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1995 SeaDoo XP Part 3 installing the impeller pump

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Installing the rebuilt impeller pump on my SeaDoo. Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj-I2PE6etPSl8SVNn8_UoQ
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Fstarocka Burns (1 year ago)
picked up a 92 sp last month, rebuilt carb and got it running yesterday. Was gonna throw it on the water redneck style - I did notice the drive shaft bellows was spinning (bad needle bearings?) - after watching this im gonna pull the whole unit and inspect / check! either that or risk sinking - no thanks! fantastic vid, not a second is wasted and incredibly informative!
LonnieJohnson1 (1 year ago)
I hear that!
jasonneal (3 years ago)
I have a 94, mine is slighly different from the 95 I installed the wear ring, got everything put back in, tried to fire it up and the impeller is too tight against the wear ring, so i had to take out the spark plugs to spin the engine over for awhile so the impeller would cut its grove into the wear ring. i haven't cranked it up yet, should this be ok?
jasonneal (3 years ago)
cool, thanx
LonnieJohnson1 (3 years ago)
+jasonneal Try this link and see what you can find. http://www.shopsbt.com/jet-skis/jet-ski-driveshafts-coupler-impeller-shafts.html
jasonneal (3 years ago)
yea, it is touching on all sides, i measured the ring and its 139.5 mm. when i looked on ebay, i can't find any OEM rings, only after markets and they range from $10-$100. the one i got came with the gasket and is black for $30. i did see one on ebay that measured 140mm. all the others say they measure out to 139.5
LonnieJohnson1 (3 years ago)
+jasonneal Your impeller should not touch the wear ring at all. If you replaced your wear ring it might be to small, make sure it's the right ring. You shold have a very small gap between the wear ring and impeller; you don't want it to touch. If the impeller is touching the wear ring in one area it could be a bent drive shaft or a bad bearing. Is it touching in one spot or the intire wear ring?
jetguy1205 (3 years ago)
THIS IS DONE ALL WRONG!!!!!!! the rubber boot and cone must be inserted in the nose of the impeller itself. You will have cavitation problems and possibly be lead into other issues by just sticking the little boot over the shaft! The cone piece goes over the boot and the boot into the impeller.
LonnieJohnson1 (3 years ago)
+jetguy1205 The boot would not work! I do not have cavitation, the bearings keep the impeller balanced. Anyway, everything is put together by the parts list for the 1995 and I have had no problems. You should get a 1995 XP and make a video of how it's done!
Upallnight (4 years ago)
You have the impeller boot / seal on backward.  The big end should fit inside the impeller and the plastic cone slip over the boot once the boot is installed in the impeller.
LonnieJohnson1 (4 years ago)
+Upallnight I haven't had any problems with it since I rebuild it. everything still works good, I change the impeller oil every season.
Upallnight (4 years ago)
+LonnieJohnson1  It could be that someone might had changed the impeller with a different impeller.   The previous owner(s) of my Seadoo jet boat changed the impeller for my boat.  Like you when I brought the impeller boot for my jet boat, I couldn't for the life of me put the boot in the impeller.  Later I found another impeller and the boot slipped right into it without any problems.
LonnieJohnson1 (4 years ago)
I tried doing that and it would not fit or seal properly. It can only go in one way. But thanks for the input.
LonnieJohnson1 (1 year ago)
I got my drive-shaft off eBay. You can also try SBT Jetski Engines, Parts & Accessories
jose luis Ramirez (4 years ago)
Hello great video but where did you get the driveshaft from. Who is you parts supplier . This is exactly what happened to my sled and in south TX nobody has a clue . Part is unavailable, that's what I've been told .
Ben Brown (5 years ago)
Thanks for the video. I have 1997 spx, It fells like im stuck in first gear like yours. I was wondering What fixed yours? what part('s) should I replace?
Adam Borchardt (6 years ago)
That little plastic sleeve piece that you didnt know where it went goes over top of the rubber boot that you had in your hand when you slipped it onto to driveshaft. It holds the boot inplace up against the impellar. The correct way is to have to driveshaft attached to the impellar BEFORE installing the driveshaft into the engine. It shouldn't make a HUGE difference if its installed or not, but if you ever have to take it apart again, Id suggest putting it on ;) Other than that, great videos!
ianhorshamable (6 years ago)
hi can you show me how to get the drive shaft out of the seado
Rudder Vader211 (6 years ago)
y didnt u fix the damaged vanes? looks like rocks went through there

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