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DARK SOULS Full Illusory Walls Guide/w Rewads

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Text Comments (46)
Tomáš Adamove (6 days ago)
What stats do you have in the footage ?
Sexy Boogalo Man (7 days ago)
I got angry watching this video
Mark Twein (13 days ago)
definitly the better video of secret place in D.S. 50% of them i has never seen before. Nice the last one. :)
Reaper3214 Sans (3 months ago)
Liked all ur guides dude
Ethan G (3 months ago)
That fucking catacombs bonfire... reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Nobu Blue (4 months ago)
Nice video thanks mate
Mohamed belbaali (4 months ago)
Thanks bro you are the best
Nich Hardy (4 months ago)
You missed the other walls in the temple in lost izalith that has the brave warrior soul.
KING OZYMANDIAS (4 months ago)
love your channel! where are u from? why don't you talk about lore as well? keep it up
Kond Videos (4 months ago)
KING OZYMANDIAS Poland and thank you :) I'll make more videos in the future for sure
UvaroviteKing (4 months ago)
Great video dude. I learned of a few new ones and that's always great
Morphee L (4 months ago)
are u even speaking engrish?
Broon's Bane (4 months ago)
thankw for the reminder!
TrojenMonkey (4 months ago)
Uh. You missed the one in the swamp, next to the leeches, which opens up to the underground-jungle area of the dragon-covenant.
TrojenMonkey (4 months ago)
...And here I thought I properly looked through the video. God fucking damn it. Pretty odd on your part to separate Qualaag's domain and Blighttown's illusionary walls 5 minutes apart, though.
Kond Videos (4 months ago)
TrojenMonkey 5:48
Gateless Gate (6 months ago)
ur pic os gay
Ron Ramey (9 months ago)
I found most of them on my wouldn't have guessed the one in blightown or queleggs lair.
jessie steagall (9 months ago)
I hope you know you missed one in Vally of drakes.
Kond Videos (9 months ago)
jessie steagall there is no wall in valley of drakes
TheGreen Tortoise (9 months ago)
What's a rewad
soulessphilosopher (11 months ago)
Beats the Hell out of players' shitty advice.
Romain (11 months ago)
Dragon Slayer (1 year ago)
Why did you stop uploading
Above Eden (1 year ago)
Great video. Short and to the point. Thanks for not spoiling the Sif part!
Gabriel Lumbag (1 year ago)
I know that these arent lore based. But heres a bit of info. The quelagg ruins one, get the covenant to level 2. This allows you to save solaire as it opens a shortcut to izalilth. You must kill the red eyed worm here before getting to centipede demon.
JUST GENIOUS (1 year ago)
4:26 wtf?
Sami Dous (1 year ago)
you man, thank you. precise, fast and clear, i am glad i watched your priceless video. p.s: your english is adorable ;)
WolFang (1 year ago)
how could anyone discover all this Illusory Walls?
PerfectIn3anity (4 months ago)
AdamixPat honestly I found them all myself but after a few play throughs
BuckFandai (4 months ago)
Most of them are really obvious too
Android Gaming (6 months ago)
AdamixPat (1 year ago)
Hints on the ground left by players and if Im not mistaken if you use Seek Guidance miracle you can actually see hints left by developers in front of most illusionary walls
Badger Chang (1 year ago)
Why did you stop making videos? I like these!!
forfb (1 year ago)
He's working on another guide series. Dark Souls 2 to be more precise.
Mirko Trombi (1 year ago)
Stop at 4:25
L Edits (1 year ago)
Oh I saw it xD
L Edits (1 year ago)
Mirko Trombi what is there?
Molnár S. Péter (1 year ago)
Do you plan to make more guides or Dark Souls 2-3 guides?You are rreally good at it. Thanks you helped a lot to get all the achivements!!!
Giancarlo Olio (2 years ago)
I've looked for this video but I didn't find it. Later I found your knight's honor guide and on the side I saw this video, maybe add some more words in the description, or maybe it's Youtube's fault. Great guides mate.
xXxShadowBladexXx (2 years ago)
Stop at 7:58
Extrawarot (2 years ago)
good video, nice accent
Ahmed Boukhalfa (1 year ago)
nordik i think
forfb (2 years ago)
You're smart. You're loyal. I appreciate it.
Liam Andrews (2 years ago)
thanks this really helps and that dj Khalid joke though xD

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