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Text Comments (600)
Emani Gonzales (1 day ago)
I found the knockoff of nmd r1
BEATTIE (1 day ago)
My dad wears Nike Vapormax 😂
Riven Borromeo (5 days ago)
I found fake air mags in the collection
Shawn McVittie (8 days ago)
The title made me think this is a video about other brands ripping off sketchers I was like wtf
Shoosh Gaming (8 days ago)
There’s setcher vapor Max’s fakes
john jahred (9 days ago)
Skechers really going down the toilet for being a rip-off brand.. lmao 🤭😆🤭
Aaro n (12 days ago)
4:26 what uktraboost go for 80?
Biggy Jayz (20 days ago)
I’m surprised that sketchers is actually successful, because the only people I see wearing sketchers are 40 year old or older people who don’t know anything about sneakers and just care about which shoe is cheaper in price.
Mista 618 (25 days ago)
Imma replace all my jordans for some sketchers..
Edgar Mendoza (29 days ago)
Why is it all skechers
Venidax. 24A (1 month ago)
Top 5 most unstable shoes
cato banger (1 month ago)
They are such tryhards
tully adams (1 month ago)
They also make other yeezy knock offs
Mercedes Perez (1 month ago)
Lol. I work at Skechers & their quality of shoe is way better then Nike & Adidas, especially for the price! Bob “rip off Toms” gives money to animal shelters for cats & dogs plus they are half the price of Toms! Grow up & stop being so materialistic!
Ben Builds (1 month ago)
Those Shoes are really SCETCHY
Zul Zelinskiy (1 month ago)
Skechers also ripped Adidas Tubular, Adidas Alphabounce and NB freshfoam midsole styles.
FC H (1 month ago)
Sketchers = trash
MeSaDrums (1 month ago)
Ok. A george Castanza Russian supreme hat would be one supreme thing I would buy.
Asher Q (1 month ago)
u forgot the Balenciaga triple S rip offs. I work at a shoe store and sell these on the daily... a high cut, sock fit, knitted black shoe with a white Balenciaga-esque sole on it. Very obvious rip off.
Asher Q (1 month ago)
edit: not the triple S, the speed trainer.
Matthew does nothing (1 month ago)
Matthew does nothing (1 month ago)
you missed the sketchers vapormax
Matthew does nothing (1 month ago)
whats next, rip off of balenciagas🤣🤣🤣
Edgardo Stevens (1 month ago)
Aka first of its kind type of shoe
Edgardo Stevens (1 month ago)
I mean why do they want to be a shoe company if they don't make anything that's first of its kind or better than the other shoes like it on the market
Edgardo Stevens (1 month ago)
I wonder why sketchers doesn't put effort on anything
kenny sellaye (1 month ago)
Basically all cash money s sneakers are rip offs
Josh Miller (1 month ago)
I buy the cheapest shoe I can find. I will never buy Nike over priced and made in sweat shops. Boycott Nike and tell them make there shoes here in America
Josh Miller (1 month ago)
Calm down Nike fan boys
Boltcrash (1 month ago)
I thought Toms and Bobs were connected lmao
Jacktigers 2306 (1 month ago)
Someone in my class has ripoff scetcher fila destoyers hmmmm
EDesigns (1 month ago)
The sketchers shoes are nice but I just hate the sketchers logo
Chris 0324 (1 month ago)
Do a top 5 Walmart knockoffs! Like if u agree
Nscope (1 month ago)
Skechers are cheap shoes for white people, worse than crocs
I'm sure that someone is gonna copy Adidas Kobe 2 tho.
DELES stfu (1 month ago)
Fucking sketchers!!!1!!1!!!!1!!!!!1!11!!!
MK Uis (1 month ago)
let me ask u this: some guys think all men dress shoes looks alike. To some ppl (a lot) all sneakers look alike too.
Tachi Yuu (1 month ago)
3:21 what model is that?
Jack Krieger (1 month ago)
I've some skechers skech air that I've used to the gym and on daily activities (work,high school etc) and they still look like new and perform great.I bought them in 2013 when they came out.Is that way before Nike introduced Nike Air Vapor max?I think my skechers are worth the price.They look great,perform great,are cheaper than Nikes or Adidas.They just don't have that beautiful curvy logo of Nike or those three stripes of Adidas which I don't care that much.Those are not a primary shoes.No sport shoe has ever lived that long with such a heavy usage.No air bubbles have broken.They even survived the heat of a burning cigarette while I was attending a concert.
Deadass Migo's (1 month ago)
One time I saw a megablade air supreme in a sketchers store lmao!
Tonybassist123 (1 month ago)
Where has their dignity gone?
Brad Starkey (1 month ago)
Now they've copied the vapour max
Gerardo Hernandez (2 months ago)
I don't gave a shit a still buy sketches
Justmyopinionlol (2 months ago)
in 50 years, I bet Sketchers will still be around while all the companies we see now will be long gone out of business. Innovation, whether gimmicky or whatever, takes effort and Nike is at the forefront of gimmicky innovation lol.
Wolff (1 month ago)
Justmyopinionlol Ofc Sketchers will still be around. Not sure about that tbh. They'll probably be fucked with all the shit they've copied.
Polyhedral Paranormal (2 months ago)
At least Skechers has wide shoes for wide feet. Hard af to find Nike shoes in wide, and when you do, they look like shit and are worse than dad shoes.
Polyhedral Paranormal (2 months ago)
But hey, if you like plastic cutting into your heels, by all means, buy Nikes. I really want to find a good pair of Nikes, but they don't care about feet like mine, obviously.
Dr. Ziegler (2 months ago)
I dont understand why someone would buy a sketchers ripoff... They look like garbage and are not even that cheap. Maybe if they would sell for like 20$-30$, but most of the time theyre like 15$ less than the original...
MK (2 months ago)
Skechers on my feet but I'm rich guy
عطر الورد (2 months ago)
شكم سعره الحذاء الرياضي
Gold Block (2 months ago)
What about top 5 Nonation ripoffs?
dy bbk (2 months ago)
Someone tried to sell me those sketchers as yeezy samples
trumps butt (2 months ago)
sketchers is disgusting
Nicolae Bara (2 months ago)
Fuck skechers
Emilio Puente (2 months ago)
220 for Yeezys? I ... Ho- Where!?!
Anna mills (2 months ago)
This brand should just go home
jeroen lammers (2 months ago)
There's another brand in turkey called Kinetix, their a hella knockoff, they copy nike's airmax and alot more
Dogmo Satchmo (2 months ago)
I had no issue with Sketchers the first few years they were out, because they were dirt cheap. Now however, there are shoes in the price range of mid level Nikes and Reebok...Usually in the very same mall, or shopping center....🤔
Tom Jones (2 months ago)
Most sneakers are overpriced trendy junk. Good example!
Anthony S (3 months ago)
Do the Shaqs..
R Cz (3 months ago)
When you drive over your Boost with your car, you have Skechers Burst...
Oh no! I didn’t realize that BOBS was a ripoff to TOMS, I thought the BOBS were cute...until I found out the ugly truth!
Marvin Harrison Smith II (3 months ago)
Your title implies that these are knockoffs of Skechers by other companies. You should retitle it to correctly state "5 Skechers Knockoffs of other Sneaker Brands" instead of 'from'.
Bread Winner (3 months ago)
Intro beat is ill
Aunt Jemima (3 months ago)
I feel like they are just trolling
Fortnite savage 121 (3 months ago)
You suck if you have sketchers
lucas (3 months ago)
Adidas nmd i stoped at
jANsON Potato. (3 months ago)
Skechers is absolute ass.
Luiz Patino (3 months ago)
Man Skechers suck so much
Jay Shank (3 months ago)
they still have adidas's stan smith model but now they changed it a bit and calling it Sketchers Perforated lace-up sneakers..
niel546 (3 months ago)
If they only reversed the blades of switchblade
Brian Crook (3 months ago)
They had Dr. Martens knockoffs with the transparent PVC soles and the grooves on the side. The Shapeups line was stolen tech from MBT. Their oversaturation basically put MBT out of business.
Edvin (3 months ago)
Montz (3 months ago)
The “Bobs” oohh no 👎🏻👎🏻
andrew tran01 (3 months ago)
i pauses it on the fresh princes
annabel leigh (4 months ago)
Eh I dont see anything wrong with skechers, as long as you have shoes to wear on your feet
Biggy Jayz (20 days ago)
annabel leigh Yeah I wouldn’t either if they thought up their own ideas and didn’t do illegal things, but you do you
Maks Repsol (4 months ago)
What do you prefer ?
LIFFFTY Y (4 months ago)
Top 5 shoes ro have sets of black
World Wide Wrestling (4 months ago)
Go home Sketchers you’re drunk!
World Wide Wrestling (4 months ago)
Sketchers gonna hire hackers to hack Nike and steal the ingredients in Zoom X. They gonna call it Speed E.
World Wide Wrestling (4 months ago)
Soon they will buy Boost shoes, cut off the Boost, and Incase it into their new shoe, Sketchers Mega Spring
SAYORI (4 months ago)
It’s not sketchers it’s sketchy
alex thelizardking (4 months ago)
SkechAir = air max
Iq (4 months ago)
Exactly why I hate sketchers
Fuck sketchers
Flat Earth (4 months ago)
It is fucking stupid to call a cheaper shoe brand a knockoff example
Khalil Dahms (4 months ago)
“Top 5 sneakers to have sex with”😂😂
LTSitze 12 (4 months ago)
I saw some one whering those and I exposed him for whereing fake yezzys and telling me that they were real
The Dodger (4 months ago)
Skechers actually have some great running shoes in the gorun and go trail series... so it's funny to see this other side of their company.
James Wilson (5 months ago)
Sketchers Should Be Banned They’re A Terrible Stupid Company They Can’t Think Of Their Own Ideas So They Copy Others Which Are Great Especially The Sketch Air Supreme That Is Any Offence To An Air Max Fan Like Me
nyan succ (5 months ago)
i feel like i can justify my hatred for skechers now besides “they’re ugly and umcomfortable” heh
NTH THN (5 months ago)
Colm Gallagher (5 months ago)
Who am I gonna go out with? nothing ( your clam ):
Colm Gallagher (5 months ago)
Sebi :D (5 months ago)
Lol i actually had the nike free rip offs What i can say about them the fit is complete shit ant the sole is comfortable but your foot just moves around too much :/
Jessica Rubio (5 months ago)
Sketchers is a horrible brand their cheap and have zero creativity and ripoff other brands
Hesus Dela Cruz (5 months ago)
Sketchy skechers
The Cat Ate My Shoe (5 months ago)
Skechers....what can I say? I've noticed the rip-off-ness of them. It seems that they have no unique ideas of their own. I'd rather go barefoot in 3 feet of snow then wear Skechers.
shahid shah (5 months ago)
In Kenya skechers cost more than a pair of nike
Ghost CAT (5 months ago)
Sketchers tear easy not best brand just saying not that durable weak fibers it's really not worth it
Carter Bragdon (5 months ago)
skecher is litterly trying to break from the sketchers glow thing
Namo Loke (5 months ago)
When popular brands do similar shoes si everyone complains but then there is sketchers who do it and no one cares lol
N00b3r (5 months ago)
vans are better than sketchers

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