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The Most Kawaii Fashion Ever! (My Lucky Bag Story)

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Hey! I hope you enjoyed this video as much as I did making it, it certainly was an experience. If you want to check out the store its: https://wagado.fashionstore.jp/ The shopping service I used is: https://treasure-japan.com/ Music: Stepic - Dedenne Stepic - V字上昇Victory (stepic retweet) https://www.instagram.com/ikuraz/ https://www.facebook.com/ikuraz/ https://twitter.com/ikurazz https://www.patreon.com/ikuraz https://soundcloud.com/ktenologics
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頭の悪い人 (1 year ago)
cacophony_gigawatts (1 year ago)
Oh I see there's a cheek hole in the jeans. Still though you could wear an undergarment that'll really flash between the threads. But really denim is so amazing. That red dot I'm thinking is a Seinfeld reference #someta #cashmere #bigisgood you're thoughts may be spot on but you're so dramatic california rules but that flashy is more Miami or golfer style.
Brolock1 (2 years ago)
the 90s skater boy look was dope, do ripped denim jacket over the shirt and wear some vans and a bucket hat fam
Hobo (2 years ago)
you can make vidoes about animes you like and how they inspired you to wear a certain cosplay
みーむ (2 years ago)
aaaa where do you buy your contacts from? have you ever bought contacts in-store australia? where?;w;;
Ikuraz (2 years ago)
Sarah I get them online from uniqso, ttd eye (I have discount codes for these :3) and there is a stall in box hill I buy from!
Juliana Galletti (2 years ago)
The2ndKombat (2 years ago)
😍😍 kawaii...
Pub_Squash (2 years ago)
Yo can you recommend any shops that have guys or neutral unisex clothes? I'll be heading over soon and I've starting my hitlist
Ikuraz (2 years ago)
Pub_Squash I mentioned this in one of my other vids, but village vanguard is a goldmine, la foret in harajuku has good men's stuff, there's a shop called womb in harajuku that has awesome men's and unisex stuff at pretty good prices too!
ZamorakianGamer (2 years ago)
I was the first one to follow her on twitch
lapistides (2 years ago)
the festival look was the best! mainly because of your ironic use of it 😂
YuuichiYusa (YT) (2 years ago)
its as if they tried to troll you with this box. O_O!
Bryan Martínez (2 years ago)
Jonathan Quintal (2 years ago)
Your beauty surprises me😍
Ignacio (2 years ago)
Keep going!!! I love your videos :')
Plastic (2 years ago)
how much time did the clothes arrived? also i really like your videos and style! kawaii ayy efuu
Ikuraz (2 years ago)
it took around 2 months :( the shop didn't send my clothes to the shopping service for over a month, very slack in my opinion. thank you!
Sad Toys (2 years ago)
I never knew you where from melbs! Dude the festival look 😏haha
Sad Toys (2 years ago)
Ikuraz not the actual "clothing" look... the look 👀 you gave the camera when it zoomed in lol!! 🙏🏻
Ikuraz (2 years ago)
Personally, it's my fave look
Los Pesquiris (2 years ago)
que linda eres,, saludos
HiitXros (2 years ago)
I need this
Macky (2 years ago)
nice video ^-^
Motivator Muda (2 years ago)

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