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[HD/Mirrored] Jun Hyoseong (전효성) - Into You (반해) 안무영상 Dance Practice

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Text Comments (45)
Rosé Iane (1 year ago)
3:34 omg he looked awayyyyy so cute
hyoungum kim (1 year ago)
몸매 최고 춤 최고네 단연 돋보이네요
lilxengful (1 year ago)
1:20 how?! IN HEELS?!
EunnieSeulBi (1 year ago)
@2:52 the girl in the 85 shirt and the guy in the black shirt beside her are so cute lol
Isabella Lucio (1 year ago)
This sounds a lot like "nice body"
afx._ na (2 years ago)
where can i find the original video
afx._ na (2 years ago)
wow .. this has a lighter feel than goodnight kiss but the choreo is heavy .. i like it !
Curious Calamity (2 years ago)
Dancing in heels #respect
MeNeS (2 years ago)
what separates this dance practice from others are the really quite amazing moments you can catch if you're really attentive to what you're seeing. at 0:14 you can see the guy behind hyosung shyly turning his head, trying to not gawk at her body. at 2:30 you can see the guy with the beard and the girl w/ the cap share a moment when he extends his arm around her, then at 2:54 to the left, the guy in the black t-shirt inadvertently rubs the leg of the the girl with number 85 on her sweater n she laughs. like these things are so little but are also awesome when u see them happen
Zion Tea (2 years ago)
and at 3:14 when the guy in the gray on the right loses his balance LOL
MeNeS (2 years ago)
+Yasmin Benazouz HAHA and I yours :')!!!
Yasmin Benazouz (2 years ago)
peanut Acolyte I appreciate your existence!
btsyblackpink forever (2 years ago)
you lifi
陳萱 (2 years ago)
AB Kim (2 years ago)
What i like about hyosung and her solo is that the steps is not just pure sexiness like she'll just do sways and pumps all through out her performance. I would have to admit that her dance is not that easy to be able to learn by just watching it. I have to admit that she's a great dancer
蕭于凱 (2 years ago)
정효성 so cute and sexy
Iove hyo seong효성 (2 years ago)
love효성~~😍😍😍😍 台灣人齁~
Tony (2 years ago)
Hyoseong is such a good dancer.
La La (2 years ago)
She is a good singer too :)
K K (3 years ago)
Her legs resemble Ariana Grande's imo. such a beautiful and healthy body not to mention charisma 😄
Kikifeisty (3 years ago)
She was called the bagel girl for a reason. her body is goal!
Kikifeisty (3 years ago)
i am so not use to learning dances from a mirrored version video. is there like a non-mirrored version? lol
Basho (3 years ago)
2:35 Hyosung, the only kpop star with a body and boobs.
Bithiah Moreno (1 year ago)
Basho iii
GunShard (1 year ago)
She has the best looking curvy body in Korea.
Elly (1 year ago)
they all have bodies.
Hyorin Sistar (1 year ago)
Dina lmao hwasa doesn't have boobs she just has nice thighs
jagx234 (1 year ago)
And brains! She had a scholarship to a great school before she decided to sign on.
the guy in the black t-shirt and the girl who groped Hyosung had a cute moment lol
Tequilon (3 years ago)
black short rulz... name??
nolzleena (3 years ago)
Shows how much a pro she is. I just realised those shoes weren't strap on's. They've taped the shoes and her feet and you can see gap at the back. So i'm pretty sure those shoes were too big for her.
DOMINIQUE EARL (4 months ago)
it's normal for them to use clear tapes on high heels
My Euphoria (1 year ago)
nolzleena there's strap on her shoes...look at it carefully
Tú Anh (3 years ago)
mang giày cao gót mà nhảy hay ghê :*
Cute Kairo (3 years ago)
is the guy with beard is ( I don't remember his name ) who is hunting Yoo Jae Suk in RM because of betrayal and ( I also don't remember what ep is it).
Erikochan (3 years ago)
+Cute Kairo you You mean... Choi Min Soo? (RM ep 52, 53, 69) I did think so xD however, he is just an actor.
Amaney Oueik (3 years ago)
the back up (girl) dancers are very cute and pretty
i have jams (3 years ago)
+ExoShidaefx Lover i know right
8405masterful (3 years ago)
I like the groping, her tuts look hard too
Audrey Ramanantsoa (3 years ago)
Hannah Piggie (3 years ago)
CosmoQueen2900 (3 years ago)
Where's the non-mirrored version?
Tracy Tran (3 years ago)
Her feet looks big damn O_O

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