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Decision Tree Tutorial in 7 minutes with Decision Tree Analysis & Decision Tree Example (Basic)

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Clicked here http://www.MBAbullshit.com/ and OMG wow! I'm SHOCKED how easy.. No wonder others goin crazy sharing this??? Share it with your other friends too! Fun MBAbullshit.com is filled with easy quick video tutorial reviews on topics for MBA, BBA, and business college students on lots of topics from Finance or Financial Management, Quantitative Analysis, Managerial Economics, Strategic Management, Accounting, and many others. Cut through the bullshit to understand MBA!(Coming soon!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5yWr1hr6QY
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Text Comments (235)
Raviraj Thorbole (21 days ago)
excellent explanation thaks sir
MBAbullshitDotCom (13 days ago)
You're welcome sir!
konrad bachusz (1 month ago)
This is a binary tree
Dotui Ciij (2 months ago)
at the minute 1:36, where is the -30$ coming from? or how do we calculate it ? thanks in advance.
MBAbullshitDotCom (2 months ago)
It is "given" as part of the problem. You don't need to calculate. "Imagine you would lose $30..."
Yunusa Haruna (2 months ago)
Great explanations...
MBAbullshitDotCom (2 months ago)
A great thanks to you
Nutan singh (2 months ago)
Very nice explanation 👍👍👍
MBAbullshitDotCom (2 months ago)
Kartikay Shandil (4 months ago)
Thanks dude
renu sree (4 months ago)
Superb sir really it's very easy to understand
sofia32355045 (4 months ago)
todd from bojack horseman, is that you?
Nate Shwartz (4 months ago)
how did you calculate the odds of success ??
Abhishek Mishra (4 months ago)
Hey dear if I open new shop in new market then what should I keep inventory how to find it
Nalin Bhati (4 months ago)
that means improve your %age chance of success and everything follows, in real life
Ozden Kandemir (5 months ago)
is this Todd from Bojack Horseman
MBAbullshitDotCom (4 months ago)
edi djunaidi (5 months ago)
Many lecturers are complexifying a concept, but you simplified it well. Thanks n keep it up!
Epan Reza (7 months ago)
Thanks for the sharing!
Alen Jangozin (8 months ago)
Thank you very much for such a clear explanation!
MBAbullshitDotCom (8 months ago)
glad you find it clear!
Faris Ahmad (9 months ago)
7 years later, and this video is still teaching students 100x better than how they learn in college or universities
Arkabrata Datta (5 months ago)
Yes I totally agree.
MBAbullshitDotCom (8 months ago)
You've been around my channel for 7 years? Wow! Welcome back
Nitin Sawant (10 months ago)
Very useful
MBAbullshitDotCom (10 months ago)
Glad you find it useful!
Calvin Nguyen (11 months ago)
MBAbullshitDotCom (10 months ago)
Amen to that!
Amy Lillen (11 months ago)
I'm still waiting for him to get to the part where he suggests where I should plant my trees at home.....
MBAbullshitDotCom (11 months ago)
The best tree to plant is now legal... in some states
JYOTI .j (11 months ago)
Thank u for making video it really help☺☺☺☺☺
MBAbullshitDotCom (11 months ago)
Glad it really helped!
Fehmida Ghazal (1 year ago)
awesome lecture
MBAbullshitDotCom (1 year ago)
awesome, thanks!
Sulaiman Safdar (1 year ago)
I got PMP exam tomorrow and damn, this video really made this bullshit concept easier for me to understand..hahaha
Sulaiman Safdar (1 year ago)
MBAbullshitDotCom yea I passed the exam. Thanks so much for your videos
MBAbullshitDotCom (1 year ago)
Hope it helped in your exam!
erick Catalan (1 year ago)
im gonna pass my exam tomorrow because of this! you saved my life 6 years ago cheers!
MBAbullshitDotCom (1 year ago)
Good luck in your exam! And glad to have you back!
Kamashah Faransan (1 year ago)
you are bullshit like your dirty language
MBAbullshitDotCom (1 year ago)
junxi kang (1 year ago)
i like you id name.
MBAbullshitDotCom (1 year ago)
I like it too!
abigaba josephat (1 year ago)
i wish lecturers also explain this like you.you make it easy and simpified
MBAbullshitDotCom (1 year ago)
You're welcome to come back any time
Buildaholic zak Zak (1 year ago)
Hi how can you decide from dataset that has 1000 rows and 21 columns which to use depending on your research are relevant. How can I reduce the data. What are the effects trying to create predictions regression and decision tree can you please help
BARASA MUIA (1 year ago)
From Kenya.It has helped me in my course
MBAbullshitDotCom (1 year ago)
Hello to you in Kenya!
Danlan (1 year ago)
MBA bullshit? Why?
MBAbullshitDotCom (1 year ago)
Because :)
akhil pinninti (1 year ago)
Thank you so much from India
MBAbullshitDotCom (1 year ago)
You're welcome in India!
mba bullshit, you are the shit
Paul H (1 year ago)
Your videos are bull Shit too lol Jk... They're very good. Keep it up.
MBAbullshitDotCom (1 year ago)
Hee hee!
P.S Nair (1 year ago)
Very easy to understand, Thank you!!
MBAbullshitDotCom (1 year ago)
Glad you find it easy to understand!
Sharika Khaled (1 year ago)
this was very helpful!!
MBAbullshitDotCom (1 year ago)
glad you found it helpful!
godfrey machira (1 year ago)
thats so amazing...the explanation is just quite awesome!!....
MBAbullshitDotCom (1 year ago)
an awesome thanks to you!
shweta babanagare (1 year ago)
absolutely love your Videos. thanks for help.
MBAbullshitDotCom (1 year ago)
absolutely thanks!
Khushboo Chauhan (2 years ago)
can u help in making decision tree of following data Department Status Age Salary Count Sales Senior 31…35 46k…50k 30 Sales Junior 26…30 26k…30k 40 Sales Junior 31…35 31k…35k 40 Systems Junior 21…25 46k…50k 20 Systems Senior 31…35 66k…70k 5 Systems Junior 26…30 46k…50k 3 Systems Senior 41…45 66k…70k 3 Marketing Senior 36…40 46k…50k 10 Marketing Junior 31…35 41k…45k 4 Secretary Senior 46…50 36k…40k 4 Secretary Junior 26…30 26k…30k 6
gala clouds (2 years ago)
I love you man helpful
MBAbullshitDotCom (2 years ago)
Thanks for the love
Sungyeoup Na (2 years ago)
how did you make 100, -30, 90, -10 dollors ? i wonder realy about it
MBAbullshitDotCom (2 years ago)
It's just given as part of the problem
Musawer khan (2 years ago)
thanks for such a nice lecture, do the same for beginner in future, speak slowly like you do in this video
MBAbullshitDotCom (2 years ago)
glad you find it nice!
Advance Learner (2 years ago)
great efforts , I have also made on almost same topic
Sultan Alshamsi (2 years ago)
That intro tho: welcome back to. Y. Channel MBAbullshit
Hans Franz (2 years ago)
I know Decision Trees only from Information Theory (Shannon) perspective. How do Entropy and Information Gain relate to your "expected value"?
Kiki Sudiana (2 years ago)
Great videos. Easy to understand. Thankyou ..
Sandeep Singla (2 years ago)
hey thanx dude :-D i jst kick on my book's ass... MBA BULLSHIT
Mariam Hussain (2 years ago)
how we got -35 and -10?
MBAbullshitDotCom (2 years ago)
It's "given" as part of the problem... no need to compute it
AndyVids2011 (2 years ago)
If only the dam professors in colleges can explain it this easily. SMH...Thanks!
shahzad jamal (2 years ago)
sir can u help me to make a decision tree of hostel management system please make a symple one for me i have an assignment for my class please!
Sinead Kay (2 years ago)
The name is a bit of a shame because it prevents me from (formally) directing my students to your clear explanation!
Rajesh Subramanian (2 years ago)
Awesome tutorial, bro...:) I love the way you are presenting the stuff. So funny and cool ! :)
J T (2 years ago)
Way to simplify this, i appreciate people like you! Just to confirm, the EMV(expected monetary values) in this function are EMV 1 (35$) and EMV 2 (40$) and therefor my optimal solution would be EMV 2?
VulcanGray (2 years ago)
You explained in 2 minutes what our professor attempted in an hour
MBAbullshitDotCom (2 years ago)
@Vulcan Shoot me a private email :)
VulcanGray (2 years ago)
+MBAbullshitDotCom well. since you asked. I had a term that I completely failed because of depression. didn't realize I had it. have it under control now. anyways I had to take an incomplete. which meant I had a year to finish. my grade entirely hinged on my passing one exam and me continuing at college was contingent on getting s certain GPA. this helped me pass my test and overcome a hurdle in my career of education.
MBAbullshitDotCom (2 years ago)
Wow, that's awesome... I'd like to hear your story (really). send me a private email david(at)mbabullshit(dot)com I'll delete this comment soon..
VulcanGray (2 years ago)
+MBAbullshitDotCom you might have been a significant force in my life. allowing me not to be expelled. take your current compliment because I probably won't remember you in 5 years. just know you very likely got me a bachelors
MBAbullshitDotCom (2 years ago)
glad you liked your 2 minutes!
mdarifur rahman (2 years ago)
the teaching method was very useful for the beginners :)
MBAbullshitDotCom (2 years ago)
glad you find it useful :)
Michael Grey (2 years ago)
wondeful video, excellent teaching, thank you very much.
MBAbullshitDotCom (2 years ago)
+Michael Grey wonderful thanks to you too
Ashley Reynolds (2 years ago)
Hi, really helpful. But if I'm developing a decision tree how to I set the values to each branch? Thanks I advance :)
MBAbullshitDotCom (2 years ago)
+Ashley Reynolds in this case the values are given. If it's for your own biz you do your own estimate.
Meenakshi (2 years ago)
Mr Bullshit u r d best. I have seen your corporate finance videos too. All videos are good.
MBAbullshitDotCom (2 years ago)
+Meenakshi thanks for watching!
AJ Swee (3 years ago)
By far the best LP site for most of us on the internet. I lose the will to live on most others. Thank you, very helpful
MBAbullshitDotCom (3 years ago)
+AJ Swee glad you have the will to live onward!
Md Wahid Hossain (3 years ago)
MBAbullshitDotCom (3 years ago)
+Md Wahid Hossain super thanks!
sophia constanti (3 years ago)
why is it $30 loss if it fails ?
MBAbullshitDotCom (3 years ago)
+sophia constanti it's just a given part of the problem...
Mariam Husni (3 years ago)
this was really helpful
MBAbullshitDotCom (3 years ago)
+Mariam Husni really, thanks!
Mateus Yonathan Yoyo (3 years ago)
definitely not a bullshit
MBAbullshitDotCom (3 years ago)
+Mateus Yonathan Yoyo hee hee hee
Junaid Siddiqui (3 years ago)
Thanks man, great video. Subbed
Venkat Vutukuri (3 years ago)
how to calculate the sensitivity analysis for the decision tree solved above?
Prashant Malla (3 years ago)
thanks for sharing!!! nice explanation..
MBAbullshitDotCom (3 years ago)
+Prashant Malla happy you like the explanation
bodyboarding06 (3 years ago)
Great video but lacking nuances (which is to be expected of a short clip). The formula doesn't incorporate the diminishing utility of money. This may yield insignificant results on the micro scale but should be of concern to large corporations when considering multimillion dollar opportunities. Do any versions of the decision tree accommodate for this problem?
Ghislain Nono Gueye (3 years ago)
+bodyboarding06 The expected value formula in this video is not meant to incorporate the diminishing "marginal" utility of money. It is a statistics formula, which is pretty much set in stone.
Swapnil Dixit (3 years ago)
fuckn awesome explanation
MBAbullshitDotCom (3 years ago)
+Swapnil Dixit fuckn thanks!
monalisa haque (3 years ago)
Thank you soooo much.....helped me.....why there is a "bullshit" with the MBA?
monalisa haque (3 years ago)
Ok i get it..thanks
MBAbullshitDotCom (3 years ago)
+monalisa haque It's a common pun in the U.S. and elsewhere for difficult MBA language which is hard to understand but is actually simple...
Bhaskar Bhasku (3 years ago)
MBAbullshitDotCom (3 years ago)
@AndreaBruno That is pre-given information as part of the problem, cheers.
Christian Lembke (3 years ago)
OMG Comic Sans ^^
Andrea B! (3 years ago)
why candy shop has 50% chance of failure will probably lose 30 dollars? if it is 50% chance of failure why not it will lose 50 dollars?  And same with Lemonade - THAT i dont understand and i have a final tuesday and this is part of it - totally confused
Buğra Taşdemir (3 years ago)
I heard that there is a ready library in C# for generating Decision Tree on the screen. That library has nodes and branches. Do you know that library's name ? I need it ! Please help me.... [email protected]
Afsa Naz (3 years ago)
Hi, I am creating a multimedia product as part of my ICT coursework and have found that your video is very useful. I would like to ask whether I could use this video as part of my product. This piece of coursework may later be published. If you could get back to me about this it would be much appreciated. Thanks
MBAbullshitDotCom (3 years ago)
+Afsa Naz Send me a private message with your university (if any), etc. I'm currently in confidential negotiations with a huge US university asking me to provide my premium videos to their students (special section on my website for them, bulk discount, etc.). Let me know what you have in mind (private message). Cheers.
Alberto Messias (3 years ago)
thanks for the very good explanation ... congratulations
MBAbullshitDotCom (3 years ago)
+Alberto Messias thanks and congrats too that you now get it
ahmed ch (4 years ago)
wsjalerts (4 years ago)
Mull tiplied by :-)  Nice video.. thanks
MBAbullshitDotCom (4 years ago)
Exx actly :)  +wsjalerts 
Preetam RB (4 years ago)
oh I had flip teaching.. on decision tree.. i gave same example you gave in d video.. i got full marks.. thanks a lot u r too gud... 
MBAbullshitDotCom (4 years ago)
+Preetam Virus X glad your presentation went well!
Uddeepa Peris (4 years ago)
amazing ... thank you much. good explanations ..!
MBAbullshitDotCom (4 years ago)
+Uddeepa Peris welcome!
MBAbullshitDotCom (4 years ago)
@twinkleofLea glad to have saved your life!
iamborat100 (4 years ago)
I was looking at my textbook reading and re-reading the explanation on the decision making process given by the author, I found it hard to understand and wasn't getting anywhere with it. This has explained a great deal very quickly, thank you very much.
iamborat100 (4 years ago)
I made this account a long time ago hahahahaha
MBAbullshitDotCom (4 years ago)
+iamborat100 thanks! are you Borat from Kazakhstan?? :p
Catherine J (4 years ago)
Excellent Video, Thanks for Sharing! I was not able to take decision, but now with the help of “right decisions” Mobile app by Hanumappa.  Decision making has become fun and easy for me.
Manesh Sivlal (4 years ago)
Amazing... but where are you given the $100/-$30 figures?
Manesh Sivlal (4 years ago)
Thank you!
MBAbullshitDotCom (4 years ago)
+Manesh Sivlal those figures are "given" as part of the problem. You don't solve anything to get it. Cheers.
Alvydas Puodziunas (4 years ago)
Good job! New subscriber:) Good explanation
MBAbullshitDotCom (4 years ago)
+Alvydas Puodziunas thanks for the sub!
This is so cool ! thank you ! 
MBAbullshitDotCom (4 years ago)
You're welcome glad you find it cool!
Saras Perbhoo (4 years ago)
I find the explanation clear , simple and direct to the point . thank you
MBAbullshitDotCom (4 years ago)
+Saras Perbhoo you're welcome
Teran Bickler (4 years ago)
great job sir.
MBAbullshitDotCom (4 years ago)
+Teran Bickler thank you sir.
Leslie Rubio (4 years ago)
Where did the -10 and -30 come from?
MBAbullshitDotCom (4 years ago)
+Leslie Rubio it's given as part of the problem
Robert Kosova (4 years ago)
Thanks! Great video!
MBAbullshitDotCom (4 years ago)
+Robert Ko Great welcome!
Ivor Butcher (4 years ago)
Great but a little repetitive.
Anil Roy Dubey (4 years ago)
MBAbullshitDotCom (4 years ago)
+Anil Roy Dubey THANKSS
Kishan Singh (4 years ago)
i dont know if anyone told u that earlier...u sound like "leonardo di caprio" ...cool
Kishan Singh (4 years ago)
lol :-p
MBAbullshitDotCom (4 years ago)
+Kishan Singh what??? Girls don't find me as handsome as him, but I'm a better "bull" than him ;)
Carlos Llanes (4 years ago)
Awesome job!
robert t (4 years ago)
Excellent Video, Thanks for Sharing I was not able to take decision, but now with the help of “right decisions” Mobile app by Hanumappa. Decision making has become fun and easy for me.
Leigh Burkett (4 years ago)
Good video. Doing business at college very helpful. Thanks
Leigh Burkett (4 years ago)
MBAbullshitDotCom (4 years ago)
Hope you're having a great time learning biz in college +Leigh Burkett !
Seraph909 (4 years ago)
The law of better karma.
MBAbullshitDotCom (4 years ago)
Wish you good karma +Seraph909 
Kevershree Gounden (4 years ago)
Excellent Explanation :) Thanks for sharing!
MBAbullshitDotCom (4 years ago)
glad you liked it +Kevershree Gounden !
tahir white (4 years ago)
Great job u just earned a subscriber
MBAbullshitDotCom (4 years ago)
+tahir white thanks for the sub!
Christopher F. Darden (5 years ago)
Good video, thank you, you're explanation is so much simpler and more understandable than how my Professor explains it.
MBAbullshitDotCom (4 years ago)
+Christopher F. Darden I'm glad you appreciate the simplicity :)
UK soontobein AUS (5 years ago)
Thanks but please can you explain the -30 and -10, where do they come from? I don't get that at all
KSA12UK (5 years ago)
You are my hero.. Many thanx
MBAbullshitDotCom (5 years ago)
Wow, and my viewers like you are my heroes too!

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