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Thank You All Best Dressed 1000 Subscribers on YouTube SUITCAFE

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1000 subscribers on You Tube, WOW!!! Thank you all for watching and enjoying my videos about menswear, fashion tips, travel tips and style. Lots more to come this year. I am so glad that many of you were able to use the fold of a suit jacket handed down from my great grandfather through 4 generations to me in your travels. It certainly helps not to have wrinkles in your clothing when unpacking your luggage. See you all in the next video. Many of you purchased the exquisite CashLana™ fabric. A beautiful suit made to your measurements in only 10 days. Web: http://www.suitcafe.com Catch me live on Periscope: SUITCAFE Official Instagram: @suitcafe Twitter: @SUIT_CAFE Facebook: facebook.com/SUITCAFECOM Facebook Group: facebook.com/groups/stylescopers [email protected]
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