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E46 How To Clean Hydraulic Lifters

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Further reading on this topic: http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?p=14251457 Checkout Nathan's channel as well: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChiFpTm0zZjZ2umagxD8eQA This video is for entertainment purposes only. 50sKid assumes no liability for any repairs or modifications performed by the viewer as a result of the information contained in this video.
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Text Comments (59)
SpecialVeloce (1 month ago)
I really recommend using compressed air for getting the lifter out. Good video though.
Gary Powell (4 months ago)
Good video! I have a 2004 Saab 9-5 2.3l 16 valve engine with a lifter ticking that I need to tear into and fix.
Arsh Jossan (5 months ago)
Hi 50s kid..great video..do we have to do timing if i take them apart.i mean all the timing procedure with special tools.thanx
jjthesavage (5 months ago)
Doing the timing on my M62 and as Nathan suggested, I checked the lifters. Didn't notice a ton of lifter noise but since I am so close, figured I'd check them out. No squeezing could be done by hand, cleaned all 32, thanks for the insight!
dokterkarel (6 months ago)
Can you clean them with brake cleaner instead of laquer thinner?
Young 23 (7 months ago)
Rick Buch (8 months ago)
Hi Kid. I have decided to replace all the lifters with new ones in my 2001 330i. What brands do you trust besides original BMW units? I want reliability and longevity but factory is mighty expensive. Thank you, I value your opinion.
John Cha (10 months ago)
ty so much... im bout to do this on rb25det... i have lots of stuck thingys?... buckets or lifters what ever u call them
Ok bro,the important tip is don't charge the lift with a new oil after cleaning,right? Thanks for this information,best wishes.
guzelovalish (11 months ago)
Is it a must to put the cleaned hydraulic lifter on to the right cylinder or can I clean all at once and place them on the cylinders randomly ?
Young 23 (7 months ago)
guzelovalish late but you should put each lifter back into the cylinder it cane from. They all wear out differently, so best to leave them in their place to not interfere with it.
Tico Zico (1 year ago)
A very efficient way to clean carbon deposit from engine oil is to use tetraclorid, most commonly called "carb & chock cleaner". But what if the engine is still under warranty? Lifters in that case are defective, and some manufacturers have a superseded part number. Hope to have helped to get you what you are rightfully entitled for.
Pat s Z (1 year ago)
@50skid I thought it was just a one way check valve so you would have to fill with oil right?? Also need to fill them up to remove air inside? I do understand it needs to adjust lash but won't that be the case after the engine is started when that check valve releases some of that oil when the cam lobe comes around?
50sKid (1 year ago)
You don't want the valves overextended by having too much oil in the lifter. You could cause the valve to come in contact with the piston. Better to start the engine with the adjuster underfilled with oil--it will adjust itself to the right place after a drive.
kyleman396 (1 year ago)
as a mechanic i like to fix things of course and it makes me crazy that so many people just change the entire engine when a problem comes along like lifter tick... thanks for the video!
dokterkarel (6 months ago)
I am a mechanic aswell, or rather used to be for living. Only for hobby nowadays. And fixing things gives me 100 times more satisfaction than replacing things.
Jiří Proučil ml. (2 years ago)
Check my engine sound - Hydraulic Lifter problem? : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCVcrNfK0yg
50sKid (2 years ago)
Hard to say with the quality of the audio.
Hashem Mehyar (2 years ago)
best video regarding lifters by far!
cheepGeek (2 years ago)
I have a pretty nasty valve tick and I think this is the cause. Car runs fine otherwise. Patiently waiting for the video that shows me how to remove them.... (hint, hint)
50sKid (2 years ago)
Yeah.... I'm really sorry, but it's going to be a while before that video is out. When I do that video, it will be during a whole larger engine rebuild where I'll be removing the head and the block from the car as well.
fierceeagle2003 (2 years ago)
do you know how much a job like this might cost? i still have a great warranty on my car. i work in a shop but my guys don't do this kind of work.
fierceeagle2003 (2 years ago)
OK great. looking forward to watching the video.
50sKid (2 years ago)
I'm sorry, I don't know how much it would cost. But it's possible to do it yourself, you just need the timing tools. Eventually I'll be doing the videos that show how in detail.
fierceeagle2003 (2 years ago)
amazing video. i have a lifter tick on cold starts on my 03 525i. once it warms up it goes away. but when i first start it, it sounds horrible.
theboringuy (2 years ago)
Why did you have these out? Doing piston rings?? XD
50sKid (2 years ago)
I pulled this lifter from a junkyard specifically for this video.
Shawn Peters (2 years ago)
What are the benefits to doing this to your lifters?
50sKid (2 years ago)
Gets rid of the ticking that develops when the lifters start to stick.
clabcon (2 years ago)
How are your hands after dipping into solvents like that?
clabcon (2 years ago)
If you're going that far into the engine, have you considered ZHP cams?
50sKid (2 years ago)
Well, I'll tell you... I no longer have fingerprints, which is a very handy thing when you're a secret agent. Oops, I did not say that.
Great video!! Now do a video on how to remove them that would be awesome. saludos
Ivan (2 years ago)
Another way to separate them is to slam them down like a shot glass and they will pop out.
Mike Smith (3 months ago)
Not on thes puppies you didn't.
RetroResto (1 year ago)
just done this tonight banged them on a piece of wood and popped apart, less likely to damage anything
Evson Sabino (1 year ago)
50sKid I did this on my gm/opel 16v engine, it's very hard and yes it hurt the hands, but it comes out
50sKid (2 years ago)
I've heard that. I think you would need to slam them down VERY hard because not only is there a tiny little circlip holding them in like on the end of a half axle, but there is oil inside creating a sort of suction effect. You saw how hard I had to pull, right? You'd probably hurt your hand slamming it down hard enough, lol.
Cd D (2 years ago)
Please show how to remove and install Hydraulic Lifters
Slava pernu (2 years ago)
any one have crankshaft holders to sell? E7 is totaly broked and I could't find anythere parts.
50sKid (2 years ago)
Crankshaft or camshaft? Problem is, the crankshaft main bearing caps are machined in place and then literally BROKEN off of the engine block so that they will fit back together precisely. If you look, you will see a jagged surface and not a perfectly smooth, machined one. If yours is damaged, I'm afraid the block is junk and you will need to replace it. Best to talk to a machine shop, though.
Alex K (2 years ago)
Awesome video! I just did this on a e36 m52 engine when I had to rebuild the head. Made them just like new again.
50sKid (2 years ago)
Yep, I agree with everything Alex said!
Alex K (2 years ago)
+Slava Goljakov no you don't need to lube the head gasket. You need a clean surface so you have to clean off the cylinder head and block with something like brake clean. The oil would not let it seal right and could probably cause another head gasket leak. Also I never oiled up the cylinders you should make sure that they are dry and clean as well. I'm pretty sure oil in the cylinder would interfere with the combustion.
Slava pernu (2 years ago)
alex do you need to lube c.head gasket with oil or not? some one says it is need to be done. and did you lubed with finger sylinders then assambled head?
Niamh Healy (2 years ago)
You're full of information! :)
Niamh Healy (2 years ago)
Haha I know lots of people who are full of shit but you're not one of them ;)
Niamh Healy (2 years ago)
Haha I know lots of people who are full of shit but you're not one of them ;)
50sKid (2 years ago)
I've always thought I was full of shit, but thank you! ;-)
James Barratt (2 years ago)
Timely too, as just about to do lifters, but on a golf mk5 not a BMW. My E46 needs the valve stems doing though, and with hollow camshafts, I wonder if its a pig of a job? Hey fifties kid, you have to understand, you had your bare hands in Acetone,and it was underneath your unmasked face, and inside. That shit causes cancer, and is serious. I watched as my doctors glives melted in the stuff. Take more care of yourself dude.
James Barratt (2 years ago)
If yiu are looking for reviews, and people to come to your channel, I think a little second channel will help. I posted one video of motogp from a camera filming the screen and got 3000 hits in a day. I plan to do another video on sept 11th that im hoping gets 3,000,000 or even more. These I put an advert in the pic, like pic in pic, and those that like mechanics are sure to come looking. My channel is jai barrett. Have ten or so video's myself. Just rebuilding a golf 2.0 fsi and a golf 1.4 now. Recon heads and valves changed etc.
James Barratt (2 years ago)
No worries. It was my birthday today too. I woke to go to the indian post office. Showed them my driving licence for a parcel. Told them my name, who the parcel was from yet they still tried to refuse me. Then the rear left boot lift (3 months old) from ebay broke and nearly smashed the bodywork. I was expecting it to come in three's and tour message made it so. Ha ha. Trust me brother, no effect. Life's short and what people hate is how I let things breeze right iver me.
50sKid (2 years ago)
Slava Goljakov: Yeah I will be doing that vid soon. I'm still doing some research on exactly how far I want to take the project and how I can get the maximum amount of videos and so on. Might be doing some bottom end work, which will involve a lot more tools, so I've started accumulating them. If any of my head bolts are stripped out, that'll need to be addressed and I want to be prepared for it, things like that. But a whole series is coming.
50sKid (2 years ago)
James I'm sorry bro, I'm reading my reply the next day and it sounds way too dickish. I realize you're just trying to look out for me and I appreciate it. Should have chosen my words more carefully. Thanks for watching and commenting!
Slava pernu (2 years ago)
+50sKid ha, at last you doing cylinder head job. I was waiting long for that, I took my complytly out, cleaned cut head ,now its like new. I m waiting now 2 weeks for parts to arrive from german... I bought 24 valves from shmiedman for just 140 dollars 5.7 each mine was drived more then 150000 km. and other stuff for 200 dol. now will chek for more vids kid ;)
Kendrick Cheng (2 years ago)
I wasn't even aware you could do that. Awesome!

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