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Risitas - Los sacos de cemento (Original video with English Subtitles)

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Since some people asked for it, I made subtitles for this video. I hope you can understand it properly and have a good laugh with it. If you want more videos translated, say so in the comments. I will do them as soon as I can. Thanks for watching. List of annotations used in the video: *¹: Risitas got knocked over by a car when he was crossing the road. He flew a few meters and broke his shoulder when he landed. They had to operate on him and since then he has a very expensive prosthesis in his bone. (Also, I believe he won the lawsuit or something and gained a lot of money.) *²: "Las Candelarias" is a popular festivity based around the "Virgen de Candelaria", mostly celebrated in the southwest in Spain. People usually create groups and fraternities to devote and celebrate. In this case, he probably meant a friend he met in one of those groups. *³: I really have no idea what he means here. He says what I put in the video, but it makes no sense. He does things like this sometimes.
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Text Comments (675)
Gin and Toni c (3 hours ago)
What’s with the lack teeth?
MR. ATTAR (23 hours ago)
1:04 me when the teacher is talking about something serious
Amby Don (1 day ago)
Left man has a bottle opener in his mouth.
Dragoon GT (1 day ago)
Oh hey it’s that parody meme dude 😂😂
Z Z. (3 days ago)
My god this is the best show I have ever seen
Banshee Gaming (6 days ago)
3:48 Where Sia got her idea to make Chandelier
OctoPapa (7 days ago)
When I want to laugh I will just watched this again. Still my stomach hurts. Hahaha BTW 3:28 AM I love risitas
richard barajas (9 days ago)
That one tooth though lmfao
Matej J (10 days ago)
The guy on the left is perpetum mobile of laugh
DontActDumb (12 days ago)
I mean, but their fucking fault they lied about bottles :Đ
abdou GT (13 days ago)
I become 1 tooth man from laughing
Laurent Chougrani (16 days ago)
Is this a tooth contest???
MSI Hyper (17 days ago)
That guy only have one tooth =)
danszig mcbrain (20 days ago)
This reminds me of my teenage years getting drunk with my budds laughing and crying for hours 😭
GyUzz208 (23 days ago)
Me: Deez Nuts? Risi: Hueheueheueheuehe
Me: Calls Siri. Siri: *Says all the spanish laugh man* Siri: Sir, I do not understand one of he said. Siri.exe has stopped.
Scelo Sindane (1 month ago)
Ana riza Perez (1 month ago)
Omg i watch this im crying laugh out by my self..hahahahahahah!!!
Hellenic Warrior (1 month ago)
3:40 is he dying?
Pr1meval Pr1me (1 month ago)
Is it just me or when I see his face, I remember the paellera episode and I started to laugh out loud already?
David Brown (1 month ago)
4:29....heart attack? Lol
El Heffe (1 month ago)
a part of me jus wants to take that one tooth away so i can finally complete the puzzle
Crazy Chicken (1 month ago)
Sounded like a pig 4:26
Veltex T (1 month ago)
scuffed gargamel on the left
BadDeathRose 20 (2 months ago)
3:47 That face had me dying! 😂
LaughS (2 months ago)
Andalusian sounds like a mix between Spanish Spanish and Puerto Rican Spanish
SaruWaza (2 months ago)
The fun thing about this is that all Latin American Spanish variants come from (mainly) the Spanish spoken by Andalusian explorers, mixed with each respective local languages, so you're right in a sense.
Synthetic Dawn (2 months ago)
I like the story :D they abused him having to carry heavy loads of cement for 4000 pesos and the lady at the job office say sir it isnt my fault , well it isnt my fault either that my back is hurting hehe good one Risitas always delivers.
Koto Blokong (2 months ago)
Legend - GMD Levels (2 months ago)
tae bear *ೃ࿔ * (2 months ago)
boi looking sleek
caramelxpapi __ (2 months ago)
The guy with one teeth 😂😂😂😅😅😂😂😂😅😅😂😂
Marie Anne (2 months ago)
I lost it at the guy with one tooth laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
A.S Nafis (2 months ago)
Are they still alive?
SaruWaza (2 months ago)
Only Risitas (and Jesús Quintero, the presenter).
Tom Holland Sucks (3 months ago)
I am decaying just by watching this.
Oh Yeah Yeah (3 months ago)
All these people making fun of the guy with one tooth probably doesn’t know that he is dead
Da Killah (3 months ago)
Chacha Boota (3 months ago)
6:14 wtf is wrong with this dude🤣🤣🤣
Facepunk Punker (3 months ago)
The guy with one teeth sounds like when I feed my chickens
Daniel Ivo (3 months ago)
This is gold.
cristopher2089 (3 months ago)
I read some of the comment in their other videos that these two have dark past. Is it true? If it is then what kind of dark past?
SaruWaza (3 months ago)
Not really, or at least it isn't know of them. Both of them come from humble backgrounds, even I would dare say they were pretty poor. Peito (the guy with the one tooth) actually died in 2003 due to a chronic disease he suffered. He died being 44; do you think he looks his age? As Risitas said in a recent interview, Peito used to drink and do drugs, at least some years before their TV appearance. In fact, Peito was almost a hobo; he was fed by nuns from their local church and as I said before, he was a heavy alcoholic. I'm not bashing them or anything, just in case. They are your run of the mill humble, simple people from country towns, who managed to get into TV and get famous. They aren't evil by any means, they simply didn't know better. They always mentioned in interviews how they used to have no money before TV and having now and living comfortably because of it.
Run Silent (3 months ago)
ONE tooth. Why not pull the last one out too???
balasim jasim (4 months ago)
True laugh true love- poor people. I made my day
Xel 0 (4 months ago)
5:22 he sounds like hes crying wtf
Mr. MEME (4 months ago)
3:07 wth was the scream?
Martino Costa (4 months ago)
That guy with one teeth laugh as a chipmunk lol
Life or Reality (4 months ago)
Look like a damn witch with that one tooth in the front, cackling and shit
K9JT (4 months ago)
6:14 That's the sound the truck made trying to start at 12AM
Dix B. Floppin (4 months ago)
How does the man eat without no teefers?
Fikri Abi (4 months ago)
Raptor mating call at 3:06
Eoin keane (4 months ago)
Teeth.exe not found
maq1990 gg (4 months ago)
I don't understand why I'm laughing so much...
James Carmichael (5 months ago)
The foreign dialect, the gaping hole with one tooth and the whizzing laughs. Art
txan go (5 months ago)
this guys are like the scottish people from spain, very weird accent and funny people
Prevolution (5 months ago)
They could've went to get dental implants with all the money they received from the tooth fairy who is now bankrupt.
Nate A (5 months ago)
he only keeps the other guy around to make his own teeth look "good" ...
sallak (5 months ago)
6:14 when you stoned and laugh at the wall
sallak (5 months ago)
4:30 when you try to catch a pig
eXDee (5 months ago)
I want to laugh like this one day
Martin MisteryGamer2070 (5 months ago)
Kendall CL (5 months ago)
3:46 WTF😂
perceivingacting (5 months ago)
The story isn't funny at all!
Dangerous inlove (6 months ago)
I guess this show is called "The teeth out show"
Dangerous inlove (6 months ago)
I gues this show is called "The teeth out shoe" 😂😂😂
Dangerous inlove (6 months ago)
I gues this is called "The tooth out show"
Dangerous inlove (6 months ago)
04:10 That man with one tooth lol 😂😂😂😂😂
Dangerous inlove (6 months ago)
04: 10 lol that ond tooth 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
AŞIRI YAKIŞIKLI (6 months ago)
Medeniyet dediğin tek dişi kalmış Bir canavar dir.
SSS Gaming (6 months ago)
MGstaR17 (6 months ago)
3:02 best part starts
samira agic (6 months ago)
3:19 LMFAO
le 18-25 plante le drapeau
DARK SHADOW (6 months ago)
That dude with the one teeth omg XD i cant take it
Slicer Shanks (6 months ago)
Ni tienen dientes suficientes esos dos para llenar un solo voca
Im dying bro.
BENETT 69 (6 months ago)
3:41 best moment :) Like
Ronan .Cooney (6 months ago)
There isn't a full set of teeth between the two of them
I'm a good noodle (7 months ago)
he ignored the one toothed guy throughout the show :'v
Jovas (7 months ago)
6:14 longest silent laugh ever
Vikrant Sharma (7 months ago)
I laughed so hard I peed myself 😁😁😁 now somehow holding my shit together 💩💩💩
SinghSaabTV (7 months ago)
What’s wrong with the guy at 5:51 though?😂
Happy Cat (7 months ago)
Teeth are importaint, kids
sixtyton angel (7 months ago)
I love Juan joya!
Ajax (7 months ago)
Hash Brown (8 months ago)
Shane- O (8 months ago)
Hahahahahahahah. This old bastard is the funniest man who ever walked planet earth. I pissed myself.
Anonymous (8 months ago)
Hi ;)
CandyMan20 04 (8 months ago)
His laugh is hillarious
Someone please do a meme One the One tooth guy
TQR12345 (8 months ago)
aldomendoza10 (8 months ago)
benbenplus (8 months ago)
One tooth Johnny seems to be frozen. Maybe a reset helps
Saku M (8 months ago)
Bluesman _5 (9 months ago)
Serously, this guy or this show is one of the funniest I´ve ever watched...:D
90% are NPCs (9 months ago)
5:52 real life Gargamel
Esta gente an hoido que existen dentistas muy buenos?
Erich Westerkamp (9 months ago)
Haben die keine Zahnärzte?
aldomendoza10 (9 months ago)
I need to convert this to a midi file
aldomendoza10 (9 months ago)
Jonny Gross (9 months ago)
like to see these guys eat apple

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