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Trashed jeans girls

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Kitt ripp Lauras muddy jeans.
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jude alexander (6 months ago)
Those groans gave me a boner
creative333 (4 years ago)
Really hot, love all the ripped denim and the trashed thigh boots. 
crismondragon (8 years ago)
Did I just watch porn?
blindasbat509 (8 years ago)
........ i guess the one on the bottom lost?
webkdd40 (9 years ago)
I GIVE IT A 10!!!! YEA A 10!!!!
TwinDusks (9 years ago)
Joe Blo (10 years ago)
Deux vraies christ de salopes comme je les aime !
shakey1256 (10 years ago)
i have so many leather outfits you gals could wear like this
wilsjane (10 months ago)
I wore my cowhide leather jeans at last years bonfire and ended up grappling in the embers with a guy. My jeans gave me the advantage when I rolled us off me into the glowing embers and they were able to take them for a lot longer than his Levi's. Needless to say, my boyfriend enjoyed watching all the fun. Would you have enjoyed watching the girl wearing leather pants in the video grappling in a few embers until her opponent had to give up.? LOL (Jane)
theoo77 (11 years ago)
I will give it a try :-) thanks

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