_ (9 days ago)
I love how she's just walking around with a pointe shoes lmaoooo
Paul Rowland (9 days ago)
wow good graphics
amanda puryear-el (9 days ago)
Your video gives me confidence in my self
Umabati Laishram (10 days ago)
l love the end video.
Fariza Sharifi (10 days ago)
And I still do
Fariza Sharifi (10 days ago)
When I was young I wanted to be just like barbie
Fariza Sharifi (10 days ago)
I actually love barbie movies and I’m 9
Naisy Wesley (12 days ago)
It feels great watching these! I'm back to childhood!
Abigail Mayer (13 days ago)
I’m 14 but still love every Barbie movie especially this one
tulips garland (13 days ago)
48:53 the best bit throughout this movie.
Gwen Stacy (13 days ago)
43:13 boi stop clipping your hand through her skirt
yourlane x (14 days ago)
wtf iz happening
Niskhem Papang (15 days ago)
Awesome movie love it
JackNesa 87 (15 days ago)
Can you upload the red shoe pls...
Nancy Wangui (15 days ago)
Natasha is an evil snow Queen
Nancy Wangui (15 days ago)
I noticed that Natasha is an evil Queen 👿😈
Nancy Wangui (15 days ago)
Natasha is an evil snow Queen
Falala and Lulu (16 days ago)
The Snow Queen: Teacher The Doll Thing: Student
Falala and Lulu (16 days ago)
"Is that logical" Nothing's Logic in movies
sweety vanilla (17 days ago)
December 2018?😂
Fern The bee (18 days ago)
This movie is old but I love it so much
Isae Annarella (18 days ago)
Even tho i am 18 i still watch Barbie
Cassandra Montano (19 days ago)
People always ask me why I'm watching barbie. It's just for kids! Well, my reason... Barbie isn't a kid, she's a total fashion lady who most of the girl wants... Am I right?
Junior Kiddo (20 days ago)
I had nothing to watch and this is entertaining me im freaking sixteen
Alliah Mae Jimenez (21 days ago)
Love it 😁
Aleesya Farhah (21 days ago)
She’s an idiot
Hadi J (21 days ago)
A.R Ajet Raee (22 days ago)
Regina Sibeso (22 days ago)
I wish i could dance like that😧😥😢😇
Sarah Clark (23 days ago)
It tell a lesson though because even though I am 14 it is saying me er give up on you dreams
Jaliyah Palmer (23 days ago)
Iove 💘
Ansar Khan Pathan (23 days ago)
Nice 😃😃
MetteLentz (23 days ago)
Think that Odile's "daadyyyyyyy" is a call back to their own Swan Lake barbie movie? Are they referencing their own movie
Weather Cats (23 days ago)
Barbie likes to reference their old movies honestly
Dollish (23 days ago)
I'm 12 and still watch Barbie wow
Naima Aziz (23 days ago)
I am 13 but still watch barbie ❤❤ Love it..
Sophia Kristel (24 days ago)
Can you make the princess and the pop star please
Jan Glyd Sibayan (24 days ago)
My classmates name is odette
CHAN LEAKSMEY LAY (25 days ago)
This movie is connect to " Barbie of the swan lake"
Sierra Cooks (26 days ago)
everyone is crossed eyed for some reason??
Minecraft Delileri (27 days ago)
birtane türkçe alt yaşı yok
Caryl Panogaling (27 days ago)
Multifandom K-Pop Stan (27 days ago)
*_sHe aLwaYS dId wAnT tO MilK the cOw hEr oWN wAy_*
Multifandom K-Pop Stan (27 days ago)
*_iT wAs A nIcE bUcKeT_*
Lucky Charms (28 days ago)
Christine McAndrews (28 days ago)
And the closet full of shoes in the end what does that mean?
Christine McAndrews (28 days ago)
Christine McAndrews (28 days ago)
And why was the mean girl suddenly nice??
Christine McAndrews (28 days ago)
but WHAT was there even a moral to the story?
Christine McAndrews (28 days ago)
And the closet full of shoes in the end what does that mean?
Christine McAndrews (28 days ago)
Christine McAndrews (28 days ago)
And why was the mean girl suddenly nice??
Yen Lin (28 days ago)
the guy dances funny and fall
She’s a five?! I’m a 9 1/2
Faith Gannon (28 days ago)
18:40 -- 18:49 *FBI OPEN UP!*
Faith Gannon (28 days ago)
*THE SHOES* @15:10
Stevie Spark (28 days ago)
"Madams going to be furious" "I know isn't it wonderful" 😂😂😂
Stevie Spark (28 days ago)
Wth did her friend do to the dress to make it do that? And what did the older lady do to the shoes ?
Stevie Spark (28 days ago)
This movie should be about kristen learning that you cant always be in the spotlight. Like her dress makes the mean chicks part look like kristen is suppose to be the lead role
melodramatic dragon (28 days ago)
Ah, man, I love the callback to the Barbie Swan Lake movie at the beginning with the younger girls. That used to be one of my favourites. .....What does it say about me, a teenage boy, that I both enjoy these movies and know enough about them to know when the reference their older ones?
Am 24 How am I enjoying this?
Shana McBean (28 days ago)
Am 18 and no one can stop me from watching Barbie
A D animations (29 days ago)
This is how i feel when i dance XD
Melanie Gacha (29 days ago)
I missed those old barbie with small eyes...💕💕
i can't tell if the transformation from the performance was real or not
so much symbolism...so much foreshadowing. so many connections between the real world and the story world. such an underrated movie.
this is such a cool concept. i often imagine being in a story and shocking the characters with how much I know lol.
if she wants to follow her heart and all that, she shouldn't dance competitively. it's clear that dance is a part of her soul, and she has a natural passion for it, and her *soul* wants to do something different than what she's been assigned to. that's more important than making it to the top.
thathollyplant (29 days ago)
Can we all agree that the animation on the dancing in this movie is above standard. Did you know they animate it by watching real dancers do the choreography and then copy it frame by frame?
MultiPlanet3 (29 days ago)
You might not know this show called Lego elves but halerien sounds exactly like feren a charter From that show
Romiina Swan (1 month ago)
Why the heck am I watching this😂
mehreen junaid (1 month ago)
Dance moms *barbie version*
Nina Stapelberg (1 month ago)
This is my favourite Barbie movie for one reason alone... This is the reason I clicked on this video too 01:04:44 What the hell is up with that eye animation? Is he a chameleon XD?
Orly Doe (1 month ago)
God the animation is awful, Barbie doesn’t look like Barbie what the fuck man 😂
feihime (1 month ago)
i want my man to get me my first bucket... sigh. LOL
Scoobyhogger AJ (1 month ago)
Ahh i remember watching this when i was little like 50 times over and over and my mom got so annoyed by it lol..
Angelin Babu (1 month ago)
I'm 20 but still I love Barbie... it's so amazing😍😍😍😍
ce ce (1 month ago)
Finally someone that didn't do clickbait
Jessa Camille (1 month ago)
Still watching 😍
xoxkatlynxox c: (1 month ago)
Half the kids here are 5 year olds, then us grown ass 11/12/13 year olds just chilling watching barbie 😂
Galina Fuad (1 month ago)
Natasha starling. am here😘
Oh yes her move is so smooth Cause I'm a ballet dancer
Karla Laine Bioco (1 month ago)
OMG!! It has a connection on the Barbie and the Swan Lake. Shocckksss.😮😯
Nobel Oo (1 month ago)

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