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Creepy Ghost Ship Sails The World’s Seas Unmanned For 38 Years

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source : http://boredomtherapy.com/ss-baychimo-ghost-ship/ Tales of ghost ships haunting the open seas have been a staple of spooky storytelling for centuries. From the tales of the Mary Celeste to the Ourang Medan, these aren’t aren’t always reserved for the newest Pirates of the Caribbean film. Enter the SS Baychimo, a 1,322-ton cargo ship launched in 1914, which eventually became known as one of the most infamous (supposed) ghost ships in history. join us in our second channel..let's help animals together https://goo.gl/fauhmJ OUR Website : http://www.dduknow.com Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/know.of Twitter : https://twitter.com/Did_You_Know_of Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/dduknow -----Audio by Scott Leffler: scottleffler.com For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected]
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Silversled (2 days ago)
As a child back in the 1950s I read an article about a lone yachts woman who was almost run down by the SS Baychimo one night because there were, obviously, no lights on the ship. I wish I could remember more about this story which haunted me for weeks afterwards.
Late To The Party (9 days ago)
I'm still waiting to hear the heartbreaking part of the story. "The crew stayed in a town to wait out winter" isn't exactly a tearjerker.
XXX VICTOR (11 days ago)
It says no views 😐
Romnick Nick (11 days ago)
Ed Caluag?
whatapigg (14 days ago)
Learn to read
H20 VANOSS BOLT (14 days ago)
The ship on the thumb nail looks like the back of the RMS TITANIC if it raised and repaired
Diamond _modz (19 days ago)
Boi that’s a movie on Netflix called ghost ship
Guts N Gonads (20 days ago)
who - the - fuck- narrates like - this?
daniel titmus (20 days ago)
Ardrossan nhot 'Androssan' lol
Its_Me_Romano _ (23 days ago)
Fucking hell al this political shite people spouting out... Just keep it related to the video or shut it
TheUserbob123 (24 days ago)
I will agree that ghost ships exist. This story is neat but completely impossible for that duration of time. Between the risk of being shipwrecked, sunk by storm, rusted by the salt water and sunk. The nail in the coffin is there was no working engine, thus no power for the pumps. Without pumps to evacuate the bilge water the ship would have simply sunk due to rain water, or leaks slowly filling the boat.
crim somreaf5555 (24 days ago)
God. Stop. Pausing. So. Much.
WHO the actual fuck translated the Titel to German????
bajasummit (25 days ago)
Your. Pauses. Are too. Often. And get. Very distracting.
Delroy Washington (1 month ago)
Wow amaxing
Etarnalazure (1 month ago)
How wild is it you managed to channel a 4th graders first public reading so well! I mean i came for the ship but stayed for the roleplay,obv.
Jessie James (1 month ago)
Crewless it seems but goast it is!
jay ke (1 month ago)
The fire nation attacked in between your sentence breaks
Wayne Henson (1 month ago)
Its a mythical bond between man and mechine id like to find it some day i have use for it
Paul Taylor (1 month ago)
Trying to talk like William Shatner?
Mark Fryer (1 month ago)
So if this story is to be believed then how did this ship manage to drift around the North Atlantic during World War II without being sunk by U-Boats, spotted by aircraft on anti U-Boat patrol or Convoy Escorts and Support Groups? The vessel would be classified as a shipping hazard for convoys and a potential lookout post for the U-Boats. Given how short of shipping Britain was due to sinkings by the German Navy, if found a serious attempt would have been made to salvage her.
Scott Moore (1 month ago)
This will have to be proved?!!
alastair minter (1 month ago)
this guy must think we are all stupid he clearly states the name of this ship but the pictures are clearly of a different ship called the bellingham its clear on its bow watch at 0.46seconds
Tyfon 44 (1 month ago)
Youtube is a video channel, not a slide show
TheBlueComet 833 (1 month ago)
What ship is the Thumbnail??
I call B.S.
Shahzeboy 1 (1 month ago)
Captin: It's not worthy of sailing Boat: BET
Jim Frankovich (1 month ago)
Ok ,so your telling me that ALL of those storms throughout the years hasn't sunk it. Yeah right.
The only thing that is creepy here is the stupidy of the sailors.
Jody Reeder (1 month ago)
Nathan Watson (1 month ago)
But the Titanic had a full crew and sank....hmmm
1984s 'Horizon Band' (1 month ago)
rober hapane. you mean a somali pirate
johnsonslawnservice (1 month ago)
I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can still float
Dylan TG (2 months ago)
I found it extremely irritating to listen to this narrative, not just the constant pauses but the voice too 😣
james stevenson (2 months ago)
i say find the gost ships and sink it so it safey .
xgi36 (2 months ago)
True story , I tracked a ghost ship in Indonesian waters in 1957. I was a Radarman on board a ship headed from the Philippines to Australia , this was a solid contact on radar but nothing but a cool breeze when it passed through us. I finally learned after 60 years that it was probably a Dutch ship that was attempting to smuggle poison gas to Japan during WW II. There are things on this earth that we may never understand.
Kennedy Elson (2 months ago)
Use metric
Robert S (2 months ago)
Thats funny, I just started watching videos on ghost ships and out of all the stories out there. I watched one about the Mary Celeste and the Ourang Medan and I started reading the description on this video and the first ghost ship names mentioned was those two. Hahaha I love when coincidences like that happen. lOl
C.A. Piper III (2 months ago)
How was the ship's crew "airlifted" to safety in 1931?
Scott Murphy (2 months ago)
I spent 3 months in Barrow AK. It is the armpit of N. America.
Crazy Cat Lady (2 months ago)
Stranger narration than the ships....
Matt Pannell (2 months ago)
Apparently, the very ship was spotted last month of the coast of Hawaii. 🤔
DVincentW (3 months ago)
"Between Hamburg and Sweden, and back again..." DOESNT "Between Hamburg and Sweden" cover that already?! This has the most FILLER writing of all. Speaking in circles and not getting the point; immediately side stepping with ancillary issues, being circuitous.
D town 313 (4 months ago)
Crazy how safe the ship actually was. No crew no bilge and it drifted for another 30 years
SWMorgan (4 months ago)
its so funny when Americans try to pronounce Scottish places, it took me a few seconds to realize what he was trying to say and Ardrossan and is only 20 minuets away from me. I was like "where in Scotland?"
Have. anyone. seen. the. new. movie. Pirates. Of. the. Caribbean. Ded. Men. Tell. No. Tales. And. did. you. see. the. cursed. ship. Cool. eh.
jswany72 (5 months ago)
There is little evidence of the orange medan ever existing. Much less sinking. According to maritime records.
info145 (5 months ago)
Just like Lyubov Orlova
Ed Evans (5 months ago)
Here is another Plonker on Loopydrin. The Title is a Total Joke. Did you Know people that Post crap like this rest their Testicles in little tea cups full of Ice. Now that's Creepy.
Cuthbert Drinkwater (7 months ago)
Why do you keep faltering? I swear to god if you keep doing it I’m coming down there and I’ll give you such a kick up the rectum I’ll have to put my hands up your bum to tie my shoelaces!! How do you like that then....!!
Bardock SSJ3 (7 months ago)
The ship in the thimbmail does reminds of then Wilhelm Gustoff
Moe Villa (7 months ago)
a 3rd world country took it scrap it I bet
metalglasses07 (7 months ago)
Airlifted in 1914?
Stuck Inside of Mobile (7 months ago)
How the hell did it stay afloat for almost 40 years? Didn't these old ships need somewhat of a constant bilge system?
Oil Technology (7 months ago)
Yar ! She be a fine seafaring vessel Yar!
Douglas Lally (7 months ago)
The Alaskan government? Did they secede?
Hader Aziz (7 months ago)
The narrator is the only guy in world to use periods in W.T.F
andyznuff (7 months ago)
But. I ....am.. ...Rock Quary. I enjoy the .....ad....julation.
Ron Glowczewski (7 months ago)
I. Cannot. Get. Past. How. This. Asshole. Talks.
Rick Frick (7 months ago)
I don't believe this. A unmanned ship is very dangerous. A real ship would be towed years ago. Tons of scrap metal.
Bandicoot (7 months ago)
That's one cool story.
42O Bunny (7 months ago)
it was like "unfit for sailing? HA i'll show you..."
Lionel Bonnett (7 months ago)
?have some of these ghost ships secretly used for secret floating bases??? Spooks, weaponry drugs. Human labs safe from convential scrutiny???!!???!!! Something to think about.
Humble one (7 months ago)
That story sounds fishy...lol
Stavro00 (7 months ago)
When nature wanna prove you wrong Lol
IDE Drawss (7 months ago)
maybe...u know, it drifted around and then finnaly suck?
ragretS nitsuJ (7 months ago)
Dookie sea?
Herman Johnell (7 months ago)
Made in Sweden. Go figure...
Xander Cage (7 months ago)
It was a man who move it
paul massing (7 months ago)
Have you ever heard the phrase "hazard to navigation "? Don't believe this bullshit.
TheMightyWookie351c (7 months ago)
OMG how long can you drag out a simple story
demetrius Rome (7 months ago)
If a ship can sail 38 years on top of water unseen then imagine whats been unseen underwater
Miranda Carpenter (7 months ago)
Why don't they go aboard and steer them in?
John Falconetti (8 months ago)
Wow. We really sucked at catching her
Hat Turtle (8 months ago)
Theory dogmen or Bigfoot hijacked the ship to sail to Siberia and emigrate from the US!!!! 😐😟😕😋
Toxic Rick (8 months ago)
If i talk...like this in...commentary it will sound like....its very important...i am.....so smart...
Joe Smith (8 months ago)
Something doesn’t add up. The men were airlifted from the ship in 1931? When the the world’s first practical helicopter didn’t exist until 1939?
No Neck (8 months ago)
Why.....do you keep...showing....the SS.......Bellingham..........?
Ahh Horror! (8 months ago)
Video would be 2mins if he didn’t stop every couple words.
Peter Beedle (8 months ago)
Probably became a floating reef and sunk.
Emil Hanning (8 months ago)
that's good old swedish handicraft we built good boats and had one large trade navy
Ross Lambert (8 months ago)
This whole story is right off the desk of that great Spanish sea-story teller EL CRAPITAN !!
HEBREW 12KINGS (8 months ago)
Bitch stop the lies
JabberCT (8 months ago)
Sounds to me like someone saw the movie Triangle with Melissa George lol.
Melangell ATC (8 months ago)
The SS Baychimo WAS boarded multiple times over the years... look it up.
Onemillionmoney (8 months ago)
I just sailed past it last month its up near Alaska
Elizabeth Roman (8 months ago)
Good! it's free from her masters, she can do whatever she wants now!!
Aaron King (8 months ago)
i think that. you should. stop reading your. script off of. the backs of postage. stamps. they dont have. enough room. to hold more. than a few. words at a. time.
I want to start a Crowd funding site to Hire a hit man to get rid of this narrator. How can anyone that speaks like this think their voice sounds good enough to do narration works?
Alpha Omega (8 months ago)
Watch out for geanstealers
Raymund Pilapil (8 months ago)
You are just gossiping. Nice research by the way
Morrigan Ravenchild (8 months ago)
A lot of this is down to navy rum.
Xait (8 months ago)
It’s like his speech needs to buffer. every. sentence.
Tom Ellis (8 months ago)
With my luck i will be lost at sea, and think that im finally being rescued. Then this heap of shit will float by.
Tom Didit (8 months ago)
I saw no sails.
Richard Dickson (8 months ago)
Can someone adjust the automatic robot voice as it said that the ship sailed to the Scottish port of and Drazen but it should have said Ardrosson. Better proof reading needed for the sub-titles too.
Doc Ds (8 months ago)
This story was believable until you said they were airlifted in 1931.....
Michael Lee (8 months ago)
LMAO ... sounds like J T KIRK reading the script!
margaret fry (8 months ago)
Must be a robot

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