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Funny (not for me) bug ETS2 1.4.1

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BlackFoxer (1 year ago)
SLAY3R (5 years ago)
I have same problem , does anybody know how i can repair it ?
Ossa Abdelgabar (5 years ago)
I've got the same problem :(
Adam Aurelian (5 years ago)
how disable autosave...plss help me!!
SkySim✈ (5 years ago)
This happends to me too!
Jack Anyon (5 years ago)
The exact same thing has happened to me. I sent an email to SCS regarding this a few days ago but I have had no reply. If you find a fix could you please let me know via comment or pm. Thanks, Jack :)
it happend when game is making autosave. i think is possible to make option "disable autosave" or something else. now i'm playing new game, it's best fix ;)
Razvan Teodorescu (5 years ago)
Same problem here! I think we have to wait for the 1.4.3 version to come out:))

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