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G And S

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Dirk Yarborough (10 months ago)
The comment stream isn't showing up today.
iluvphillip13 (10 months ago)
Monetary settlement by rich dude to keep sexual relationships quiet? Watching this a day late, I thought you were talking about Trump/Stormy Daniels before I realized you were talking about Kobe. :) http://documents.latimes.com/stormy-daniels-donald-trump-complaint/
Taylor West (10 months ago)
1:11:50 So, you wouldn't recommend a .308 Springfield SOCOM 16?
Taylor West (10 months ago)
Seriously, I procrastinated on getting an AR-15 (too many choices) and I'm now trying to figure out what gun will be next on the gun-grabber chopping block. I'm guessing "short barrels are scary" will be the next trend after "pistol grips are evil."
Taylor West (10 months ago)
Go Gerber! I love mine.
Jason McGovern (10 months ago)
Surely there's a mobile battery charger you can keep plugged in while recording so it doesn't die out prematurely?
Skylane2005 (10 months ago)
I'm assuming G&S's ratings have gone up with you at the helm?
Dirk Yarborough (10 months ago)
Really should. I think they are just unlistenable.

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