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Classical Architecture: Three Fallacies by Robert Adam

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Article in the Architects Journal, 7 May 2010 Classicism has been wronged, argues Architect, Professor Robert Adam. Although its longevity proves people still want classical buildings, three fallacies about style, relevance and authenticity are used to justify the hostility it receives from the profession.
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Driss T (10 days ago)
Hi, the essence of greek architecture is proportions. I try to show it in this video https://youtu.be/lN4wApw3q84 The rest is only decorated columns/beams. Thank you for your video. Good day.
Tareco Ferreira (23 days ago)
lock, please plunge deeper!!!!! orders, capitals..etc Are not the language of classical or better, Hellenic architecture, since Roman architecture is deeply different, yet superficial equivalent, are effects or solutions taking already existing cultural or import embedded solutions of for something deeper, namely organizing principles form which you can take the all these alements as we can see, and they will still be classical. Here in the deeper sense of the word. You can learn evrithing about, progressions on geometry, on harmony, order, symmetry, etc etc. And still be without a clue what is classical and there deeper nature, namely, what Aristotle call's eusinoptic in the most hermetic sense, relating temporal calibrations, and the inter-articulations between dynamic strictures. That posit the classical or better the Helenic as a particular type of composicional unitary conception, founded apon a particular conception of essence. One could have like in the case of all the classical elements in some corporification, and this corporification, be has no-classical has it can be. So, has Heraclitus says: "invisible harmony is superior, to the visible one". Or what aristotle says about creators of linguistic historical compositions, that they could right in verse, yet, that will no be poetry. The same aplays to architecture. So fuck the orders, and symmetrys ..embrace the inviseble order, that bounds the building as architecture and make him classical in essential sense!!!!
Tim Slee (3 months ago)
Modern architects forget about the importance of detail, symmetry and scale. Detail is put aside for simple design that praises itself as 'innovative' despite the laziness behind such a decision. Symmetry is random in most modern buildings leaving viewers confused and uncomfortable, the forms of these modernist designs make little sense and seek to impose. Scale is also something modern architects forget, many modernist buildings waste space but modern architects will tell you that it's to "let more light in" or to "Make the residents feel more comfortable". This however is not true, people can function perfectly well in buildings will lower ceilings and less space over all.
Martin Quirke (3 months ago)
Why are most architects ignorant of the rules and benefits of classical architecture? Are they not taught it in their colleges and universities? How can an irregular “blob” or a “Boring box” be as easy on the eye as symmetrical classical architecture? The worst examples of architectural ignorance are the attempts at a classical facade where all of the basic rules are broken. The columns have no entasis for example so from a distance they look weird and out of perpendicular. Designing a facade on a computer where the viewer is less than two feet away is not how it will look in the real world, something that these untrained “designers” do not seem to appreciate.
Ian McColl (5 months ago)
These fallacies are so deeply rooted in the architectural education internationally. But I doubt that the human capability allow us to become equally knowledgable and skilled in both ‘isms’ given the design and construction of contemporary architecture become increasingly complex.
cefnonn (1 year ago)
Thanks for this video. It made a change from watching funny cats!
Gordon Pasha (1 year ago)
cefnonn . Easily done. It's a funny coincidence that the Prof Bob Adam, a rare traditionalist Architect today has the same name as the famous original 18th century Scottish Architect. His success with this specialism has earnt him a lot in fees.
cefnonn (1 year ago)
... but my youtube search was for the 18th century Scottish architect, also called Robert Adam!
Gordon Pasha (1 year ago)
cefnonn . You're very welcome, although most credit should go to professor Robert Adam.
Michelle Ashley-Emile (2 years ago)
Thank you for this video, it is extremely informative and I will be referencing it in my next university paper.
Gordon Pasha (2 years ago)
You're very welcome Michelle. All credit goes to Prof Robert Adam (or Bob)!

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