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Sun Ra - The Magic City (1966) (Full Album)

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Alto Saxophone – Harry Spencer Alto Saxophone, Flute – Danny Davis Alto Saxophone, Flute, Oboe, Piccolo Flute – Marshall Allen Baritone Saxophone, Flute, Timpani – Pat Patrick Bass – Ronnie Boykins Bass Clarinet – Robert Cummings Keyboards (Clavioline), Celesta (Electronic Celeste), Piano, Marimba (Bass), Harp (Sun Harp), Percussion (Dragon Drum), Timpani – Sun Ra Percussion – Jimmi Johnson, Roger Blank Tenor Saxophone – John Gilmore Trombone – Ali Hassan, Bernard Pettaway, Teddy Nance Trumpet – Chris Capers, Walter Miller Arranged By, Composed By – Sun Ra Recorded - 1965, New York City Artwork (Cover Art) – William White Producer – Alton Abraham A1 The Magic City 0:00 B1 The Shadow World 27:21 B2 Abstract Eye 39:50 B3 Abstract "I" 42:37 FAIR USE DISCLAIMER: I do not own copyright for this copyrighted artwork, but under Section 107 United States Copyright Law as noted by the United States Copyright Office (Copyright Act 1976), allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. I state here in a good faith that I have made and uploaded here this copy of this copyrighted artwork completely for the purposes of teaching and research, that my action - i.e. my production of the copy of this copyrighted artwork and sharing of it here on Youtube in this particular case - is totally non-profit, and that I believe that my production of this copy of this copyrighted artwork and sharing of it here in Youtube in this particular case can only increase value of this copyrighted artwork and produce only positive effects for this copyrighted artwork in its potential market.
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Text Comments (18)
Om Sadasiva (1 month ago)
My holy trinity at the moment: Stockhausen, Terry Riley, Sun Ra
Gabriella Maria (2 months ago)
sounds like a fresh bath
mario7frankielee (2 months ago)
yes! go to my channel to find wonderful sun material unfortunately i had to remove the movie space is the place for cr isues
Fido Llama (5 months ago)
This , to me, is the ultimate music!!!! I heard Sun Ra years ago and immediately loved it, but now I'm in my '50's and finally absorbing it! I think you gotta experience life a bit and do a lot of soul-searching to finally partly-understand the plain he was trying to ascend to!! Real Genius! NO ONE COMES CLOSE TO THIS TODAY IMO!
Steve Greg (5 months ago)
Incredible recording rendering ::: "sonically" ::: out of this world experiences
percyheat (6 months ago)
Mi piace molto. Veramente sento che tutto lo spirito sia convolto in straordinari esperienze in altro mondo, al di la. Mi piace come ho detto.
Ludo Irles (6 months ago)
stravinsky.varese.sun ra and zappa.ravel. Mahler. the greatest genius for the times that are coming
Om Sadasiva (1 month ago)
Zappa was nothing compared to the othera
Rodney Holmes (6 months ago)
Purely mesmerizing. Albums like this, Atlantis, Languidity and many others put SUN RA on a whole different plane of creative thought.
Kryos 2000 (7 months ago)
Sergio Martinez (11 months ago)
Definitivamente una delicia, muchas gracias por la música. Saludos desde Chile.
DMF (11 months ago)
This could only have been made in the 60's, on Venus.
Jimmie Usery (1 year ago)
This is absolutely the best music I have ever been privileged to hear in my entire lifetime of listening to all genres of music. It is far above and beyond any type of music produced by any human being who has ever walked upright or otherwise on this little dirt clod of a planet. I bow in reverence to this eternal godlike production of sound. Many thanks for posting this life-changing listening experience.
the sw1111tch works (1 year ago)
I have always considered this to be among the greatest albums produced by Sun Ra, or any musician for that matter. Thank you
DmitrijRIX (1 year ago)
Julien Ribot (1 year ago)
Calogero Buttacavoli (1 year ago)
Un vero capolavoro!
Henri de Lagardère (1 year ago)
I'm enjoying the panoramic view from my terrace, all the shades of green the mountains have to offer, the placid lake, the stretches of reed, birdsong on a quiet, uneventful Saturday, few people, no engines. The sky is overcast, little clouds nestling against each other. No sizzle, no drizzle, no hustle, no bustle. This is a mild day, a perfect day. A perfect day to discover the world Sun Ra has created. Not every day can, or should, be a Sun Ra day, but in the cycle of a moon there'd better be at least one. Thank you! One of his four or five must-have albums.

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