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Tricks to Pass the Motorcycle Test - ft. Instructor and Examiner

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Now we don’t recommend cheating the system but our (kinda sorta) friend Bryan Garrison doesn’t understand what the big fuss is about. With no compasses - moral or otherwise - we sent him deep inside enemy lines to learn the tricks of the trade and find new hacks on how to pass your motorcycle license test. Gear breakdown: Biltwell Gringo LE Spectrum Helmet - https://frt9.co/aqfard Klim Mojave Pro Jersey - https://frt9.co/cd21dt Five Stunt EVO Replica Gloves - https://frt9.co/b4we1b TCX X-Wave Air Shoes - https://frt9.co/mv86fi REV'IT! Orlando H2O Waterproof Jeans - https://frt9.co/li4y3n GoPro Fusion 360 Camera: https://frt9.co/78zo7x Special thanks to Desmond (instructor) and Noah (examiner and instructor) from High Gear: http://www.2coolforschool.ca/ Gear up for your next adventure at fortnine.ca: https://frt9.co/98au9e Connect with us: http://facebook.com/fortnine http://instagram.com/fortnine http://twitter.com/fortninecanada Cinematographer & Editor: Aneesh Shivanekar We do apologize for the music - it was Bryan’s choice.
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Text Comments (992)
Jake Manley (3 days ago)
All these tips and you PUT YOUR HELMET ON YOUR MIRROR? WTF! Guys don't do this it breaks the mirror and ruins the lining of your hlemet.
ChuckO (5 days ago)
I’d rather be twitchy AF than eat a nasty ass banana. The flavor and texture make me wanna vomit.
Noah Van Eyck (8 days ago)
Very very helpfull and funny video
lucaluminium (11 days ago)
unfriendly peace of shit 1:03
Error Unknown (13 days ago)
Holy hell. Your MC test is super easy. Swede here.
Pat Lefebvre (17 days ago)
I failed my first closed course one... too slow. I couldn't get used to the clutch on the rental I got that day. Second time... always shifted to second gear to reduce throttle response. Much better. That was a long time ago.
Jeffrey Simmons (18 days ago)
I hate that people actually like this corny goofball shit, and that you're going to make more of it.
Worldly Rider (18 days ago)
Only thing I was told was slow down and put more fingers on the clutch and try and be an example for the less experienced riders.
Dr. Hugo G. Hackenbush (23 days ago)
The drug is called Placibo. I think its made by Pfizer.
Kenneth Mathurin (23 days ago)
Why wouldn’t he shake his hand.. Noah is a bitch ass
Timed Dimension (28 days ago)
we literally just fucked around on a parking lot while this half asleep instructor went "good" when someone drove past him. 10/10 would go again
BowlOfReeses (28 days ago)
0:55 caution. We have a cool guy here
SUBSTYGRAM (29 days ago)
When I learned how to ride a bike, I just jumped on a scooter bike and took to neighborhood streets (and a bit of heavy traffic) not knowing how to lean and corner on a bike. I literally steered it expecting it to turn on a bend (like a bicycle), but instead, I went way over the double yellow lol. Kept on riding occassionally for a few weeks and I got pretty (perhaps really) good with balance and control, barely ever setting me foot down unless I'm stopping. If you want to truly learn fast, get a 125 or a 150. Overall, would not recommended, though I say it is effective.
Tim Moody (1 month ago)
Great advice
Jay Black (1 month ago)
I love this Discovery channel format
Johnalogue (1 month ago)
Failed my BRC by showing up late on the second day because the only available training was >20 miles away and class was scheduled when traffic was at its worst. 😥
Pablo Aguilar (1 month ago)
Favorite video so far 😁👌
MrRock nRoll (1 month ago)
Followed these tips and got my license first time
Philippe Wasilewski (1 month ago)
Damn this is so easy, lucky canadians. check out france's test you'll freak out! Worse than that they're making it even harder in 2020
Teague jelinek (1 month ago)
0:45 I honestly couldn't tell if that awkward interaction was real or fake until later in the vid
Teague jelinek (1 month ago)
Hah how the hell did I pass??
Q Speed Racer (1 month ago)
My motorcycle exam was the last time i rode a bike i can reach the ground on. Lol
Q Speed Racer (1 month ago)
How tall r u? You seem to flat foot everything with bent knees lol
Q Speed Racer (1 month ago)
We do the msf course here in us. Work with instructor that then 2 days later gives you the test
Muhammad Sunardi (1 month ago)
I like the vid for the first quote
MrRock nRoll (1 month ago)
BRT 88 (1 month ago)
That's difficult? come to Europe
Brave Heart (1 month ago)
Lol flip flops & a tank top? That's gear for a Vespa with a basket on it.. go go & great advice. Thank you 👍
Patriotic Greek (1 month ago)
Song in the start?
Jamie Kemp (1 month ago)
got my cbt booked for next week and your videos are a massive help, thanks
shaggy (1 month ago)
That shit looks easy as fuck compared to the UK tests... No figure 8s, not high speed emergency stop test and no following for a hour ride... Although our licence is a life time licence as opposed to a yearly one so I guess there's that.
Cowtown FPV (1 month ago)
the first time i watched this i thought it was all a joke, but now i know that only half of it is a joke
NW3D (1 month ago)
Heres the real tips to pass. 1)Show up
Frank Grimes (1 month ago)
Name of the reggae song?
sioul2006 (1 month ago)
I just passed my test in Germany today. Jesus christ, it's so easy for u to get your license.
TAJLN (1 month ago)
Desmond has a High Gear T-Shirt
thebaddog410 (1 month ago)
How far apart are the pylons for the weave anyone ??
donald allen (1 month ago)
I could not follow there instruction but pass anyway the crazy thing they told me to do did not make sense to me at all I found it to complicated to follow and i was following some one, I had goggles on and it was hard to follow with those thing on
I don’t think it’s that we’re scared of the bike it’s wee scared of y’all not passing us lol
Cody Gall (1 month ago)
Woooooow that handshake denial. What a dick
ian long (1 month ago)
My secret to passing is to practice. Find an empty lot and set up your own course. If you don't want to buy those little cones, take tennis balls and cut them in half. They are easy to see and won't make you wreck if you run over one
Dogcatfee (1 month ago)
The build up to 1:53 nearly cringed me to death, good work!
Ringer1982 (1 month ago)
Cheat flat cones you have in Canada.
Zak Kapetas (1 month ago)
Indeed what's the name of the song at 1:14 ?
cameron smith (1 month ago)
what's the reggae song you that was played for the motorcycle instructor. I CAN"T FIND IT ANYWHERE.
Frank Grimes (1 month ago)
Comping this, just the beginning puts you in a great mood
Nev Mi (1 month ago)
people, i still have two problems :( i just do not get it. i started old, i would say ;-)) so, uphill and sharp curve- how in the world am i supposed to that? the instructor says: so und so, but i would appreciate him telling me that really slowly and every single detail. second: driving on a straight road, then comes sharp curve- i go down to second gear, release the trottel of course, press the (i do not know the word for it in english), clutch?! and i start slowly braking. no. wait a sec. this is not how i do it. hmmm. i brake just a little bit, go to 4, 3, 2nd gear, start releasing the clutch and speed down. then the bike starts shaking and i get so scared thinking that i will fall that i completely step on the brake and i go in neutral and wait a minute or so (if there is a secure place to wait). if not, then i pray and keep on driving. heeeeelp!
Mr TriL (1 month ago)
I got 99% in my bike test on a closed circuit on my friends 1974 750 Honda . I just rode the circuit like I did on the street . Fairly quick pace and smooth . Only mistake was instructor said I did not signal long enough so one box got an x and not a check . I still have the test paper lol . Great vid as usual .
John Madsen (1 month ago)
And. Don’t show up drunk. Unless you are sure.
Kevin Colt (1 month ago)
i drive at 150 mph in roads where normal people wouldnt dare to drive at 60 my car jumps in the air and moves on 3 wheels in some curves do I still need to take this shitty ass lame uk test to drive a motorcycle? do I still need to pretend to be a robot and pass the test, even tho I have no experience whatsoever in normal riding? And they give me the license just because I was a robot during the test? is this real life? are these people (assessors and gov bodies) stupid? or are they just retarded?
huzmohd (2 months ago)
Really hilarious and informative. Good job
Nux (2 months ago)
My step dad had been riding 19 years without a license, it's just an excuse for the government to steal more money
Not Sure (2 months ago)
1:38 my dad has ridden like this before... except replace the helmet with a fucking nike headband
Stephen Dwinells (2 months ago)
See what happens in 10 min lol
Mikael S-P (2 months ago)
Buuut, in Norway we ain't allowed to go fast during the test
Jacob Lang (2 months ago)
I had to practice, on the test course..buddy of mine that flunked showed me everything they do,past it the first time
TheAlex0903 (2 months ago)
Just go to America. Even if students in my class crashed or dropped their bike or I couldn't manage to stop in a safe distance we all still got a license since we paid xxx$ in money. The only one who didn't was the guy who didn't show up but took it next class paying another xxx$ and then got a license. They simply don't seem to care or maybe just don't get paid if they don't pass you. But 2 short days of riding in a straight line and stops, going in circles and figure 8 tracks learning to turn it on and off and about deaths and gear on motorcycle is about it on a heavy sluggish Kawasaki carburetor eliminator the z125 pro felt like a Ducati monster by large margin. I wonder how it even managed to move the heavier obese riders, and those who wanted to cheat could basically say I want to ride a 50cc scooter and do the same maneuver figure 8 and stops and circles and pass the test. Once you pass they give you a safe ride class completion go to dmv get 2 letters saying motorcycle also (and after passing a motorcycle test with a 50cc scooter or a geared bike) you can go to the dealer and ride in a Kawasaki h2r if you got the money that is. It's kind of stupid since you can't fail a motorcycle test even an old guy I saw who had terribly slow reflexes couldn't read or know English managed to pass and then I met another who just wanted the 3 quarter helmet to look cool but not safe. I was trying to advise him to get a full face and he wouldn't listen. Of the riders I met only 1 guy I still am friends with because he knew how to ride in Jamaica and had an R1. But Florida is a weird place to ride a motorcycle if the instructors don't teach you advanced riding skills the students don't care to take any education and the people in cars just don't respect you. I even had a truck go around me on the incoming lane to pass while I tried to be nice and let someone else pull out from a fork. The all about me culture of driving is not sustainable and dangerous. My accident was 1 car doing a left hand u turn without seeing me going so wide she couldn't finish and ( driving licenses are entitled away to teenagers otherwise parents complain to the dmv and piss off the instructors I had the license just by driving on the cul de sac and a neighborhood over speed bumps and a 3 point turn) but there was another old guy in a truck that pulled the same left hand turn without yielding to car in front. So now first car couldn't back up and the truck went and blocked the rest of the lanes because he didn't see the first car ahead wasn't done with the u turn and couldn't go over the sidewalk but he saw me and decided to go anyway. I couldn't stop in time as my front brake just didn't grab I squeezed so hard and I saw afterwards front and rear brakes with multiple rings down to the metal so I guess I needed rotors and pads. I missed the first car but the truck I hit pretty bad bending the back part of the truck bed and smashing the shoulder to the brake light my knee in the back bumper and my head scraping along the top side. I was lucky to wear gear but I then arrived at the Emergency room waited 5 hours and then said you're discharged you have no broken bones or injuries I was in pain unable to walk and I got discharged with no injuries at the emergency room waiting 5 hours crazy!! I still couldn't walk and had a torn acl later was revealed from doctors who actually cared to sue the guy in the truck at fault ( Florida is a no fault state that's why I drive recklessly you can't be at fault unless you're a retarded driver) but there were witnesses and a cop who arrived hours later and gave the guy a ticket for failure to yield to incoming traffic before making the turn. Which wouldn't not have been possible to ticket had the first car not made the u turn. Hit and runs are very common as my car was hit in a parking lot the following month. Anyways, where should I move to?
Supernova12034 (2 months ago)
Most MSF courses are a loljoke. danger in the street lies in 2 places the courses never address. 1) Intersections 2) Curves.
Chun Wong (2 months ago)
Quality content
fuchow fried rice (2 months ago)
i JUST found out fortnine has an online store.......so, i ordered ordered and...........please, i cant stop ordering....
Kickassman 4 (2 months ago)
I think the best Attitude to use when you are riding a Motorcycle is being relaxed and confident, Prove that you are going to ride a Motorcycle confidently and Listen. This might be a contradiction. But treat your instructor or examiner. AS a riding buddy. Even if you do or don't like the person just ride with him. Follow him at a ordinary pace, Keep your bike upright and do not crash. Most of the stereotypical feelings towards a Motorcycle like "dying" for example is a high factor. Its not a Myth, But You can provide the knowledge to prevent that from happening and that is what this "lesson" is all about. Relax, be Confident, get the feel of the bike. Its not Illegal to find a friend or buddy to help you learn how to ride a motorcycle. In all honesty I think that a instructor or a Examiner would be impressed if you bring your riding buddy with you. Preferably someone that has been riding motorcycles for a very long time and you'll most likely have a chance to pass as well you do good in the motor test
Kickassman 4 (2 months ago)
Another thing, I think that would be totally worthless is the written test, I don't think a "TEST" should be considered a good experience because you aren't learning anything about the bike, Just the laws and regulations of what is legal and what isn't ... But even those don't express the real feel of riding a Motorcycle.
Plum_ Pie (2 months ago)
wish me luck lol.
MFulmer456 (2 months ago)
The way he scratched the top of his helmet at the end 😂
Iscah994 (2 months ago)
Play the test results at .75x Lol. Tokyo Drift and my retinas bled haha!
Phoebe Mchugh (2 months ago)
The thought of changing gear in flip flops makes me cringe
FortNine (2 months ago)
It's uncomfortable. ~RF9
John Doe (2 months ago)
this guy makes the best videos
CaptainAwasome (2 months ago)
That's why Casey Neistat dosn't have a motorbike?
Shadow 3091 (2 months ago)
I wish my MSF class had that setting. I was just in an ocean of asphalt with some cones on it
fenderfan85 (2 months ago)
When I went for my test (in canada) they wouldnt let you do it unless you had a helmet, gloves and a jacket on.
Sorry For My Bad England (2 months ago)
bob bobbinson (2 months ago)
So let me get this straight... Your new rider motorcycle test course is OFF A SHEER CLIFF?!??!?!
Flex.Devin (2 months ago)
Great Roman philosophers are dumb lmao
Alexonian (2 months ago)
Some wife beater tearing down the street🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
David Hill (2 months ago)
I learnt the hard way , I was lucky my parents house was near a forest where i could ride and ride and ride from the age of 12 and my parents were ok with me riding .. plus I read every motorcycle magazine and book that I could get my hands on (this was back in the eighties ) i think learning how to ride on dirt first gives you a great insight into how to control a motorcycle when it is sliding etc ..
2016 Chevy Silverado (3 months ago)
Was this scripted?
Derek Nichols (3 months ago)
I’m taking it in a month wish me luck!!
Pistanbroke (3 months ago)
examiner is wearing a BMW hat... what does he know.
daphnedevi (3 months ago)
Ha! If you need tips you shouldn't pass the test. That said, a tip: I took the test on a cold grey day in February in Maryland. I rode impeccably but needed to raise my visor due to inevitable (but prior to unconsidered) severe fogging at slow speed. I failed for "not following the rules of the road"... Eye protection.
MGTOW DIRT BIKER (3 months ago)
Your mother
Mikhail Gorbachev (3 months ago)
I just got my class 8L. This is a bit useful for me. Thanks bud.
C Through (3 months ago)
In Minnesota to get a motorcycle permit you only have to take a written test to get a permit 😂
David Hill (2 months ago)
that doesn't sound very safe ...
Toxcity (3 months ago)
I feel like you spend 2 hours on a bike you should be able to pass maybe I'm a fast learner
Winston Winston (3 months ago)
Ha ha ha..."he almost killed me"!! What a tool!
Alex Augustine (3 months ago)
In india...you just drive an 80cc piece of crap in an 8 shape through some rusty iron bars...Done. you got your license.
rafnandez Igtwitter (3 months ago)
In the our country, you buy a bike and voila! You’re a rider! No license and motorcycle papers? No problem! No proper safety gear? Just get a construction hard hat and you’re good! People who attend driving schools and trainings are called dorks in our country. And most of the “professional” leveled drivers (mainly for public transpo and heavy machineries) don’t even meet the qualifications. 👍🏻 You think I’m joking, but nah.
Left Chat (3 months ago)
Half of americans would not pass the german test
oz ark (3 months ago)
Lol, did i watch a sitcom?
EFormance Engineering (3 months ago)
The irony of this video is that the skill required to pull off the gags is far in excess of what it takes to pass the course.
Roco Dux (3 months ago)
Do you send tshirts to America? MX?
Sno_BroW (3 months ago)
MST means STD in French
John Thomas (3 months ago)
Best information I wish I had when I took the test (I passed) was to use 2nd Gear for the Weaving Maneuver. Makes the bike a lot more relaxed and its easier to use the throttle to slow and speed up without the jerking that comes with 1st gear.
Simon McGreevy (3 months ago)
Started my full licence training today, and can safely say the riding tips for slow manoeuvres highlighted in this video helped me out something mad! And a decent cast too, what a laf'
Ian Thompson (3 months ago)
I flew through my class... yet. I almost failed the test!!! I was just going to fast. Thankfully she let me slide because she saw how I rode all class. That being said over half my class failed!! Like 20 people! Probably good they’re not on the road lol
Faustin Gashakamba (3 months ago)
The banana is a joke, right?
aggieforlife13 (3 months ago)
Is that the sunshine resort in the background
osmacar (3 months ago)
Useful tips, thank you, still need my CBT, balance and nerves got me, i don't quit, but i knew when i needed to comcede and practice elsewhere, balance, but i got that back, and now i will go on to my seccond run of a CBT
TheCoolcy (3 months ago)
Well this seems like an awful easy test, over here, in Lithuania you have to pass a theory exam (kinda like a pop quiz from the road rules) and then go to a motorcycle school, pass a 'school' exam and only then you can take the actual exam. Both exams are done in actual streets, with actual people, cars and motorcycles.
Oediv (3 months ago)
xs_ fox (3 months ago)
In switzerland, we have to do the small Licence (under 35kw, if under age 25) and our test is made up by driving 2x 45min with the instructor. Driving though the city traffic, highway and performing various slaloms and a emergency brake at 50km/h ;) I am fucking nervous.
Overlord Xenu (3 months ago)
i failed. lol
Jannib Andelo Bayutas (3 months ago)
This guy is a genius at editing!
Vomit Comet (3 months ago)
Jannib Andelo Bayutas The cinematographer editing guy behind this show Anish is mad good yo. this is baseline standard - check out some of the more mental bigger reviews

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