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Quilted Puffer Coat D.I.Y.

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Quilted Puffer Coat D.I.Y. Have some old coats or jackets that need love? Don’t throw them away! Try this DIY to make it new for you OR someone else!!!  YOU WILL NEED: Sewing Machine coat or jacket masking or painters tape pins scissors threads and trims The difficulty level for this tutorial is easy-medium because you can make it as easy or complicated as you want! Check out my Blog and Instagram for more photos! http://www.Chelseaquintela.com https://www.instagram.com/chelseaquintela/ Music provided by: Chace Quintela https://m.soundcloud.com/chicizoo Song: https://soundcloud.com/chicizoo/jazz
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Text Comments (11)
Experimental_Puffer (4 months ago)
I like to just rip my puffer jackets 😂😂 you still got this one?
WVN (4 months ago)
Experimental_Puffer lol Yes I do!!
Julia (5 months ago)
God bless y dear ! 👍It's wonderful idea with tape 😍
Kimberly Goodwin (6 months ago)
Whitley’s World (1 year ago)
Gurl what type of machine is that? I’m about to purchase a industrial machine, but hunny you got the Bentley of machines over there😂😂
Xavier Cruz (6 months ago)
+WVN hey, what have they taught you on design thus far?
WVN (1 year ago)
Whitley Swann Yes record! I bet you have amazing skills!!!! Would love to see more sewers on YouTube!
Whitley’s World (1 year ago)
Chelsea Quintela awesome!! We’ll keep the videos coming luv!! I sew sooo much that I never take the time to record but maybe I should!! To be continued.....😂
WVN (1 year ago)
A new machine sounds so exciting!!! Whitley Swann This baby’s got all the looks! But believe it or not this machine is an older Viking Husqvarna model 990 S . It has been in my family for 10 plus years and passed down to me once I started design school! Defiantly built to last! I would recommend any of there machines!
feliciag (1 year ago)
Ooh, my! You are so gifted & talented. Keep up the good work Chelsea. My Mom use to sew when she was 16 up until adult hood, and she tried to teach me too. I enjoyed it ! Soo relaxing... I really wish I would have stuck with it. I am a new sub, I Subscripted to your channel when I seen your curly hair tutorial with Maui products. I also tried them and fell in love . My hair texture is like yours. Now I will have to go out and buy a steamer for my hair , because I have low porosity hair as well. I would like to wish you the very best with your channel much LOVE to YOU.❤️Blessings😘
WVN (1 year ago)
feliciaglover1 Thank You 💖 ! Your comment means so much to me! ... It’s never too late to pick up sewing again!! You can do it !!! And so glad you love Maui products too!!! I will defiantly do more product reviews on them!!! Peace, love and blessing to you!!!

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