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Making a hollow body guitar custom thinline tele body luthier jig template work

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Inside the Luthier's Shop: How I make hollow body thinline tele guitars A couple of jigs and templates and there you go
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SIRONEDRAGON (7 months ago)
have you ever seen a Center Block like this ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UluB2LYWvTM
I am building my guitar, I am in the design stage if you want you can go to my channel and give me you advice
Dayan Revelo (2 years ago)
que herramienta usas en el minuto 4:45
Dayan Revelo (2 years ago)
gracias amigo
BigDGuitars - (2 years ago)
thats a pin router with the pin on the top and the router on the bottom.
bigredshoe222 (2 years ago)
Does removing so much material from the body make the guitar neck heavy?
Robert Brock (2 years ago)
Very helpful. Great teaching tool.
Learner-Learns (3 years ago)
Excellent concise tutorial with good tips! THANKS!
J Peppler (3 years ago)
How think is your hollowed out body before adding the maple top? Also how thick is the maple top? I'm going make this my next build. Great video.
Bryan Paul (3 years ago)
+BigDGuitars - I'm curious if you think it would be possible to carve a 1/4" top.
J Peppler (3 years ago)
Great...thanks and keep up with the great videos
BigDGuitars - (3 years ago)
depends on what I am doing.  Usually tops are around 1/4 inch thick and the bodies are 1.5 inches thick.  I then hollow out about 1 inch on the body.  Sometimes more depending on what I am going for.  
mat Sol (4 years ago)
hi, genuinely curious as to why you go with a glued top instead of back. is it for  material cost? (i.e. to use a cheaper grade of body wood.) thx
Jamie Witherspoon (4 years ago)
Nice job. I'm intrigued by your pin router, can you share some detail on the design?
Will Isleshill (4 years ago)
Y U NO BEND THE SIDES! Waste of material -.-
AshtrayAnnie (4 years ago)
More sustain in a solid piece of wood compared to having 2 thin pieces.
Thiago Cordeiro (5 years ago)
what mterial are make these patterns?
Aron Waters (5 years ago)
how thick was the wood ? is three parts when its all done?
Arch Stanton (5 years ago)
I built some pine bodies last summer. 2 of them I capped them with some old redwood I had. I used my drill press to drill out some voids to reduce the weight even more. I haven't finished the Teles yet but they should make some killet guitars.
jose amram (5 years ago)
Thanks for posting, that is fantastic! How does it sound vs a solid body Tely?
John Knutson (5 years ago)
How would you do a Thinline with a tummy cut?
eddie julian (1 year ago)
Actually you could but it would be a lot of work you would have to do a facet like on an acoustic guitar, not worth the effort teles don't need belly cuts they are small bodied guitars anyway.
eddie julian (1 year ago)
You wouldn't
David Fisher (5 years ago)
Advantage of templates over a CNC?
Francisco Castillo (6 years ago)
where can i get the blue print or the outline so i can outline it onto the wood and cut???
Tracy Foor (1 year ago)
Francisco Castillo. I used the bodies of a cheap trashed out Korean made Stratocaster for a template for my Stratocaster and the body of a Telecaster I was repairing for the template for My Telecaster body.
osummerton (6 years ago)
thank's man! really good!
Ryan S (6 years ago)
nice vid

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