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STIHL MS 661 C-M Chainsaw

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Introducing the new standard in professional cutting power: The STIHL MS 661 C-M chainsaw. Featuring an impressive power-to-weight ratio and STIHL M-Tronic™ engine management technology, the MS 661 C-M MAGNUM® chainsaw also delivers less vibration and 20% greater fuel efficiency than the MS 660. Other features include a long-life filter system using HD-2 filter elements to provide longer run times between maintenance, an ElastoStart™ handle, and a high output adjustable oiler. Wrap-handle version available in select areas. Learn more: http://www.stihlusa.com/products/chain-saws/professional-saws/ms661cm/
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Text Comments (55)
Jerry Smith (4 months ago)
cool saw but what song is that
Sadie Cox (6 months ago)
*>>>**yon.ir/lEbv1**     Great saw that keeps cutting year after year. Mix your fuel carefully and correctly and do the occasional maintenance (Fuel filter, air filter, spark plug, grease the sprocket at the tip of the bar) and this saw will keep cutting cord after cord!*
Chris Breidenbaugh (10 months ago)
Who works with gloves that clean???
Seamus Snow (11 months ago)
what a retarded notch and back cut, you wear stihl panties too?
edward farmer (1 year ago)
Great music, for real
Juice Willis (1 year ago)
The safety equipment is just a little bit over the top
doner ae86 (6 months ago)
You can never be to safe around chainsaws, I'm guessing you never seen anyone hurt due to a kickback or a chain snapping in half.
Pr0jectConqu3r (1 year ago)
Easy to start my ass, brand new just got it home. Can't fire it up. My other Stihl saws start like they should. Going back to the dealer tomorrow, praying I'm just an idiot and this isn't an ongoing issue with the 661.
Ayse Avluk (2 years ago)
stihl biya anlatmaya gerek yik
Strike Taing (2 years ago)
I'm picking up this bad boy tomorrow :))
Mike Lesley (2 years ago)
OK if you want to get yourself kill cut like this guy.😉I'm a professional timber cutter and this is the kind of idiot that gets fired on the first day if not hurt really bad. other than that the 661 is a great saw. if you must cut your own down YouTube full hing cut.😄
Erik C (1 year ago)
What exactly did he do wrong? From what i saw he did everything right exactly like they would have shown in logging school in most of europe.
Jon Duffer (2 years ago)
Perth Wa (2 years ago)
I'd never have payed for my 's 661 cm if it was stamped made in the USA . MADE IN GERMANY is the only stamps on my saws .
andrewford80 (1 year ago)
Perth Wa everyone knows the German built saws are the best.
1970 olds442 (2 years ago)
Chainsaw Jim (2 years ago)
Move to Germany.
Jeffrey Bridges (2 years ago)
What song is that lol
Cristobal theAwesome (2 years ago)
Jeffrey Bridges sawdust storm - darude
bluerisk (2 years ago)
Zombie approved?
Landon Rhine (2 years ago)
How does one dislike this video? This video is pure BA
hello there (2 years ago)
You will STIHL have good products ;)
Cristobal theAwesome (2 years ago)
WOAH! Read this comment twice. I'm Stihl not impressed...
Kjell Arvidsson (2 years ago)
Stihl are realy good chainsaws. I got 362 and 261. Greetings from Sweden.
1970 olds442 (2 years ago)
Kjell Arvidsson huskys are cheap made junk
Pilot Amar (2 years ago)
+Kjell Arvidsson Husqvarna
Tom Skabry (2 years ago)
Picked up the 661 what a machine to replace our old 660 that finally blew it's cylinder head. The new 661 is an animal.
Venator Creed (9 months ago)
Olds 442 ...you old salty shithead you may have gotten a lemon which is possible for all equipment... Or your stuck in the 70s shit changes and advances nobody cares wether u like the technology or not
Morpheen999 (1 year ago)
Rebuild that 660
1970 olds442 (2 years ago)
Tom Skabry till the m-tronic goes out
henry holliday (3 years ago)
it is too bad they don't make I lightweight 25" bar for the ms290 farmboss because it is perfect for firewood gathering when I run into big trees
Miguel Contreras (3 years ago)
what was wrong w that tree?
Jeffrey Bridges (9 months ago)
No one was hugging it until now I guess
Erik C (1 year ago)
It was a very large tree growing among much smaller trees, in order for the smaller trees to prosper and to encourage growth it was to be cut down so it wouldn't take the nutrients and sunlight away from the smaller trees.
Cristobal theAwesome (2 years ago)
Miguel Contreras it gave him a wrong look
NOLALongboards (2 years ago)
+Miguel Contreras It had a lumber infestation, damn thing was full of it.
i have the 200ms,271ms and 660ms.now i want to replace the 660 with 661c-m!!!
Keltingr (3 years ago)
it sounded like this chainsaw was going to a Nightclub with the music
Cristobal theAwesome (2 years ago)
Keltingr it is
7heWickerMan (3 years ago)
Probably has as many problems as the 362CM and the 201T. No thank you.
1970 olds442 (2 years ago)
all you have to do is remove the junk m-tronic then it will be a good saw. i am a Stihl tec of 18 years. m-tronic fails all the time complete garbage
gpb (3 years ago)
+7heWickerMan so tell me what kind problems on 362cm ? as a stihl husqvarna and jonsered mechanic ms 362 cm is by far the best saw in its class. all you have to do is remove HD2 air filter and replace it with standard one... it will never again stall or loose power
gricka1000 (3 years ago)
STIHL MS 261 and MS 661 the best chainsaws on world .
guitargup (1 month ago)
the 660 is more powerful than the 661,.. look them up and compare they de-evolved the pwoer just to stall development and give you something they can call "new" when its less useful an dmore inconvenient to own than a 660 is.. it is also weaker than the 660 hahaha
1970 olds442 (2 years ago)
gricka1000 nope they are not. 260 pro and the 660 maybe but not the m-tronic garbage
Very cool video.
KnorpelDelux (4 years ago)
Beautiful product and your video really does its job...I am in love^^
bamjr78 (4 years ago)
I just upgraded from an old 026 PRO to a new MS362CM.  The new saw has plenty of power and is still light for its power output.
yanix70 (4 years ago)
This chainsaw is available since 2013 in europe. Better saw than the 660
Barkeaters99 (4 years ago)
The STIHL MS 660 has plenty of power and versatility for the large hardwood I cut in  NY.  Would love to test out the MS 661 C-M and see how the optimization works over the course of a day or weeks work.  Looks great!
Niight974 (4 years ago)
nice, would love to change my ms460 for this, but it cost more than 1500bucks here :/ i guess i have to cut more wood before the upgrade
MRJOHNDEERE3720 (4 years ago)
nice vid. :) i have a farm boss ms 290 & i love it. my dream saw is the ms880 or the ms660 :)
bwspyder1 (4 years ago)
nice saw, crappy truck like thing
bwspyder1 (4 years ago)
Glad to hear that !
Raik Sen (4 years ago)
it´s a Toyota Hilux... it´s not that bad. That´s what we get in Germany and rest of the world (except NA). Prefer the US trucks anyway. :)

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