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Kayaking and sailing in Northern Black Sea Bulgaria

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Exactly strength and direction of the wind decide whether we are going to be kayaking or not. Sea kayaking is a very interesting kayaking branch because light waves diversify the experience. The wind had decided it was a kayak day. Everyone got to know their kayak in the bay of Bolata, and then we rowed into the sea for a 5-kilometer tour. For the biggest enthusiasts, kayaking distance was doubled. We dived into (only figuratively speaking) the world of sea kayaking, helped by our instructor Galin from Trip Kavarna. He helped us transform from beginners to pros. We started slightly uncertainly in the bay after some instruction, getting used to kayaks, and balancing with our… centers of gravity. After a few hundred meters of rowing, we have already mastered our kayaks and even asked how to refine our techniques. Moving from zigzag to linear, we could already enjoy the multicolored rocks, the mystical caves (if there are no waves, you can get closer and have a look), the empty beaches and the endless blue sea on the other side. In addition to the kayak-enthusiasts group, we were also accompanied by hungry cormorants and chaotic jellyfish. When you are in the kayak, jellyfish is not a threat and you can appreciate its beautiful colors and shapes. https://www.themagicoftraveling.com/northern-black-sea-adventure-hospitality/ (на български: https://www.themagicoftraveling.com/northern-black-sea-adventure-hospitality-bg/) Check out our blog and let's travel the world together! https://www.themagicoftraveling.com/ Like us on Facebook for live updates and memorable experiences: https://www.facebook.com/themagicoftraveling/ Follow us on Instagram for magical photos from everywhere in the world: https://www.instagram.com/themagicoftraveling Follow us on Twitter to chat about most exciting travel quests around the world: https://twitter.com/tmoftraveling
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Ivan Todorov (1 year ago)
Клипа е супер , само музиката е напрягаща :)
Ivan Todorov Мерси :-)

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