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Kids Say The Darndest Things 3

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SUBSCRIBE TO JOIN THE #KYOOTSQUAD!: http://bit.ly/kyootkids Kids Say The Darndest Things! That's why we're all here, right? We've posted two of these funny kid compilations already, and you guys are LOVING them. So today, we're giving you another installment of our brand new Kids Say series. There is no doubt that kids really do say the darnedest things. Don't believe us? Watch this compilation of hilarious kids who are adorable, sassy, witty or a sweet combo of all three. These are some seriously funny kids, and we're here to laugh! Like the kid at 2:53 who says, "Or not..." Like this compilation if you are LOVING this new Kids Say series! Comment down below with your favorite clip from the comp. Mine has to be the one at 9:18! You'll never call it a, "cupcake," again! LOL! Kids Say The Darndest Things 3 Kyoot delivers your daily fix of LOL kids clips and premium original content for kids of all ages. Come visit us to see all of your favorite cute baby laughs, funny kids, and parenting fails!
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Kyoot (2 months ago)
BEST OF KIDS SAY is now up on my channel! comment KIDS SAY 🦄 on the vid for a chance to get a shout out 🎉🎉🎉
If you give a mouse a cookie, it'll choke and die.
zuza gabcova (3 days ago)
Call Me GHØŠT (17 days ago)
Doodle Dragons مررتزتتضشءطزوتضشسيط
Chases Channel (26 days ago)
I'm. A. Part. Of. The. Kyoot. Squad.
clara cook (1 hour ago)
That's why your ruining my Christmas while my shirt says, Totally Adorable.
clara cook (1 hour ago)
And I just got an add saying, are you tired of having no friends.
DP.flosie (1 hour ago)
bleach 218 (1 hour ago)
5:23 that kid is going to be a drill sergeant!
Cookie Mouus (14 hours ago)
"Run for life" 😂"let it go"😊😂😂😂😂😹
Vegan Shar (14 hours ago)
3:22 when you take lil pump lyrics too literal
Jojo Mackinze (16 hours ago)
"if you give a mouse a cookie what happens next?" "He will choke and die" "OkAYyyY *uncomfortable mode activated* "
Articuno Girl (16 hours ago)
I like the one that says keep your eye on the ball
ImTyrant (17 hours ago)
3:26 sTOOpiiddd
Micayla Grande (17 hours ago)
1:13 This girl sounds grown. 🤯
Cali Anne (19 hours ago)
I had a feeling the second one was gonna be darn heartbreaking 😂
Madi Chapman (19 hours ago)
“I don’t want to die.” Me:”you are not going to die by an egg 🥚...”
WaNnA sPRiTe CrANbeRrY (19 hours ago)
Parents: What do you want to be when your older? Kid: A HEWICOPTER!!! One parent: We are raising a kid who wants to become a helicopter. Other parent: I didn’t think we were doing THAT bad.
Tornado Gaming24 (19 hours ago)
Instead of I like trains it is I like cups
Madeline Bae (19 hours ago)
9:09 so adorable 🤗
Journi Autry (21 hours ago)
0:56 wanna behave No Way! Ok fine then I’ll behave😂😂😂😂
Journi Autry (21 hours ago)
Morgan Marielle (22 hours ago)
Who else heard despacito in the background of 5:28
Brittney Bitch (23 hours ago)
Haha haha wth
Edna Compton (23 hours ago)
2:20 was funny
Norma Gallegos (23 hours ago)
Put your eye on the ball and he goes to put hes eye on the ball ha ha🤣
Evil Destroyer (1 day ago)
I know that kid in 5:55 his name is jacob not buddy
JD Instinct (1 day ago)
I ain't saying nothin' 😁😁😁😁😁
ReinBows Roleplays (1 day ago)
Scissor Squats!
Eric Burton (1 day ago)
Pure honesty
Princess MJ (1 day ago)
"If you give a mouse a cookie what will happen next?" *"It'll choke and die"*
peachanay simms (1 day ago)
what is this for am gonna dissolve the vinegar and then we are gonna dye I don't want to die
Luka Nigro (1 day ago)
That kid at 3:15 is high af.
Michaelaslay Queen4 (1 day ago)
0:23 when yo mom get a new boyfriend and she say don’t tell dad
Darixe Meldock (1 day ago)
My favorite is 7:16
JustRaGamer (1 day ago)
"Your old!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Cricri (1 day ago)
"Touché" look wtf that's a reincarnated old soul i swear
Miss. Jelly-Dream (2 days ago)
1:31 is the best please in the video hahahah mommy is fat! HAHAHAHHA!
Eilís Ní Mhealláin (2 days ago)
What is your probilum?
Joey Turner (2 days ago)
"GET OUT" LOL WTF 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍😃😂😂😂😂👍😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁😆😆😆😆😅😅😅😄😄😄
Joey Turner (2 days ago)
Kids remember never do.drugs 👍
Adam I Z Jalisi (2 days ago)
Priya Niki (2 days ago)
Put your eye on the ball and he literally does it Lol 😂😂😂😂😂
Tracy Poling (2 days ago)
If you give a mouse a cookie it will choke and die...how positive
Tracy Poling (2 days ago)
I sip on sauce 🤣😂🤣😂
Tracy Poling (2 days ago)
I AM BEAUTIFUL! I AM PERFECT!...mommy is fat 😂
Cryptic yt (2 days ago)
2:02 is that Mia Khalifa
Madeline Bae (2 days ago)
8:34 and thats a sum up of cardi B's childhood
Soren Pinetrack (2 days ago)
3:31 good acting little baby!
Paweł Wójcik (2 days ago)
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JYv8knDihSk .....subscription !!!!
Mr. Giraffe (2 days ago)
Tatum And Bella (2 days ago)
1:33 hahahaha
Fay Devantyo (2 days ago)
what's your probelum?
hunkypickle 59 (2 days ago)
I’m sorry but darndest is the worst word I’ve ever heard
Joe Sweet (2 days ago)
madelyn trepka (2 days ago)
2:08 what is your prob-a-lum?
Zimka Lilian (2 days ago)
1:06 Did she pee on the fool Or she pity the pool 😎
Lila Cohen (2 days ago)
5:22 *that kid is fitter than me-*
hifive127 (2 days ago)
Mom: What happens when you give a mouse a cookie? Me: IT WILL REMIND HIM OF HIS CHILDHOOD AND HE WILL WANT TO GO TO HIS CHILDHOOD HOME!!! Other child: He will choke and die. Me:WtF????😂😂😂😂😂 If this gets at least 5 likes I will choke and die on a cookie like the mouse. I'm completely original!!!!! Sike
Josue Alcudia-Vazquez (2 days ago)
"I ain't saying nothing"
Jordyn Smith (2 days ago)
Mom: what happens if you give a mouse a cookie Kid:it will choke and die Me:wtf
Everest Marandi (1 day ago)
I just had a "woah!" moment from that, mate. 😨
Nothing TM (2 days ago)
6:25 me with my friends 😂😂
Morningfire Drawz (2 days ago)
"What do you want to be when you grow up?" "A helicopter."
Sofia-Andreea Neata (2 days ago)
3:18 i sip on sauce :D
Stuart Measter (2 days ago)
Its Cold (2 days ago)
2:44 *when the krew cant decide who's funneh*
Golemthicket head (2 days ago)
Slivermist games (2 days ago)
Undenied Storm (2 days ago)
Mum I wanna be mean.
Oliver Hansen (2 days ago)
Now im sad Bout it 3:35
Jenna Werfalli (2 days ago)
Mom: Happy birthday and I love you so much! * Wipes away tear and gives kid microphone * Boy: I aint saying nothing!
Marinelover67 P (3 days ago)
Little girl: walkers to mom "Touché I diIED HA
Michael Peters (3 days ago)
Mom:twinkle twinkle little star Child:stop it stop it Mom:twinkle twinkle Child:stop it mommy Mom:you don't like it Child:uh uh Mom:why I don't sing pretty? Child:uhhhh uh uh
Mark Croud (2 days ago)
I am perfect Mummy’s FAT 😆 lol
Mr. Random Kid (3 days ago)
I sip on sawse
Remigio Ruda (3 days ago)
I'm driving MaMa CrAzY
Chippy Chips (3 days ago)
Sooo funny and cut
Chippy Chips (3 days ago)
Pastel Rainbow (3 days ago)
Dyl playz Roblox (3 days ago)
6:05 this girl somehow reminds me of the home alone kid
Calista Almira Krogh (3 days ago)
It's not Cece, it's Sissy!
Happy birthday cece your old😂😂😂
Azmano Romando (3 days ago)
7:19 gibberish mean i want to play ps3
elishah anonymous (3 days ago)
Omarion the vloger (3 days ago)
Lola Judge (3 days ago)
Mom: "If you give a mouse a cookie...what happens next?" Boy:"he will choke and die"
Corrupt Case (3 days ago)
4:18 round of applause for the new winner.
Selene Loera (3 days ago)
2:22 is the best thing I've ever heard
jayson j (3 days ago)
😂😂😂😂 I love them they are so funny
Zakrom (3 days ago)
“I pity the fool” *”I peed in the pool”* 😂😂😂
NIKKI MCCORMACK (3 days ago)
Laundry Basket (3 days ago)
mommy’s fAT
ja sam (3 days ago)
What's you're name kid?
Elaine Fox (3 days ago)
3:14 he is my insparation
Arjun Saini (3 days ago)
This is why we have to formally kill of all of the nigers we have to do this because if we don’t the chicken Industery will be so large that we will all get chicken pocs
Jackson Daniels (4 days ago)
Mommy's fat at 1:38
Muffins Gow (4 days ago)
I’m perfect ... mommy’s FAT 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
dailyCOOKIE ! (4 days ago)
*or not.*
Ryan Blair (4 days ago)
Rumors say the kid from the last one is still on the bike til this day
Chin Koh (4 days ago)
LOL 0:23
rockstar girl23 (4 days ago)
The who said I don't want to die made me cry
Zarina Shah (4 days ago)
😂 haha
PolarrZ (5 days ago)
9:07 my alexa legit started talking when alexa was said 😂
xXRadioactiveGoatXx (5 days ago)
paree Khan (5 days ago)
5:09 its not funny at all,she shouldn't laugh ,instead of laughing she should tell her politely to stop saying that. She is spoiling her

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