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The Secret Missions Into The Great Pyramids

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Support Us On Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/MysteryHistory We Are Also On Steemit: https://steemit.com/@mysteryhistory The Queens chamber, which lays within the great pyramid of Khufu, more commonly known as Cheops, has astonished, shocked, and mystified Egyptologists since its mysterious existence was discovered. The intrigue into this illusive chamber, along with its mysterious adjacent shafts, comes as no surprise once one understands the anomalous characteristics of their construction. As we have already covered before massive cover ups have been suspected as taking place surrounding this mysterious chamber, since its discovery. strange shaft tunnels set at a 40 degree incline no larger than 20 cm in diameter run away from this room and no one seems to no why. Not only would these ancient shafts required being hermetically sealed during the pyramids construction, to stop them from becoming blocked, but the excruciating effort that would have gone into Making them, becomes all the more of a confusing undertaking, once you realise they were not even connected to the chamber, but hidden 40 cm away from entering the tomb within the walls, completely invisible from the inside of the burial room located deep within the structure. A total of 5 shafts exit the surface of the structures faces. Cheops notably being the only pyramid to ever have been constructed with such shafts, making their addition a popular mystery within Egyptian history. 1 leads out from the subterranean chamber, 2 lead out from a termination point some 40 cm from the walls of the so called queens chamber, or now popularly suspected to be that of an alien tomb among ancient alien specialists, and 2 from the kings chamber above. Here is where our story becomes interesting, Rudolph Gantenbrink, famous for actually discovering the blocking door within one of the queen’s chambers shafts, which could lead to an as yet undisclosed tomb, has also made other curious discoveries within the great pyramid. Discoveries which could only be explained by modern, covert explorations of tunnels that were supposedly to that point, unexplored. Gantenbrinks cache being but one example of these mysterious finds, deep within tunnel systems in the royal chamber, at a 90 degree turn going vertically upwards, a pile of papers, possibly wrapped artefacts, weighted down with a small piece of timber or stone, possibly another artefact, was discovered by Gantenbrinks robot. Also, during initial location attempts to find access tunnels leading to the queens chamber, several blocking stones required removal, after the removal of the seventh block, a modern era, hexagonal steel rods were discovered discarded upon the tunnels floor… Each section of the hexagonal iron rods measures 2.7 meters in length, and was fitted with a round socket, which allowed them to be joined to the next section. In one of the lower shafts In 1872, Waynman Dixon found three more objects which could be considered proof of prior covert exploration of the mysterious northern shafts… A copper "grappling hook" about 5 centimetres in length, accompanied by a small, gray-green stone ball, and a broken-off piece of a square wooden slat or rod, about 13 centimetres long, the wood would today be the most intriguing of his finds, these artefacts suspected to be remnants of the grave robbers tools, could have been carbon dated, yet this fragment is the only one of the three to now be missing out of the London museums collection. Unfortunately, in his writings, Dixon doesn't say in which of the two lower shafts he actually found the objects, but he mentions them in connection with a northern one. Not only did these obviously highly intelligent people leave evidence of how they must have got in, but also traces upon the previously untouched ancient walls of the shafts within Cheops, clearly left by their previous robotic technologies. Other, square, metal rods have been recovered, along with other artefacts discarded within some tunnel systems deep within the ancient structures. Meaning these guys got to the treasures way before we did. Interestingly, reported evidence of covert excavations continues to this day, heavy duty electrical supplies discreetly running into, and trailing deep into the pyramids, have been noticed and photographs by some of the more astute tourists. Witnesses to the sounds of heavy machinery being used beneath the site is also frequently reported, yet rarely followed up…. It seems its not a question of whether brilliant minds have achieved the seemingly impossible, in penetrating these secret layers, but more a question of how and what astonishing finds have possibly been kept concealed. http://www.cheops.org/startpage/thefindings/thelowernorthshaft/lowernorth.htm
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Don Ramon (3 hours ago)
Is this the same narrator of Take10 channel?
Deep Space Discoveries (20 hours ago)
Maybe its a dumb idea,but why not then just bomb the pyramids to see whats inside???XDDDD
new desk (1 day ago)
Can I just watch a video about secret missions without all the alien bullshit and all the multiple words used to describe the same thing.
Joker J (2 days ago)
Just bomb one of the pyramid to know easy and faster way to know
tedats (3 days ago)
When people say stuff from our ancient history is ceremonial or for the gods or for their passage to the after life, im rollin my eyes so much it near causes me to ceremonially pass through to the afterlife. Always swap these for 'I have no fkin clue but this is what academics always say about basically anything over like 2000 years old and i want people to think im smart'.
Kevin Fisher (5 days ago)
Stop calling it a "tomb." They've never found ANYTHING inside it resembling a tomb.
Kevin Bender (6 days ago)
Prove me wrong
Kevin Bender (6 days ago)
Alien technology with frequency vibrations moved "levitated" blocks to pyramid for placement. Also used to shape blocks. workers were cloned to be able to work in the environment and were disposable. Pyramids were used for communication to other galaxies.
Hector Gonzalez (7 days ago)
If y’all are stupid the slaves that were saved from god and sent to heaven are the ones who built the pyramids with hands
Es DeeKay (7 days ago)
Zahi Hawass knows more about these covert operations and i bet he's even involved in it. I don't trust that crook for a second.
Marc’s Fx (8 days ago)
Ask Hawass, he knows all...the wannabe pharaoh
BlazingBlace (9 days ago)
Illuminati confirmed
Cammdc 1 (10 days ago)
Everytime I move into a new house I immediately tell everyone that I built it myself and I write my name on the wall.. So that way in a couple hundred years people will think I was a great architect and king.. just like the Egyptians did.. cheeky little monkeys aren't they
Cammdc 1 (10 days ago)
The pyramids aren't tombs.. no bodies ever found in one.. but there are plenty of buried Kings and queens in "The Valley of the Kings"... So if pyramids are supposed to be tombs why aren't there a bunch in the valley of the Kings?.. when things don't make sense don't just make up an explanation so people can be happy.. That's pretty much what was done with the great pyramids.. No treasure, no sarcophagus's, no writing that says "here lies king pyramid".. theyve found no evidence to support the claim that they are in fact tombs for their Kings to ascend to the after life.. so why can't scientists just say "we don't really know what they're for,"... Or does that hurt to many feeling s not knowing?.
Geniale Lanzo (10 days ago)
Then who built the pyramids
Banshee Boii (10 days ago)
Lol we haven't even discovered our own planet 100%.. yet we are flying in space looking for others..were digging for bones when almost 100% of the sea hasn't been discovered. If i was an alien i would laugh my head of at how more stupid and stupid humans get 😂
Rob . .P. (10 days ago)
I believe they were solar panels of soughts connected to the main power plant below
Matt Caracciolo (10 days ago)
Ivanka2024 for POTUS (11 days ago)
Can u do a updated version of this?
Timmy Spencer (12 days ago)
Aris Climaco (13 days ago)
i thought this pyramid was destroy by transformers.haha
Dat MaJirrO (13 days ago)
This guy sound like if swaggersouls was a generic robot voice.
bright side?
Vezon (14 days ago)
Are you the exact fuckin guy from the History channel that usually narrates ancient aliens? I heard that fuckin voice somewhere; I'm sure it's from that.
riche rich (15 days ago)
obvious they have moved under ground to excavate
Sbonelo Ntombela (15 days ago)
Egypt is in Africa, remember that.
Brian Patton (16 days ago)
The pyramid was a giant bong and the tube was for sucking air.
AnklePlayyz Playyz (16 days ago)
Can you guys follow me on Instagram @qualitzy_jr thanks I’m almost at my goal 😚
Richard Provost (17 days ago)
So all you are saying is someone gut there before we did. ???? Da why would you think that !!!!!
suck it
Moon Line (18 days ago)
jcr65566 (19 days ago)
It has been said that the Giza Pyramid could have been some sort of electrical generator. So could these iron rods in the stones in the shaft be what is left of iron cables? The Giza Pyramid is so old the iron cables would have easily oxidised and rioted away by now. So what was left of these iron rods or iron cables in the stones in the shaft could have been protected from oxidation by the element in the stone itself. the rest of the cable has oxidised and disinterred away.
Reginaldo Martins (19 days ago)
10 👍
Djid Gggjnbbvd (20 days ago)
What if the Egyptians knew that one day their region would be divided into countries and they wanted the pyramids to be a sort of “tourist destinations” because they new it would bring them revenue. They knew if they “faked” having a really mysterious and curious piece of technology, that people would swarm to it, fighting over it for its secrets. Then over the years passed down the secret among a select few, every time an explorer came along about to figure out why they were built, threatening to expose its secrets, BAM, they just sneak in an out of place artifact, or bore another tunnel to throw them off the trail. It’s like they’re the original trolls. If I go missing y’all heard it, it’s on the record lol
Brandi Love (21 days ago)
Its not a tomb but a power plant.
ENDERSstuff (21 days ago)
I thought I was about to get rick rolled
help no name (23 days ago)
why does the person’s voice in this video sound like the man in bright side
Mr. Crowley (23 days ago)
These were here long before the Earth was here....... Really they were.
Lando OTM (24 days ago)
Unless the truth is to R.i.P religions hahahaha 🤫🤫
Sochal Media (24 days ago)
Pyramids are protection against atomic war in past.
Badge Man (25 days ago)
Those electric cables would likely be for the lighting throughout the pyramid.
1nevermore (26 days ago)
Is this the guy from bright side?
Xxx Concussion (26 days ago)
I feel like it’s a clue to our whole existence, where we came from and who made us, like in the movie Prometheus, but yeah it may just be a statue of no purpose, just what I feel
MZ J (27 days ago)
Fuck you. where is the video???
Nightm4r3z (27 days ago)
I know what the shafts are for....Ancient Egyptians drinking games, 2 people would do a handstand either side of the chambers and people on the outside would pour drinks down the shafts. 1st Egyptian to fall lost and the winner got a chamber for the night to spend with cleopatra...true story
HGaming (27 days ago)
I tought this was the "You Have 30 Days To Pay Me bla bla bla bla dollars"
Astro (28 days ago)
I think these 'air shafts' had a different use, looking at it logically, it could be that they were used as an aid to build a level pyramid, I think the queen's chamber and the king's chamber were flooded during construction, with the water level rising up the shafts finding its own level and more water added as each level of stones went up, like a giant spirit level of sorts, when the queen's chamber shafts reached the outside of the pyramid they were sealed to prevent the water level dropping from the king's chamber shafts.
Martin Kennedy (28 days ago)
gueen and king are souls trapped in time and space itseft
kac lucas (29 days ago)
All you need to do is read and understand the emerald tablets...just understand things were different 50,000 years ago way different
RexNunc (1 month ago)
1:55 Rudolf Gantenbrink looks a lot like Graham Hancock.
Russ Pink (1 month ago)
Maybe they are air shafts so the workers didn’t suffocate when working. An as they moved they got covered
Maximus Calderon (1 month ago)
Thoth space ship was hidden there
E K Rao (1 month ago)
The building more than ten feet high are found demonic and destroys ,those person who comes within their influence.great pyramid also seems one of them several persons who tried to know the secret of ancient lost high technology are also becoming a part of it ie .. .eaten by the ghoust. Also babri masjid which is more than ten feets in height,it seems that ghoust of babar stays here ,which is still tourturing the people of lndia. So it is better to obey safety rule which tells that the maximum safe height of a building is only ten feets.Buildings which are more than ten feet high are illegal and should be broken up to ten feets height.This is as per supdt of safety and accident prevention dapartment
Grandmastersexy (1 month ago)
This is where megatron is hissing I should message optimus by now..
Ottie J. (1 month ago)
Just remember ... these were supposedly built in 20 years. But also, how do you think they made these shafts?
J Michael Hossman (1 month ago)
It's not a tomb, The 3 Pyramids of Egypt were Giant Electric Power Plants, the Nile has moved, the Pyramids where in the water at one point.
Chris Hannivan (1 month ago)
Good vid, thanks for that but I’m just wondering when Rudolph gatenbrink got a face transplant with graham hancock?
Mohamed Essam (1 month ago)
-i m from egypt There are some myths الهبد in coments
Daryl Zero (1 month ago)
The great pyramid is giant bong for smoking that Sirius bud How do you think they built the pyramids They was high man I’m telling you iv 👀things Mystery solved can we move on now
Andrew Bailey (1 month ago)
Air shafts. Otherwise there would be no air. Perhaps they learned from experience and made the change. That is what humans and animals do when engineering and building.
Shawn Barnes (1 month ago)
Has anyone else read or heard that the pyramids may actually have been a collection and redistribution source of zero point energy?
3:52 it looks like the all seeing eye...it is the pyramids so......👍👽
Urban Hesse (1 month ago)
the whole Pyramid has been ramshack and and drilled out with holes all over it by now and if you don't know that it's been robbed all the way ,
shubus (1 month ago)
Of course Hawass was behind most of the modern secret explorations. But we have clear evidence that the grave robbers got there first. The only hope for significant finds these days are on what we hope to be truly NEWLY discovered voids, etc. Any excavations going on as this is being written are beyond TOP SECRET.
Frank Burdo (1 month ago)
Well is it any surprise that the pyramids are closed to the public and archeologists alike? They are digging beneath them to try to find the liquid mercury that not surprisingly is found beneath all of the ancient colossal structures. Look it up its a fact.
cardonescarlson (1 month ago)
Hawks is a fucking liar
Alan Francis (1 month ago)
It's pressure release valves. We have them on propane tanks today
Wayne Miller (1 month ago)
And we do that mysterious empty void which is probably another tune that is sealed off from the outside that had an entrance we don't know about
Prototype Playz (1 month ago)
Are u the guy in Bright side?
Jason Fisher (1 month ago)
You need to quit calling it a tomb!!!!!!
Bruce Kirk (1 month ago)
When they drilled into that keyhole inside the king's shaft awhile back on live TV they released something very evil,they cought it on live TV flying out
Tim Cory (1 month ago)
If the pyramids were built less than fifty years ago, I wouldn't know the difference. I will never see them anyway. I don't know why they intrigue me so much.
Ethan Perry (1 month ago)
I love how they still insist that it was a tomb.
Cool Pop (1 month ago)
I live 2 minutes from pyramids. I saw it from my house everyday
Evgeniy Kolosov (1 month ago)
ВСЕ ЭТО ТУФТА - !!! ТАЙНА ЕГИПЕТСКИХ ПИРАМИД !!! ЕГИПЕТСКИЕ ПИРАМИДЫ - Устройство добывания огромных объемов пресной питьевой воды из грунта - пирамида представляет собой охлаждающее конструкция с системой полостей и заглушек - для работы употреблялся ГОРЯЧИЙ ВОЗДУХ, которым наполнялись полости пирамиды при открытых заглушках – потом чего заглушки запирались и при охлаждении и уменьшении объема воздуха масса воды из грунта вакуумом закачивалась в полости пирамиды. так как масса воды была большой – в качестве заглушек использовались каменные блоки присутствие рядышком с пирамидами закопченных комнат свидетельствует о том, что при работе в полости пирамиды подавался не лишь раскаленный атмосфера пустыни, однако и за ранее нагретый огнем атмосфера.
Ned Walport (1 month ago)
Honestly, what do you expect when the country is controlled by people who follow a 7th century war lord? They want to destroy any evidence that reveals what a crock their profit, er, prophet, was.
gcoop3 (1 month ago)
That's a pic of Graham Hancock not Rudolph Gatenbrink
Jason Marte (1 month ago)
That voice sounds very familiar
BoilerBloodline (1 month ago)
Rudolph Gantenbrick? That pic was definitely Graham Hancock.
At 0:15 I see the all seeing eye and looking at it more starting to look like a map if it be a star chart or a land or ocean map yet to be investigated if any of you's out there reading this to know what I'm saying and find evidence please share
Some Xeno (1 month ago)
This is the guy from bright side
IELITE Xx (1 month ago)
We can’t proceed into the future if you keep on hiding stuff ...
ELI (1 month ago)
Why the fuck don't we just destroy our way through this shitty stone shit who cares about it my god🙄
Seekarr (1 month ago)
In my house, there is a weird shaft going up from the living room out of the top. My parents used to claim that it is a gate through which a flying person dressed in red climbs down every Christmas. I think there is a link between the shaft in my house and the Pyramids, and that this flying person is an alien.
Mark O Rourke (1 month ago)
Its where Trumps hair sleeps at night.😱
Kanga Kid (1 month ago)
Chuck Norris built the pyramids while doing an of season workout
BushGecko (1 month ago)
The Kameleon (1 month ago)
I bin there in cairo giza. Visited them. Unbelieveble. And hot..
Angus Macneil (1 month ago)
Bear with me, this does eventually connect, in the follow up comment. In 2007, I joined the Army and entered as a lithographer. Offset printing press operator. We printed leaflets and flyers for Psychological Operations. During basic training, I came up with an idea for time travel. My idea involves using paired nuclear explosions to generate a wormhole. Simply put, you have an explosion here today now, and then you have another one exactly 365 days from now by sidereal time, the two explosions would be close enough to the same place physically, and if possible overlapping in space, that in essence, any craft in the middle of either would be in 2 places at once because the spacetime will have theoretically stretched between them, a temporary tear in space-time. In my mind it has never been in question about the stretchability or malleability of space time under high energy. For instance gravitational lensing literally bends the light around a star. So, during the course of the rest of my 9 week, basic training and 22 week advanced individual training, where I learned my job, I wrote 13 chapters of a 3 book SciFi series about the technology and theories of how to do this and survive the transit across a nuclear explosion and then submitted it to the library of Congress. One year later, I got a certificate saying that it was my work of art and then thought nothing of it. I was then stationed at Fort Bragg North Carolina printing leaflets and flyers (propaganda) for Psychological Operations, and a year later, I was deployed to Qatar. While in Qatar, I came up with an idea to improve operations around the facility by (redacted lol)  A few weeks later, I was assigned for the second time to a rotating job that we all had to do, in a unit that had more than enough soldiers to make it doubtful they would need anyone to do it twice during our standard 6 month deployment. This job was to go down to the airport at Doha and pick up or drop off a VIP. While we were on the way to the fuel point to gas up, our Command Master Sergeant, who probably assigned himself to be my superior on this mission, turned to me and said in a conspiratorial voice, "Do you believe in aliens, do you believe in UFOs?" I told him that I thought that anything was possible and he cut me off and told me in no uncertain terms, "No! They are us from the future. And by us, I mean humans." I replied with all the astonishment you would expect and told him “Wow!” I have just finished writing 13 chapters of a Scifi Novel all about time travel using paired nuclear explosions to generate wormholes! And then basically started blabbering about how my characters in my book did it. He interrupted me and said "That's exactly how we do it." Unbelievable but true story. He could have been messing with my head. I may never know. I'm sure the Master Sargent had more important things to be doing if he was lying and playing some sort of cruel Psyops joke where they find some private personal aspect of a lower enlisted soldiers’ life and blow their mind with it. The book is called "The world next door" I need to pick a new title because someone else has published under that name. Here is a link to my Google Drive where you can read my entire first draft or the final copy of book 1 (pending editing), among other interesting relevant short articles I have written. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B6UEzSqhoeOiWE4yYVJRbGZlanM For quite a while, I have been watching and rewatching the videos linked below and wondering if it is a fake because his chest doesn't seem to move when he talks. Just a few months ago I realized, that his story about how he traveled through space and time actually only makes sense if you consider my theory and that he would literally have to physically travel back to the place where the earth's location was back in the age of 1940' nuclear testing as we swirl through this big, revolving spiral along this arm of the Milky Way. He would have to travel back to the same place where the nuclear test of choice was by retracing earth's orbital spin through time with a fair amount of precision in order to generate the wormhole. EBE claims he is from the future part 1 https://youtu.be/G2xXu8_2Exo EBE claims he is from the future part 2 https://youtu.be/7TE6frpygVY EBE claims he is from the future part 3 https://youtu.be/h4-KzZe9IpQ Among other more therapeutic uses, scopolamine, the drug the interrogator threatens the "gray" with can be "Slipped into drinks, on food, or sprinkled on pieces of paper, it renders its victims so submissive that they have been known to empty their bank accounts and help thieves rob their homes, reported Vice News in the documentary "The Most Dangerous Drug in the World." https://www.everydayhealth.com/drugs/scopolamine FYI: the time travel tech in my book involves 3d printed Boron Nitride Nanotubes (basically a space age material I serendipitously read about in popular mechanics I believe, when I was in the idea forming phase) made in modular panels and assembled in space on the far side of the moon. It is a hollow sphere with the inner lining consisting of photocells layered with thermocouples to generate electricity from the initial and then accelerating light and heat. It would then transfer that energy via superconducting conduits to superconducting electromagnets which push in and manage the blast itself. Each craft is that material and layer structure but reversed, meaning the electromagnets would repel the blast with a force equal and opposite to the energy generated by the flash/heat combined. The craft would need to be moving at the fastest velocity its occupants could handle and be as close to the initial blast as possible to minimize the time in direct contact with the blast. One side of the giant "Wormgate Sphere" can open and vector the nuclear blast, and be used as propulsion for the craft for hunting historical nuclear blasts (as I just figured out) but my original reason for this design was to send these Wormgate Spheres at high velocities with a bang and propel them one after another while they are being built towards a destination star. They would stop by turning themselves around while at speed and detonate another nuke, and do so at evenly spaced intervals. Once all were in place, the first two would go off simultaneously, generating a wormhole between them by being at the same time but different places as opposed do the time travel sequence which is to go off at different times but in the same place. From there one could hop across the galaxy. I now wonder if one long wormhole could be generated by setting them ALL off simultaneously. And The Plot Thickens Mind you the people who made the second video below linking Nuclear Detonations to Roswell still think these EBE's are strictly from other planets. I think these craft and "aliens" come from many different stars, times, dimensions and perhaps different governments militaries such as the TR3B (what better way to hide reconnaissance than as an “Alien” craft?). Original story board for Back to the Future https://youtu.be/Iqo7ytUzcao Connection between early nuclear testing and "aliens" https://youtu.be/VZqvAVOTGtY The following is an excerpt from a conversation on a thread that I started on the second alien interview video above: "wadde faq: Don't u think they can lied to us? Unknowns being said he from future. And we just believed it. 😑 Even if the video true or not. And is it true, why he warned us (the video part 1) he try to change the timeline which will affected their existence (future). wadde faq, I see the point of your question, if he's lying and telling us that our world is going to end at a particular point in time, what would be his motivation? This is supposedly in the mid 1960s, and obviously, he is a different, species. He even admits that much in this video. It could be something that is known as predictive programming. Sometimes when you go as far as you can against something, then you end up making it happen... What happened after our first successful wartime atomic bomb drop? We went into an all out Cold War in which nuclear weapons were created by the thousands, enough, so that we could annihilate ourselves multiple times over. You have a good point. The more I think about it, wouldn't it be horrible to find out that this was a successful attempt for people from our distant and unsustainable disaster of a future or possibly a genetic dead end dystopia or both; to migrate their people to our past, (one happens to be damaged by the blast and crashes in Roswell, is swept up by the Army and Psyops), and then are hidden in DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases) until our arms buildup blows up on us (literally) and then they come up and rebuild and take over..." I think it could actually be a conflict between two factions, one that wants to replace humanity and one that wants disclosure. Lastly, if the “gray” interrogation is fake, which it probably is, the information could be real and be a psy-op to make anyone with a crazy story like mine look foolish. Below is a speech written long after my book and this story regarding the as yet unfinished series, but it presents a more specific explanation of the physics I envisioned when I came up with my ideas. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8lPrFrG29lU&feature=share Boron Nitride nanotubes https://phys.org/news/2015-12-carbon-boron-nitride-reinforced-materials-stronger.html Hydrogen sulfide would be used to induce hibernation or Chemostasis https://www.livescience.com/211-hibernation-technique-work-humans.html
Angus Macneil (1 month ago)
My book 4 plot notes Book 4 Angus decides to submit plans to take a wormgate sphere to where the nuke test sites were in the mid 20th century and run a historical wormhole program in deep space. wormhole event allows one way travel to 1952 to start a top secret organization distributing technology to mankind, mostly to Japan after the war 3.   Team intercepts data from the Nazis indicating that the pyramids were structures designed to be able to contain large scale plasma discharges with the intent to send packages, Event Transition Vehicles and radio signals. river grasses from the Nile were placed at the lowest point when the water table filled that chamber and allowed to ferment and methane buildup is channeled via bamboo up through the major chambers. Crystal slabs were wired to the battery that was the secondary function of the Pyramids and the need for two more. The gold plated cap doubled as an antenna and the positive pole of the battery. The last event created a fire in the bamboo lines, burning them to ash which then mixed over time with the dust and sand in the air ducts. This mixture has never been tested to determine if carbon is present. This because of the inaccessible nature of where it is located and because nobody thinks its necessary. The great pyramid could have been built to contain a high energy methane based plasma discharge (to generate the wormhole) within the grand staircase itself (among other things, such as a battery and radio transmitter/receiver). This is possible because of the river Nile’s water table, which was brought the relatively short distance to the pyramids location via channels or canals that were ACTUALLY built to bring the blocks by boat to that spot (not my theory, newly discovered ancient records show that to be the case), a spot chosen because it is on the ancient equator line (just like many of the other important pyramids and temples of the day) before the earth tilted. This water could be used to ferment grasses or other biomass in the unexplained lowest chamber, creating the methane which rises and fills the grand staircase and is then ignited. All this is found in the plot notes for my book 4. Methane plasma events could also be timed with some precision with similar events at each pyramid or temple on this huge belt around the globe, and each site could match up with a zodiac sign (obviously some signs/ancient sites wouldn't have destination temples), so if you were in Egypt and you wanted to send a package, message,  or person to Nazca (temples or containment is really unnecessary for these relatively short distances, the Nasca wormhole events could be generated by a huge bonfire and locally brewed fire accelerants, magic!), you could have one such event on a precise day of the destination locations equinox, the date on which every temple has their yearly event like clockwork. The time of day chosen for the event would most likely be at solar noon. (Ra’s apex) https://www.ancient-code.com/ancient-code-ancient-sites-that-align-in-a-nearly-perfect-circle-around-earth/ Finally, if it's not clear how the ancient Egyptians and others could have known to build the Pyramid in this way and in the location that they chose, I can imagine them having large scale bonfires at the equinoxes like the druids. Those bonfires could open micro-wormholes between them for verbal communication with the "ancestors", and a modern or far future time traveler could physically line up their own high energy event (simply by building a bonfire within the wormhole generation chamber instead of a nuclear blast) by physically traveling through deep space to where Earth WAS during pre-pyramid Egypt, and verbally relay the instructions for building the pyramids to the clergy of the day. New possible connection: (9-22-18) The ten commandments were handed down to Moses from a burning bush. He and Pharaoh had transforming (robotic) staffs that turned into serpents. Moses’ staff was stronger and killed the other, then parted the red sea: OMG
Gerdie Albers (2 months ago)
THERE are no secreet missions in the pyramids........!!!
nice guy (2 months ago)
Can we send a moschito robot in theat hole?
UNI ROCK'S (2 months ago)
soon as aliens were mentioned i stopped watching 1:47 wow you suck
CGI Future (2 months ago)
Find the answer to how the Egyptian pyramid where build and the government will give you 10 million to not tell anyone
Cary C Charlson (2 months ago)
Likley built VERY long ago. Then repaired 4,500 years ago just as we are repairing them now. Like the step pyramid. The tunnel system under is telling. The "robbers" tunnel could have been dug Outward not in.. its to perfect if dug in. Where are all the wall art if built 4500 years ago? It would have been the biggest story at the time. Even newfouldn texts could be from a "repair" crew and not original builders. Its possible the pyramid covers another building pre-dating history.
Alex Ritchie (2 months ago)
Has anyone ever seen Rudolf Gantenbrick and Graham Hancock in the same room at the same time? 😅
ForTruth NotError (2 months ago)
I thought to atheists we have gotten better over time yet the people who built this obviously out smarted us on how we could even do such a thing today
Bady89 (2 months ago)
Wikipedia GE: With the exception of a few points, all four shafts are built at every point according to the same construction principle through the pyramid, which researchers have been able to analyse in particular by travelling with robots: The side walls and the ceiling of the shafts are formed by U-shaped hewn, inverted and successively placed monolithic stone blocks. These bear on a series of basic stone blocks. The shafts thus form their own diagonal "stone channel" independent of the surrounding horizontal stone layers of the pyramid. Although the course and structure of the shafts are relatively well documented by modern investigations, the question of their function has not yet been clearly clarified. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
deadfall 1983 (2 months ago)
Well i guess its still a mystery
Devendra Singh (2 months ago)
DarkMightDemon (2 months ago)
Saw an idiot call the metallic structures inside the Queen’s chamber a electrical conductivity structure. It was the Bronze Age.... they used the copper to help hold a pulley system.... come one....

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