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oracle user management | User creation and privilege management | password management in oracle

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This video is part of "Oracle Database Administration Made Simple" series. The following topics are covered -- user creation -- Default tablespace for user -- Granting and revoking privileges -- understanding sysdba privilege
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Joe Deus (10 months ago)
The information covered is great. I recommend the poster to accept the critiques below to make your next video consumable and effective. The audio is absolutely terrible, combined with a thick accent, the video lacks effectiveness. The consumer of the information has to be overly committed to consuming and deciphering your message to them. It makes the video less desired from consumers because they must work very hard to interpret your message. When making a video for educational purposes, avoid using SQL+. I recommend you use native tools to the product such as SQL Developer. The consumers of your video can then see your work and also download your SQL Scripts and replicate your training sessions in a test environment. I look forward to seeing this video remade with the above recommendations incorporated into it.
Wysheid Wysheid (9 months ago)
Hi Joe, Thanks for the feedback, i take them positively and will correct the same in future. The reason why i am not using SQL Developer is because of its less usage in production enviornment , especially when you work remotely . But i understand the need of having the scripts handy , i will make some workaround for that. Thanks , Wysheid DBA Team
Mitu Setty (1 year ago)
i need theory part of user management , please can u share the link
deepak sharma (1 year ago)
Rather to explain thing word to word....make a diagram on board...

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