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Craigslist's $500 Beaters - Diagnosing Problems: Are They Worth Buying ???

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Lets dive into this 500 buck beater bomb ranger debacle I bought and DROVE home. Can we make it reliable ??? craigslist car craigslist cars for sale craigslist cars and trucks craigslist car scams craigslist car flips craigslist car challenge craigslist cars and trucks for sale by owner craigslist car build craigslist car flip how to flip a car cheap car to buy cheap car flip cheap car challenge craigslist cars buying craigslist cars cheap cars cheap ranger cheap ford ranger WHAT TO LOOK FOR When Buying a Car On Craigslist! $500 Craigslist Car Challenge ep1 How to Buy a Car on Craigslist: Real Example How To Find Awesome Car Deals On Craigslist For Super Cheap What is a Good Deal when Buying a Used Car? (How to Buy a Used Car)
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AmericanHillbilly (3 days ago)
Is my 1993 Ford Taurus GL engine non interference? 3.8L Essex V6
gnikmi (11 days ago)
thank u
Reasons why $500 beaters are worth it too me. Reason 1: 24 hours of LeMons Lol
James Marquis (26 days ago)
I like the square shape of the older model Rangers and Explorers.
James Marquis (26 days ago)
There are always good, reliable, used cars for $1,000 and up on my local craigslist. Why anybody would pay $50,000 for a new car is a mystery to me.
Francisco Macias (27 days ago)
For the high idle, check the idle control valve or Manifold absolute pressure sensor. Your does not appear to have a mass air flow sensor.
Shmey (28 days ago)
This Ranger looks so much like mine, which is a '93. Mine is the first year of the "new" body style. Interior and engine compartment look very similar. The wheels look basically the same.
Jon Smith (30 days ago)
Don't forget to check the piston return springs!  Any of them go, and it is worse than a timing belt going bad!   Also, always make sure you have the fan belt going the proper direction! That one had to be taken off and reversed, otherwise you mess up the belt and cause premature failure!
Eric D (1 month ago)
i'll need a pair of pliers and a set of 30 weight ball bearings awe come on guys its all ball bearings these days...
Kelly Myers (1 month ago)
The pressure tester is such a good thing to own. Test the cooling system to find leaks in system or radiator. If you repair anything on the cooling system, you can pressurize the system without starting to be sure that hoses and gaskets are functional. You can also test radiator cap if your kit has the accessory.
Lawnmower16 2012 (1 month ago)
6:40 I’ve pulled my dipstick and had something white and goopy before
getredytagetredy (1 month ago)
I bought plenty of hoopty's that turned out to be good trucks
a random frog (1 month ago)
instead of hammering that fender in and wasting time you should have gotten a new one.
02GrandAmGT1989 (1 month ago)
Manufactured in Mexico looks like the problem to me xD
MyJimmmmmmmy (1 month ago)
please dont beat on this truck, buy a sturn to beat on.
Alex aj (1 month ago)
Whenever a head gasket blows it doesn't mean it mixes with the water and oil sometimes it goes straight to the cylinders and it won't blow white smoke either I seen it a lot
movieguy73 (1 month ago)
A discharged battery can cause the engine to idle high to charge it.
movieguy73 (1 month ago)
14 mins of nothing.
ThunderHead289 (1 month ago)
Go watch me pull the f100 out of the woods. That’s something.
Gert Jørgensen (1 month ago)
I had an '02 2.3 that throttled weird.
Mark Gigiel (1 month ago)
You can get better than that for 500 to 1000 if you take your time looking. That sucker needed way too much work.
Douglas Dobson (1 month ago)
I just traded some $300 scrapheaps in on a $500.00 beater of my own, Ford Ranger: "needs a transmission, won't move" Well, as soon as I get the emergency brake unstuck, I'll check into this "transmission" problem LOL.
Sean Place (1 month ago)
I heard those Ford Rangers have problems with their Cadillac Converters boiling off the blinker fluid due to faulty coolant resonators.
Tom Ridgway (1 month ago)
Bought an 03 Taruas for $450 with 115K on it. After an AC compressor and belt. She is roadworthy. Had it so far for 6 months!
Nick Greseth (1 month ago)
Great videos! I have a 1993 Ford ranger 4.0 xlt and whenever I start it it wants to jump up to 3000 +rpms so right when I start it up I put my foot on the break for 15sec or so and it stops the rpms down to normal. Do you have any idea what that problem could be? Thanks
Tony Fierro (1 month ago)
That truck reminds me of Hank Hills truck if it didn't have bed cover
AIO inc. (30 days ago)
Hank actually did drive a Ranger
Edward Elliott (1 month ago)
Excellent trouble shooting skills
Jason (1 month ago)
That’s EXACTLY how I would have fixed the fender on a $500 truck!!! Looks like a pretty good find for $500!!
Michael Callighan (2 months ago)
Drove a 90 ranger for 25 years. Great little truck.
capndavey1 (2 months ago)
not a bad truck I got a 98 for 1,200 last month
Noah Fontaine (2 months ago)
my first thought on the high idle would have been the mass airflow.
ThunderHead289 (2 months ago)
This is pre MAF It ended up being a few things, primarily new plug wires and cleaning out the IAC
Andrew S (5 months ago)
Literally everything wrong with my truck - high idle, heater doesn't work, leaks on the driver seat. I paid 500 dollars for mine as well. Mandela effect? Parallel universes? Mexican manufacturing?
MaximusRightAngle (5 months ago)
Very informative, I learned a few things to service for a cheap truck find!
Punchinello (7 months ago)
just to comment on your body work, it was not laughable, im a collision repair tech by trade (aka body man), and if the method you use gets the result you want regardless, its a good method!
colormesarge (9 days ago)
I was always taught by the old timers to use the hammer and wood method. Force with give.
Kevin Cyrus (8 months ago)
Danger ranger, piece a crap
ThunderHead289 (8 months ago)
+Kevin Cyr i actually used it for 11,000 Miles, then traded it for an 09 crown Vic with 101 thousand. Fixed the coil pack issue and I’ve driven the vic all winter. The ranger was a great stepping stone
like a rock (9 months ago)
Muffler valve and blinker fluid. lol
SHANNON FRYE (9 months ago)
"Free body work quotes"...HAHAHHAHAHAHA
MoonwolfeConsulting (9 months ago)
What a cute little dude. He is worth every penny it takes to get him running right. He's Rangeriffic!
RebelRanger01 (10 months ago)
I had an 89 ranger just like that that was my first truck when i was 16 4L v6 5 speed that i beat the shit out of. bought it from a guy for 1500 bucks I put a straight pipe on it and I had to replace all the spark plugs and spark plug wires and a bunch of fuses when i bought it, it had 290k miles on it when he finally fell apart the transmission went on it and it actually had a cracked frame that i never noticed right by the left front tire and the frame broke in 2 right there while i was offroading and the transmission went on it like 2 weeks later so i just put it on a trailer and took it to the junkyard
Jerry Riggan (11 months ago)
Looks like the fan clutch is gone.
motor62500 (11 months ago)
Your not a Rookie,  great real vid...
Ken Winnen (11 months ago)
I got a 1994 Ranger for $300 only replaced the rad. cap for $6.99 it had some rust outside but ran and shifted great. No leaks, the engine was very clean. It did have 284000 miles. did a some road trips one was 300 miles other was about 200 miles no problems. Drive it in till I put a new trans. in my 1982 Merc. Sold it for $600 and keep watching the new owner drive all over the place. And yes got it on Craigslist.
Richard Smith (11 months ago)
I bought a 93 ranger that was 4 years old with 107,000 miles on it. It was a 4 cylinder with 5 speed. I paid 4,500 in 97. When I retired it, it had 332,000 miles on it. They was a good little truck in there day.
Raterman (11 months ago)
"Blinker Fluid" Lmao
Ricky Dziadek (11 months ago)
come on let's be honest the real problem is that it's a Ford
dposer10 (11 months ago)
what is the wire? vacuum line? behind the battery that might go to the terminal, or possibly be a vacuum leak
dposer10 (11 months ago)
Eh wasn't sure you noticed among all the crap repairs, it just thought i would ask
ThunderHead289 (11 months ago)
+dposer10 without looking, I believe that was a ground that got cut for some dumb reason. One of the first things I fixed for sure!
James Quick Jr (11 months ago)
My 96 had the same engine it always idled high
Rocket Rider (11 months ago)
really discouraging if the catalytic converter goes; they are just too expensive along with the other stuff that will need repair or replacement in order to benefit from getting a beater
Rocket Rider (11 months ago)
Wow ... I see now why a beater would look so attractive. Thanks for the info!
ThunderHead289 (11 months ago)
it depends where you live - a new cat from summit racing is around 100 bucks or less, probably all in at about 150 on that repair. here in iowa we do not have inspection, so i would run without it.
Robert Veracka Jr (11 months ago)
You should also smell the oil on the dipstick for an ether-like smell. It is indicative of a engine that has been bathed in starting fluid. It can cause a ring to collapse. Even worse, it can cause an explosion!
T Hewitt (11 months ago)
Very good video you know your stuff and if I buy a ford I want you with me.
owen prince (11 months ago)
I have two of these trucks. 3liter and a 4 liter . Great trucks
Zepherius Cole (11 months ago)
lol blinker fluid
Derrick Knighton (11 months ago)
500 dollars hunk of junk
Derrick Knighton (11 months ago)
Nicholas Lynch (11 months ago)
Payed 1250 for my ford still driving it. Gotta fix the driver door still but. 120k miles I put on this thing so far. 236k so far. Abt 260$ in parts
Nicholas Lynch (11 months ago)
Bought my lady a 2013 focus. Not broke just don't wanna psy high dollar for my vechials
Hawk 1911 (1 year ago)
Once bought a 1993 Geo Metro for $200. Cost $220 to change the title over -_- It was cheap because it leaked all its coolant in about 2 minutes. Turned out to be a freeze plug that had a small hole from corrosion. So I gave it a super high tech repair, a wide headed self tapping screw covered in HTV gasket maker. Drove that car around for two years before I finally killed it.
ThunderHead289 (1 year ago)
Love stories like that! I hope to get 4 out of this beater bomb ranger!
Big Rhonda (1 year ago)
I never see a 500$ beater on cl
Fireship1 (1 year ago)
I had a 1990. It also had a four cylinder. Had 8 plugs. Two plugs per cylinder.
MoonwolfeConsulting (9 months ago)
Fireship1 Son had one, it was a piece of worthless garbage. American Racing rims off it went on Ranger #2, which was stellar and not a 4 banger. I loved driving it.
overthemountain100 (1 year ago)
Whats strange is that a lot of stereos have a yellow wire that is supposed to be wired to constant 12V for station and tune memory, so if you don't drive your car every day these systems can drain your battery in a few days.
ThunderHead289 (1 year ago)
There are two wires that see power with a radio. That is well below 1/4 amp for memory, the other wire is the signal wire to turn on the radio which is supposed to be keyed. In the case of this truck it was wired hot. So some of the backlighting to it and the power button stay illuminated. If you don't drive it every day, it will drain it down pretty bad. I plan to make a video on power draw with it when I fix it.
Levi Kragt (1 year ago)
Where in iowa? i saw one of your vids about holley fuel pumps a while back, convinced me to buy carter, im in Johnston, but i see that ankeny sanitation trash bin
ThunderHead289 (1 year ago)
I am indeed a patron of Ankeny
M&N Distribution (1 year ago)
This is what I call high end luxury
soap38 (1 year ago)
that's funny. my first car was a $500 ranger just like that one lol. it worked for about six months with me doing a different repair on it every week.
Jon Smith (1 year ago)
Ignore the negative comments... I'm just giving you a hard time. Do what makes you happy bro. It's better than a car payment
ThunderHead289 (1 year ago)
thats not what the lady thinks !!!! ha !!!
Dillon Mersereau (1 year ago)
"If you can see the problem" *zoooms in on the "made in Mexico" sticker* Yeaaa I figured that's the problem.
Heavy Militia (1 year ago)
There's a blue decal on the front that should tell you what your problem is.
ThunderHead289 (1 year ago)
Found in road dead. Indeed it is on there
SirFriedrich (1 year ago)
Oh god my uncle has one of those
Thomas Nay (1 year ago)
a vacuum leak, idle air control motor, or a dirty throttle body is most likely the high idle problem. I'm leaning towards vacuum leak, but I would clean the others.
FelixTheHouseFreak (1 year ago)
What's wrong with remanufactured in Mexico? I always get good quality parts made in Mexico.
Website guy (1 month ago)
Everythings better here and your neighbor will be working so we dont have to pay welfare to feed his family.
snowboard13gcuz (1 year ago)
Your name isn't Hank is it? You wouldn't happen to sell propane and propane accessories would you?
OhighO Skater (1 year ago)
The Mustang at the end earned my subscription
OhighO Skater (1 year ago)
ThunderHead289 Awesome! I'm looking forward to watching it!
ThunderHead289 (1 year ago)
There is some good rotstang stuff coming out soon 👌
Matthew Wayne Jr (1 year ago)
I own a 1992 3.0 Ranger and it runs great it's my daily driver it has 185,XXX miles and it's never given me any problems
Gabe Ulrickson (1 year ago)
your mic randomly fades in and out with wind and just overall when you are moving
The Bootleg Garage (1 year ago)
Arent those basically Mazda B-series trucks?
ThunderHead289 (1 year ago)
Technically it's the other way around. Ford owned Mazda, so the Mazda is a ford depending on the year
eddie bowens (1 year ago)
put a 302 in it lol
SurviventheOnslaught (1 year ago)
my dad had an 83 ranger 2.3, it was the worst most gutless piece of shit he ever owned, he would abuse my mom ever time he drove it, many black eyes............piece of trash
Josh Elkins (1 year ago)
i got a civic for 200 bucks. needed a head gasket. got offered 3k. and i turned it down
Jeremy Bonham (1 year ago)
very good video very useful I have a ford ranger as well a 2008 but thanks very much for this
xan_carman (1 year ago)
ive been looking for a cheap truck like this to learn how to work on more. i got a tiburon back in november and worked on some but it runs well now and so theres not much more to do on it
twogreatguitars (1 year ago)
Aerostar steering wheel
Jon Smith (1 year ago)
It's a ford , it will never be reliable... lol
Joseph Soto (3 months ago)
Your trash
ThunderHead289 (1 year ago)
+Jon Smith you can come run against the rotbody mustang anytime you'd like
Jon Smith (1 year ago)
ThunderHead289 Rustang sounds better
ThunderHead289 (1 year ago)
you must have never heard of the rotstang then lol biggest pile, most immortal car ever. and any vehicle is as reliable as the time you put in to maintain them son.
Ozzy games (1 year ago)
wtf is blinker fluid?
Ozzy games (1 year ago)
David U oh... for one second i was genuinely confused
David U (1 year ago)
Ozzy games it's a joke. It comes from old cars blinkers filling up with water so they would call it blinker fluid
swifthartless (1 year ago)
pretty sure pumping the brakes on any car will affect the idle some cause the booster
swifthartless (1 year ago)
your high idle is the idle air controol valve the go bad on these old fords all the time
ThunderHead289 (1 year ago)
I had already tested that before I made the video. Put a new one on, no change. And it tested right as well. There was a bit of hollywooding on the issue where I knew previously.
Koshunae (1 year ago)
I love these little 2.3 limas, especially this one being just the 4 plug head. Super simple and super reliable.
MowBandit (1 year ago)
If you ever wanna get rid of that radio let me know lol i can always use a nice upgrade from my cassette player
MowBandit (1 year ago)
ThunderHead289 (1 year ago)
Deal. I hate it in there
test test (1 year ago)
Had the same idling issue with my Mustang, but I guess that's where the v8 swap comes into play...
apachefoxx (1 year ago)
my ranger (1993 4.0 V6) was $500. automatic. only had reverse. rebuilt the tranny and it's been as reliable as our 2015/2016 vehicles. sick find man.
Cameron Meyer (1 year ago)
If you look closely at the alternator you can see the problem (zooms in on a remanufactured in mexico tag)
Kris Ram (1 year ago)
Holy fuck are you Elvis Presley?
Seegal Galguntijak (1 year ago)
Besides the muffler valve and the blinker fluid, it is also recommended to check whether the transmission sand has been replaced regularly. Most people neglect that.
Crash TheStampede (1 year ago)
Ford phased out muffler valves in the mid-80s when the much less expensive muffler bearing systems came avaialble.
James Flores (1 year ago)
in case you didnt know brake systems do change the idle rpm normally bc vacuum assist
James Flores (1 year ago)
yeah i remember using one to diagnose my diesel jetta you know i actually thought they may had a product for pressure and it was me being insensitive
ThunderHead289 (1 year ago)
lol what did I say, pressurize? Nice lol good catch there
Sara Jasto (1 year ago)
WCGwkf (1 year ago)
I bought a 96 ranger with 155k miles 4.0l v6 4x4 with manual trans for 1000 bucks. needed a good cleanup and all the maintenance it never got but the oil was kept up apparently. had a huge list of things to get the thing back up to par how I maitain my vehicles but I put about 1500 into it and maybe I can break even when I sell it. if it didn't have body damage in the front and sub frame damage making it pull right a little I'd keep it but I'll sell it later this year and start a new project. it's a hell of a lot of fun and I learned so much from it.
StepCorn Grumbleteats (1 year ago)
Nice idea for a series, ESPECIALLY since auto isn't taught in High School anymore.
batterymaker (1 year ago)
0:59 Improvised hammer n dolly....
Carlos Matos (1 year ago)
Are they worth it? Maybe if you don't live in a state where it has to pass inspection, lol
Andrew Rhodes (1 year ago)
What state are you in?
ThunderHead289 (1 year ago)
Good ol Ioway
Oscar Diaz (1 year ago)
Dang it bobby
Alex Burns (1 year ago)
ThunderHead289 (1 year ago)
What makes you think it was bypassed ??? Because it's properly hooked up.
bruno fernandez (1 year ago)
in my country i can't buy 4 tires for $500 u$d

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