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That Girl in Yellow Boots 2010 720p 18+

179 ratings | 24468 views
That Girl in Yellow Boots 2010 720p HD
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Text Comments (11)
naim nahid (1 month ago)
good one
pratik goswami (2 months ago)
thnx man.. good movie.. i study indian indpndnt movies.. thnx a lot
Life is Beautiful (1 month ago)
+Anshika Jhamb Great analysis... I like when ppl watch movies seriously and try to understand the meaning of all the events that are shown.. Once again kudos to you.. Hope to see you somewhere accidentally across You Tube.. World is really small and round.. Isn't it ?
TheAndroGamer (2 months ago)
Anshika Jhamb thanks ... Well that was deep though...
Anshika Jhamb (2 months ago)
TheAndroGamer Although I ain’t Pratik, I can answer this. Ruth’s father impregnated her sister. He established an incest relationship with his step-daughter and when Emily realised that she’s pregnant, her mother doesn’t take her to the doctor and she subsequently kills herself in order to escape humiliation and abuse.
TheAndroGamer (2 months ago)
pratik goswami can you please explain me the ending?? Mainly why Emily killed herself.. Please
Anshika Jhamb (2 months ago)
pratik goswami alright, thanks though.
nadeem zakeer (3 months ago)
Sick m********** Indians
madhusudan shiva (3 months ago)
Thanks for upload great print - an extraordinary movie

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