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Clark Gable Struggling With Age in "But Not For Me" (1959)

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I just recently stumbled across this very funny movie from 1959 with Clark Gable, Lilli Palmer and Carroll Baker. I thought Gable was fantastic in this movie, very funny and it's totally worth watching it.
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IOXAN PHENOMENON (2 months ago)
Nice Content!
Jett Rink (1 year ago)
Lilly Palmer... Elegant, sofisticated, lady.
Bandicoot (1 year ago)
There's a Gable, Tracy movie where they both are grey and sitting crying in there tea, can not think of the title, ever see that one?
Bandicoot (1 year ago)
I can not find it, I just saw that one scene, years ago. He's a great actor, that went through a lot of personal grief. 'Some time I'll find you,' when Lombard was killed. Harlow died towards the end of filming 'Saratoga,' and they used her double for the last scenes, only showing her from the back. I just think he was terrific.
Sandra H. (1 year ago)
I don't think so but, from the three movies they made together, I only saw one unfortunately. And that was 'San Francisco' and I can't recall a scene like that in there so it must have been either 'Boom Town' or 'Test Pilot'?! It's very difficult to get one of those movies here in germany :( I'd really like to see them.

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