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Apple Engineer Talks about the new iPhone 7 [ORIGINAL]

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The now famous Apple engineer returns for another interview and details the processes that resulted in the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. He also provides his thoughts on the decision to remove the headphone jack and why it was removed by both designers and engineers on the iPhone 7 team. Check out the first interview about the new MacBook and please support that channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHZ8ek-6ccc Original Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDphUib5iG4&feature=youtu.be
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Text Comments (154)
Thirdp Carvajal (16 hours ago)
0:18 Satan
Patrick Reilly (9 days ago)
Capitalism 101.
scars guy (9 days ago)
3:28 when i open a old door
Jerin George (11 days ago)
The Video looks 10 years old. iPhone 7 was designed back then. Lolol
Nemigo Galiza (19 days ago)
el risitas es un crack
DjuKaa Bre (22 days ago)
Legend says he's still laughing at iphone xs max🤣
FuZe_Agent 007 (29 days ago)
I can speak Spanish very fluently and the subtitles are completely off
Vector Moments (1 month ago)
3:38 This guy has aids
Patrick Ordonez (1 month ago)
Excuse me, Mi Hermano pa el Ordoñez, thats no true, the original language of that is spanish and its about kitchen from the word cusinero and cusina.
Birruexdi (1 month ago)
the translation is wrong but its funny still xd, I speak spanish
rihsyan adam riansyah (1 month ago)
Genos ! (1 month ago)
well this is not original but still funny
Tig Bitties (1 month ago)
Hey its me
XoXLilly The AngelXoX (1 month ago)
BIGS (1 month ago)
This isn't funny when you speak english and spanish. 😔😂
Yunes Sehini Diaz (1 month ago)
this is ruined if you understand spanish
LVL 1 Channel (1 month ago)
When me and my step brother talks about the best phone a human can get
Beaver One (1 month ago)
When was this filmed? The subject says now. The set says 90s and their clothes say 70s porno.
AnimeZ (2 months ago)
I shouldn't watch this at 3am *Now I keep laughing non stop*
Ayuwok i (2 months ago)
Put 2x speed
Dont pay attention to the subtitles, they dont have nothing to do with the video...
Maria Santamaria (2 months ago)
I feel bad for the people that think these are the right subtitles
The boy Wonder (2 months ago)
Dude this is me when my bro drinks the chug jug under the sink😂😂😂😂😂
8-Bit Fit (3 months ago)
It's funny cause they are not talking about phones...lol
vertlondon (3 months ago)
MacBook version was more hilarious haha xD
speedosausage (3 months ago)
So many braindead mexicans not getting the point of this video.
TH3MS (3 months ago)
apple is a joke nowdays
IgnUp21 (3 months ago)
Ajahajahaha no
Sudesh Thapa (3 months ago)
2019 lik here
zenyatta the omnic (3 months ago)
Thirst Gaming (4 months ago)
War Veteran 213 (4 months ago)
Honestly FUCK APPLE THEY’RE TRASH even if I’m on a iphone6s rn I’m saying this because I lost my goddaughter and her family to them moving to California for her mom having a new job at Apple in CA as a lawyer idfc if she gets more money like family is the first thing I literally think about my godkid everyday like she’s my own or like my little sister it’s one of a few reasons why I’m depressed always literally money is the reason why I’m always depressed it literally took everything away from me since the past year I just know that I’ll never be happy ever again after what happened 😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭
I ate your hamster (4 months ago)
Kaynos (4 months ago)
This look so legit
Nixk (4 months ago)
3:33 When you kill the entire team and they call you a hacker
david montoya (4 months ago)
I am Hispanic and what the subtitle is saying is not what he is saying
Chibi_ARCADE:3 (5 months ago)
It’s even more fucking funny for me since I speak Spanish and reading English subtitles at same time kinda adds more random scenarios. I laughed for a full 5 minutes lol Subtitles: is the product finished Spanish: yes I clean the fish the plates and the rice
Eazy-J Man (5 months ago)
This is fake I I’m Mexican
speedosausage (3 months ago)
+Patrick Barnes you're a stupid mexican because thats the point of the meme.
Patrick Barnes (4 months ago)
Your romanian not mexican to your history
Cat From The Future (5 months ago)
My girlfriend switched to Apple from Android. She was casually complaining about this, and this video was the only thing that came into my mind.
Diomedito María (5 months ago)
This is so hard to watch 😂 next time do it with a less spoken language
GMP Studios (5 months ago)
3:33 when I realised half people don't know that the subtitles are wrong.
Derrick Bonsell (5 months ago)
And now everyone does it!
jolo zafra (5 months ago)
wrong subtitle
Kwales66 (5 months ago)
Carl Hdz (5 months ago)
I guess that the really job meetings of Apple, arent differents than video
Phoenix (6 months ago)
Mudkip the Awkward Gamer (6 months ago)
He probably is still laughing from the iPhone X series.
LilAlbert 16 (3 months ago)
@Mudkip the Awkward Gamer уєαн ι αgяєє
A B (6 months ago)
Risitas 👍👍👍
capnzilog (6 months ago)
Just skip to 3:00...
funnite bolose (6 months ago)
Hola como estàs bien y tù miércoles
MrMemyselfandi415 (6 months ago)
LOL!! "The sales were expected to be so bad that we had to add an extra COLOR!" HAHAHAAA!!
Kai Bell (7 months ago)
Im hispanic i can assure you he dosent say any of that
Barbara Porter (3 months ago)
Kai Bell Yes most of us are aware of that.
Anton (7 months ago)
3:07 that's it. thank me later.
yo boi (7 months ago)
Qué chucha la traducción de este video xd
xd cunt (8 months ago)
3:28 at 0,25x sistem falls down
Danny Donuts (8 months ago)
Dont need to understand all the words still lmfao!!!😂😂😂😂
NightAvenger375 (8 months ago)
I know this is a joke but the subtitles are wrong
That8oySimba9302 (8 months ago)
Waiting for the new iPhone spoof.
Michael Twiddy (8 months ago)
When you blow yourself up on Fortnite Your entire squad: 3:49
Jesus Sevilla (8 months ago)
I speak Spanish and this is Isn’t what it says
Roberto Bellas (4 months ago)
Eres un poco cortito no?
GoldenXX Wolfiie (8 months ago)
These subtitles are all wrong with what they are saying
Quality Control (8 months ago)
Apple Bits his name is Drift gg with a Fortnite pfp. So we can basically assume he's like 9 and doesn't understand satire.
Apple Bits (8 months ago)
Driftz gg Comments like this really make me wonder why and how you clicked on this video. They are supposed to be wrong.
Dan K. Meme (8 months ago)
With the little bit of spanish I know the subtitles make no sense, but that's the joke and I'm okay with that
Amber Davis (9 months ago)
I'm American and understand Spanish...The only thing funny is the dudes laugh...I jus don't get these videos...I think you must have to NOT understand Spanish😔
Matt Tice (3 months ago)
Ofcourse its only funny when you dont understand spanish...
Koldo Murga (3 months ago)
+Ajit kumar here is the video with the original story; https://youtu.be/WDiB4rtp1qw But first a small note; A paellera pan is a large flat pan designed to cook paella, a typical dish from Spain that has rice, seafood and vegetables.
Koldo Murga (3 months ago)
+Ajit kumar sure! The original story is the best but only if you understand spanish (i found a video with the original story translated ) but this guy have an strong andalusian accent and some of spanish speakers cant understand him.
Ajit kumar (3 months ago)
+Koldo Murga can u say same thing in English
Koldo Murga (5 months ago)
La historia original es muy buena, te recomiendo verla si entiendes español, aunque tiene un acento andaluz tan marcado que hasta a los hispano hablantes nos cuesta entenderlo xD
Doesn't Matter (9 months ago)
I hate understanding Spanish in this situation, because I’m reading the subtitles (which are obviously wrong) and I can hear a totally different conversation in Spanish lol.
rihsyan adam riansyah (1 month ago)
turn your volume down
Wilmer Ruiz (1 month ago)
hes talking about his job as a cook on a beach and how he had to put 20 orange blossoms out at 2 am in the water in the beach at low tide and when he came back at 8 am it was high tide and there was only one left.
Randy Soto (1 month ago)
a retarded old man (1 month ago)
It’s suppose to make the conversation funnier to listen to and for you to make it sensible to laugh at.
NOMNOM studios (2 months ago)
What is he talking about
Ricardo Miztashowtime (9 months ago)
P1NT1 (9 months ago)
i put on my subouther at 3 amm
ghzize (9 months ago)
¿Pero qué clase de puta locura es ésta? (Laughs in Andalusian)
Milady Guzman (9 months ago)
This is a lie I speak Spanish he's talking about Donald Trump's wall
no he isn't
Xobile (9 months ago)
When you know Spanish and you try concentrating on the subtitles
p.s.s. santosh (10 months ago)
But the quality is incredible now
Jason Richardson (10 months ago)
I want to party with this dude. Best laugh in the world.
TurtleNeck 32 (11 months ago)
Fake translation
Bradley Burdett (8 months ago)
@Edgar TN32 r/wooosh
sneezocat (10 months ago)
I’m surrounded by dumbasses
Edgar TN32 (11 months ago)
It’s not the right translation
Apple Bits (11 months ago)
TurtleNeck 32 Really? Are you sure? I’ll have to let my translator know. Thanks for the heads up!
what do you need Ok (1 year ago)
The text dosent mach the things the guy saids
Bradley Burdett (8 months ago)
Phil Courteney (10 months ago)
Apparently that's part of the fun, I first watched this before I knew Spanish... So I forget my Spanish and lol at the translation, just like the Hitler videos 🤣
Dhruv Jha (1 year ago)
Came from the memes xD
Pedro Feijoo (1 year ago)
The subtitles are soooo wrong most of what they talking about is time and salt
Matt Tice (3 months ago)
Thats the joke... we cant understand spanish anyway
Tanveer Hasan (7 months ago)
That's the joke
Danielofhyrule (1 year ago)
Pedro Feijoo that's the point of the video
Apple Bits (1 year ago)
Pedro Feijoo I don’t think you understand the point of the video, the subtitles are supposed to be wrong. Read the title/description and you may understand. (Or just read the subtitles).
Gord Koochin (1 year ago)
Your the best
b1tmaster0 (1 year ago)
imagine how akward is for the guy that hears that video through an adapter for headphones
Laura Garcia (5 months ago)
+The Doom From Latveria that's me, it is vry difficult to keep track of both conversations
The Doom From Latveria (6 months ago)
Now imagine the guy who can understand spanish and try and turn off what he is listening to with what he is hearing. It is like trying to listen to two conversations at once and is quite awkward :)
Charthers (1 year ago)
The included EarPods are terrible.. Worst fitting earbud of all times..
Ddd Bbb (1 year ago)
Worst phone ever
Satelllliiiiiiiteee (2 years ago)
do these videos still work for Hispanic ppl
Victor Gil (1 month ago)
He's difficult to understand at times.
Pokepc (10 months ago)
We don't understand it anyway. So, we just read the subs.
Randy (1 year ago)
It's not too hard to ignore because of his accent
Toxic Wave (2 years ago)
Jlrsnake13 no.
BRBallin1 (2 years ago)
I switched to Bluetooth headphones and its one of the best decisions I've ever made. No more untangling wires, earphone being tugged out, and no more removing them to move away from the laptop for a brief period.
PatriotUSA51~ (2 months ago)
+Gustavo Andres Herrera At least you are protected from them probing your butt or reading your mind. X3
norbsli (8 months ago)
The thing is you didn't made the decision.
Maggie P (9 months ago)
Gustavo Andres Herrera You think brain cancer is fun? Fun is guarding your body and living healthy to 120, then dying peacefully in sleep. Cancer is not a conspiracy theory.
Maggie P (9 months ago)
Good ideas never have to be forced on you.
dont care (10 months ago)
4.526.433 views lol you a big stupid
JohnDoe (2 years ago)
oh man awesome i've got tears in my eyes! :D we watched the original one, the one that made him famous actually in our office and we were all laughing like crazy, tears running down our eyes :D :D
Ethan Stewart (10 months ago)
JohnDoe @
KC Mullins (2 years ago)
JohnDoe we watched this as well we laughed so hard.. this guy was so funny
Jacko Ludvich (2 years ago)
Nicely edited.
kruptworld (2 years ago)
dude you did it right! this was great editing and love the reference to the original! hahaha classic!
Marc Hauser (2 years ago)
What program did you use to make this?
Apple Bits (2 years ago)
Thanks! I have more videos on the way!

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