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This is a live wallpaper for Android Phones Only. U will need to download AnimGif Live Wallpaper from the Android Market for this live wall paper to work. U will need to Download the Wallpaper Animation from My download Link http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RCDU73U2 Once Downloaded. Plug your android phone into your computer. (YES MY FRIENDS U WILL NEED TO DO ALITTLE WORK TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN ON YOUR PHONE UNTIL I CAN PERFECT IT TO BE ON THE ANDROID MARKET). Once your phone is plug into ur computer use it as mass storage device search for the folder AnimaGif apply the SGU live wall paper to that. Some phones need to be reset to see it show up. U CAN NOT MANAGE ANIMIGIF WHILE YOUR PHONE IS PLUGGED INTO THE COMPUTER. I will have this on the android market in the next few days for Free of course. If u dont like it. Make a better one is all I have to say ENJOY www.facebook.com/pages/Owen-Brown/152721921462766 Facebook.com/SaveSGUUK http://on.fb.me/SGUThePlan http://on.fb.me/SaveSGUNewCamp www.facebook.com/SaveSGU www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=128186820592648 http://www.facebook.com/notes/save-stargate-universe/the-plan-save-stargate
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skrapmetal (7 years ago)
@Odog19971 thank you!
Owen Brown (7 years ago)
@skrapmetal I will find another site to host it , so it can be download and used on your phone
Owen Brown (7 years ago)
I am going to be using another site. I will update it shortly
skrapmetal (7 years ago)
Megaupload is down forever... any other way to download?
Owen Brown (7 years ago)
The Sound will not be heard on Live Wallpaper. This is just a sample to hold u all over until it is on the Android Market. Once it will be on the Android Market u will not need AnimGif

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