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How To Inspect Your Suspension

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Technically this shows you how to inspect your rear suspension, but if you know the full history of your car, meaning that you've never replaced any of the struts, then whatever condition your rear suspension is in I guarantee you your front suspension is the same. So if the rear struts are gone, the fronts are as well. Even though I'm showing this on my E46 BMW, this video will apply to most passenger cars.
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POOMSTYLES (1 year ago)
Hi mate. I don't know if you do any work on the e61. Have you ant videos on the replacement of the air suspension air spring? Either mine has gone or the hoses but I'm expecting the bag as it loses what the compressor tries to blow into it.
David Barbush (2 years ago)
hi, any videos on front end suspension noises and fixes? thank you so much for taking the time and effort into this channel. My new years resolution was to get into fixing my 323i and you've been more than helpful. i'm addicted now.
MR FW190 (3 years ago)
how do you check the damper if you have coilovers?
50sKid (3 years ago)
+ballackdilan Hmm, I suppose you don't. Best to keep track of how much mileage you accumulate since you've installed them and replace them after 60k-100k miles.
Alonsojr (3 years ago)
Have you ever dealt with a bad rattling in the rear of your e46? I have a bad rattle in 2nd and 3rd gear but once I hit 4th and 5th it stops.
50sKid (3 years ago)
+Mario Quintela Could be a wheel bearing. Sometimes they get quiet at just the right speeds. Jack your car up and see if you have play.
david Crawford (3 years ago)
hey 50s kid got a couple of wires hanging down from each side of the front light areas. one on each side.2 pin connectors. all my lights work headlight brights side marker fog and corner. really confused what these are
50sKid (3 years ago)
+david Crawford Do you still have your temperature gauge on the driver's side? Those often fall out if you scrape the bumper on something. I'm missing the one on passenger side too--something to do with the headlight cleaning system but not really sure.
clabcon (3 years ago)
It is a rear shock not strut and the bottom bolt requires 100 Nm / 74 ft-lb torque.
50sKid (3 years ago)
+clabcon I stand corrected. Thanks!
david Crawford (3 years ago)
awsome. thanks again, didn't know you can remove the rear strut with out coil compression.

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