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A MUST SEE - Don't Be Fooled By Counterfeit STIHL Products!

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Watch video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hm09ZndelaA&lc=iJk0BSAmYhlnXFeFuP5Cyvi7JFJjLKoyExOPED2z-CI&lch=email_reply&feature=em-comment_reply_received A video I came across today and thought my viewers should know about it.
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Joshua Baker (4 years ago)
omg i think something needs to be done about this
ColtDeltaElite10mm (6 years ago)
shepd3 (6 years ago)
If you lose your job to someone who is able to make a competing product at a better price, then your job was a drain on society and you and society both will be better off when you find a more productive effort. Sometimes society prefers a fake because the real thing is wasteful. Costume jewelry, any watch under $2000, any car under $100,000, etc, etc. Fake is sometimes actually better because it's what people want.
Tinker Jim (6 years ago)
My apologies, you're absolutly right. :)
MrCoontastic (6 years ago)
I actually had that happen in a Harbor Freight Predator Honda clone. When I started it, it rattled like I was shaking ball bearings in a tin can. I shut it off and started tightening the heat shrouds and anything that could be loose. I called them and was told to start it and see it stopped making the noise (like that would happen.) The second start of it's life ended with the side of the case being ventilated with a rod through the case. When I took it back I was told, "It happens."
Tinker Jim (6 years ago)
My apologies, you're right my freind.
Tinker Jim (6 years ago)
You said it there, I don't think they have quality controle. The big thing is to go over the whole engine and tieghten every screw bolt & nuts. They build them so fast, they can't seem to keep up with the QC. It wouldn't be so bad, if they made them their own design, instead of making them look like someone elses.
shepd3 (6 years ago)
Having to decide between those two is a pretty horrible choice! Since I'm an adult, I think I'd rather hang out with the child porn people than Vic Towes. Less for me to worry about. :P
zyplex1 (6 years ago)
Counterfeit parts have been in use by major companies for decades, these companies that are complaining are pissed because some of the parts being use are going passed them and they are not get a cut on the action. So your buying a replacement part that is going to work for you at a much cheaper price. GM FORD DODGE , they all do it.
rwdplz1 (6 years ago)
This is what happens when you move manufacturing to China.
Tyler grigg (6 years ago)
Find a used honda ..i have a "Free be honda lawn mower and love it also have Many honda engine's some that have been to Hell and back filled with water .. they Don't Die under normal-hard use"
Tinker Jim (6 years ago)
I don't really care for them much myself but it is all some people can afford. I'm seeing more and more of the Honda clones on about everything that comes in now, even on snow blowers. I have seen some that has done a lot of work before breaking down but I have seen a lot break down with very little running time. All I can say is you get what you pay for and by the time you are done you could of boughten a real Honda.
Eric Vanderende (6 years ago)
You may say that 1am saving money but when you lose your job because some one is making a fake a something that you are making then you will care.Go ahead and buy a Chinese car.
shepd3 (6 years ago)
Sucks that the first half of their video is a clone instead of a counterfeit. I have nothing wrong with clones that use a totally different name (eg: "Gelinte"). However, using the Stihl brand name on clones makes it counterfeit, and *that* is wrong. But not for any of the reasons given except that both Stihl and the customer are being ripped off.
josh33025 (6 years ago)
I've seen Chinese saws that are called (steel) real original guys very innovative, NOT. If you cant think of it yourself don't copy other peoples work
Bugg205 (6 years ago)
Trying to find part 1 of mikuni carb rebuild that went on yamaha. Do u have a link ?
donyboy73 (6 years ago)
c'est le meme probleme avec des montres
donyboy73 (6 years ago)
je peux comprendre
donyboy73 (6 years ago)
i agree, and buying nippondenso for example is an oem replacement,what i don't like about the counterfeiters is that they use other brands names on their cheap stuff and consumers think it's the real deal
Jeremy Mailloux (6 years ago)
Why would you counterfeit Stihl? Everyone knows Husqvarna's where it's at! ;)
donyboy73 (6 years ago)
they are not too bad, but not my favorite and a pain to get parts
donyboy73 (6 years ago)
thanks for the info
savagenomore (6 years ago)
china has been caught stealing designs via the internet by hacking into the corporate manufactures here in the USA and flooding the market with clones....
donyboy73 (6 years ago)
beaucoup de pays vont detruire les pieces si ils utilise leur logo
donyboy73 (6 years ago)
did you notice in the video they have actually put the stihl logo and part numbers on them
Tinker Jim (6 years ago)
I have already come across a few Stihl look alikes in my shop. Both of them had small hair-line cracks in the crankcase housing after very little use. The saws were no good, I couldn't find replacement parts and if I did, how long would those last? They seem to be 10 times worse than the Honda clone engines.
donyboy73 (6 years ago)
ce qui est pire de ce video est qui'ils ont ecrit Stihl sure les pieces
donyboy73 (6 years ago)
what bothers me is in the video there are counterfeit parts with stihl logo and part numbers
Formula400Pontiac (6 years ago)
maybe i misunderstood... If this regards parts labeled Stihl i'm also can share a concern about using this specific parts.
Formula400Pontiac (6 years ago)
Try to explain me why i shouldn't use aftermarket auto parts and i will take this "propaganda" more serious.
donyboy73 (6 years ago)
ca ce peut bien oui, les produits viennes de la chine
Lawrence oliver (6 years ago)
i laugh at this due to you dont see honda throwing a fit about all those china replicas of their 5 hp ohv motors i would buy a stihl but its overly priced and if they sold the counterfits here id buy one and if it broke i would buy used stihl parts to replace whatever broke
epiphaknee (6 years ago)
Great FYI! I can't imagine anyone knowingly using a counterfeit part in any type of saw. Just a formula for a potential avoidable injury.
MrDannyJohn (6 years ago)
They look so real if you were to put stihl stickers on them it wouuld look just like a proper stihl
matt4270 (6 years ago)
Thanks Donny!

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