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Style Of Eye - The Big Kazoo

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Album: The Big Kazoo EP Label: Dirtybird
Category: Музыка
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Text Comments (12)
IOnceAteAPinecone (2 years ago)
remember when Style of Eye made good, minimalist tech house? Pepperidge farm remembers
Humbert berthum (2 years ago)
yeahh men i miss real style of eye
DJPAULETTEREAL (2 years ago)
this is so good. I miss Style of Eye.
Asad Kazi (4 years ago)
That sister fucker kazoo. Damn. 
Alex Rodrigues (4 years ago)
bom muito bom 
RileyZoid (5 years ago)
does anyone else loose their shit at 4:12?
Dennis X (6 years ago)
flat eric on helium and speed. nice tune. lol.
Erilis666 (7 years ago)
@DestroyerAlexandros lol, this is awesome
G4mm4G0bl1n (8 years ago)
wow, zum ersten mal gehört, aber absoluter groove. Was ist nur heute draus geworden. :'(
Stefan Colakovic (8 years ago)
LOOOOOOVEEEE ITTTTTTT DAMN !!!!!!!!! even my hair dance !!!
umbraemilitos (9 years ago)
Kbs (9 years ago)

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