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Mindless Behavior - Mrs. Right ft. Diggy Simmons

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Buy album now! http://bit.ly/qXGVXt Mindless Behavior performing Mrs. Right. Buy now! http://glnk.it/5p (C) 2011 Streamline/Interscope
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Text Comments (86509)
Maggie Gray (1 hour ago)
So cool I got to meet them back in like 2010, and jasmine Villegas at the Justin Bieber concert 😂 I didn’t even know who they were 😂
Sienna Gilbert (3 hours ago)
I loved Princeton skskj
Ah'Nira Wilson (7 hours ago)
April 2019?
Lay Saho (8 hours ago)
Prodigy and the back up dancer 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ They other member barely rap or sing
Morgz PERIODTTT (16 hours ago)
Bitchhh they were my shit matter fact they still is wtf they at now
Kaci Wise Spirit (19 hours ago)
Dang this used to be my shit back then
content_and_content (22 hours ago)
This was a hidden bop
Makenzy Rogers (1 day ago)
l miss them soooo much
Kry Kry Stott (1 day ago)
Middle School Memories 😍💚🔥💯
Intern_tSlayer (1 day ago)
Eric Elo (1 day ago)
Diggy is fire
The O.G. Boy band 😍🥴🥰
Me and my cousin loved them 😍😍
Joey’s Scrotum (1 day ago)
This group disappeared after two songs
Keiland Williams (1 day ago)
Only real OGs Know this
Ava Lockwood (1 day ago)
I’m just gonna admit. I came from TikTok, but LORD am I happy I did.
Ava Lockwood 🤣😂SAME
Madison Vlogz (1 day ago)
The boy with the braids was my bae❤️❤️
BrysonTo Goated (1 day ago)
Anybody else....I guess not but I love this song ❤️❤️❤️never will forget this☺️
Aisha Giddins (1 day ago)
I like you 😍😍😍😍😍
Lindsey Mora (2 days ago)
Only 00’s kids know 😤
Shamira Pridgen (2 days ago)
let me kiss her back boy go back to school
Ur Adopted (2 days ago)
I thought that was Tyga and that part as a different song this whole time
hd kxd (2 days ago)
Shayna Wallace (2 days ago)
Ilyz 2002 (2 days ago)
Bruh this shit hit hard when I was growing up
Faith Harris (2 days ago)
Wow this cool
Simira Rogers (2 days ago)
That song tight uh y’all
• mystical • (3 days ago)
Ashley Prilaman (3 days ago)
Love Mindless Behavior 💚💗
Izabella Peckham (3 days ago)
Me and my cousin you’d to jam out to this bring back those days
Mirna Molina (3 days ago)
Prince is so cute I go for him
Mirna Molina (3 days ago)
Man I remember them
Roid Skrap (3 days ago)
Omg I wonder what happened to them
thereasa lord (3 days ago)
Love u mildless bavhor
ChiCa LoVesMusic (3 days ago)
*2019* *I'm still madd loving this!* 🎶🇬🇧 💕 🇬🇧🎶
JuniorSyndicateFan9 (3 days ago)
Prettyluh breya (3 days ago)
Ray Ray was my favorite 🖤✨👾✊🏽
Cupcake (3 days ago)
They had to do it to us
Lorenzo Robinson Jr. (3 days ago)
R.I.P Roc Royal
sian world (3 days ago)
Alayshia Payne (4 days ago)
Love mindless behavior
Taylor Jones (4 days ago)
Bro this song is old I remember listening to this all the time I used to have a crush on them
shawna taylor (4 days ago)
Is me your girlfriend
Jordan Sparks (4 days ago)
good xox
Y’all are the singers and good dancers
Trigged *** (4 days ago)
Okay YouTube I watched it
Trigged *** (4 days ago)
I’m ten and I’m like *look at this dude NO NO NO*
Dallas Harris-Talbot (4 days ago)
2010s kids will never understand
Yeet MgEet (4 days ago)
The og (American) bts
Mya Freed (4 days ago)
It’s still a bop
forrestnet (4 days ago)
What y’all know about mindless behavior¿
Kendrah Terrell (10 hours ago)
Ayeeeeee😂😂 mindless behavior Lmfaooo😂 ayee😂😂😂😂😂😂 aye k bye😂😂😂😂😂😂
B.A-M.E EVIL THRILLER (4 days ago)
I'm just now hearing this song
Boi Z (4 days ago)
B.A-M.E EVIL THRILLER Yout serious? My cousin used to play this song
funnybunny mina (4 days ago)
Patricia Rahe (4 days ago)
Comment 86k
Kween Sxnai (4 days ago)
So I moved houses and I was going threw a old box I found concert tickets posters about this band I remember saying it’s not a phase mom
JustAriel 123 (4 days ago)
The one with the braids 🤤
JustAriel 123 (4 days ago)
I love this song
I Remeber my sister singing this my family is old schooled but not really so I'm pm almost 10 2019 XD Edit: she thinks they are cute
Pretty Girl J (4 days ago)
I am really in love with RayRay because he had style just like me
Lovely edits (4 days ago)
*Im here in 2019 still listening to this because I miss the good ole days LOL*
Dhneje Vebebe (4 days ago)
this group broke friendships. We were in the playground in like 5th grade fighting over who was cuter😭😭😂😂
Latonya Jones (4 days ago)
Y’all see that little girl right there 😭😭 2:05-2:09
absolutetrash (4 days ago)
Life w Mercy (4 days ago)
Everyone slept on prodigy
E Global (4 days ago)
Can’t believe
PrincessVon Tv (5 days ago)
Used to be my favorites
Skyler Tayler (5 days ago)
U will never find a group of boys like this
Rexsi (5 days ago)
I used to come home from school go on on demand and watch this man good ol days
Ebony Mitchell (5 days ago)
One of you look familiar to me from school
Justina Johnson (5 days ago)
u get lost lol :)
Shy and Mari Gang (5 days ago)
I my mom show this song I was like I wish I was there make then
Lyla Russell (5 days ago)
Y'all are a great group Like if u think that👇🏽
Christy Scruggs (4 days ago)
Hey what's up
Jamica Johnson (5 days ago)
Y’all are cute
Geraldine Byrne (5 days ago)
why is this in recomended wtf
ΞFFΞCΓZ FИツ (5 days ago)
Remember back then these niggas would take anybody bitch
Caitlin Jackson (5 days ago)
Diggy was my first crush EVER 😫 That boy was and still is fine 🥰🥰
Lorenzo Chappell (5 days ago)
I might be a mindless behavior star
isis hill (5 days ago)
This song is trash 👎👎👎👎👎👎
Quincythetanke 358 (6 days ago)
Is diggy lil skies
bsimb (6 days ago)
Oh shit I forgot about this lol!
Keira E (6 days ago)
i remember when my cousin dated ray ray. his grandma lived literally across the street from my aunt’s house. but i literally had no idea who he was. then i found a pic of ray ray and everyone else in my cousin’s room and it said “mindless behavior” on it i’m like “he’s in a band?” . and i would tell my friends and ofc they didn’t believe me. it’s irrelevant now but whatever 😂😂
Janaye Thomas (6 days ago)
Dis used to be da shitsss man!🤦🏽‍♀️🤧
christan.k Dunlap (6 days ago)
Geez my sisters play that every 24 7
Unel Davis (6 days ago)
Came here after the song Text Me by Diggy Simmons. He’s been an amazing artist when I first saw this video which was freaking 7 yrs ago sheesh. Proud of Diggy 🙌🏽
Malaki Trop (6 days ago)
Memories 😩💙
Carlos Comery (6 days ago)
rainy (6 days ago)
woah this is a throwback
Itzz Gabby (6 days ago)
Im still bumpin this shit 💚😭🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️
funny Ok (6 days ago)
I love this song 😀😁
Zunaira Jabeen (6 days ago)
This was my song nl
Lachelle Minion (6 days ago)
Clorenzo Griffin Jr (6 days ago)
The game sexy girls
Clorenzo Griffin Jr (6 days ago)
Sexy gi
Aiyana ig (6 days ago)
Damn this brings back memories
RishoOwns (6 days ago)
I really wanna see this with no autotune
Nicki Minaj (6 days ago)
This when MSP(movie star planet) was popping
Cramer Gang (6 days ago)
I loved you guys but i want you to come back
Dasia Imvu (7 days ago)
Omg girls // Mindless behavior memories 🤧🥵♥️ 2019!!
Mattys Games (7 days ago)
I remember watching this like when I was 7....

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