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The Barack Obama Magic Trick

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John Cornelissen (7 years ago)
@MVP8168 Yep there is. Dresscode by Calen Morelli. Enjoy your magic.
CestDes Conneries (7 years ago)
Only problem is i don't like obama. . . But the trick was awesome!
Sydney Atin Films (8 years ago)
where can i get those quick burn papers?
Avi Hoffman (8 years ago)
I am not the biggest Obama fan, well quite frankly I can't stand him, but I will say that that is a great piece of magic :)
Albunack (8 years ago)
chase duncan (8 years ago)
so hows that obama thing working out?
rommelgoodie (8 years ago)
opiat3d (8 years ago)
Good one, no pausing . . . bit of black art magic . . . cool . . . nice way to show your thoughts (even though i'm not American, can still appreciate this one).
virtualnoodles (9 years ago)
obama era? more like obamanation
vampirekilla556 (9 years ago)
is there a video cut???or was that the tightest thing ever?
equlibrium06 (9 years ago)
love the trick but obama is destroying our country
DDP239 (9 years ago)
That was sick bro.
xXxThePhenomenonxXx (9 years ago)
what is the music?
xxxxxxxmemaimoxxxxxx (9 years ago)
well fuck thaat!
kingofmagic1 (9 years ago)
Hey chris I fucking despise you know. U fucking suck. U think you know what's going on in the real world and you have know idea. If u voted for Obama then u suck. Any one that votes for him sucks. U don't even know what he's for and u voted for him. You fucking stupid ass liberals are sooo sickening.
Orbitbrown (9 years ago)
no pausing. Just ride the tide.
drizmasterflex (9 years ago)
i really cant belive you fuckers are talking about religion and politics when its a magic video, go express ur dumbass views somewhere else where people might give a shit. btw nice trick man.
qqgo2004 (9 years ago)
quite dumb. Haha.
magichristo (9 years ago)
Hmm. I think I just figured this trick out. anwyays well done, keep making infinity
julianmorning (9 years ago)
I don't understand what you're saying really. If you're saying I'm racist I'm not. Obama went over to the middle east and told their leaders we were a Muslim based country. We are not. We are a christian based country.
ZakyAlpha (9 years ago)
We arn't a Muslim country? Thats one of the most racist(er.. religion-ist?) things I've heard.
julianmorning (9 years ago)
Yeah, look at Obama now. No matter who our country chooses, we're just putting ourselves deeper and deeper. Obama is for crap. Thanks for telling the Middle East we are a Muslim country Obama, thanks.
Jeff Henry (10 years ago)
Clinton should be able to get another run IMO.
Joey Engelman (10 years ago)
dude, you have to be MadV. if you're not, you guys must be friends caus your tricks and style are VERY similar.
Sara Stapleton (10 years ago)
Learn to spell before you post ignorant opinions on videos about magic tricks.
OmNom Radicate (10 years ago)
Obama... I still can't past the fact that he suports the Freedom of Choice Act... If it passes, thats an estimated 100,000 more innocent american babys brtually murdered each year... Discusting...
TheMagicTard (10 years ago)
Did you just cut the camera Mr. Brown?
Thrashul (10 years ago)
You've got the idea, remove the optimism that was once present during the election. Now is the time to be skeptical, we have to question what he is doing. If we don't he will become corrupted like others before him. It's his job to get done what he promised to get done, and it's our job to keep him in line.
Magicaylee (10 years ago)
i agree with what you said... your right if they said they would keep everything the same they wouldnt get elected: )
Magicaylee (10 years ago)
i agree...
Jesse Feinberg (10 years ago)
Beezlebozo (10 years ago)
You're gonna have to face it one day Mr. Brown, that most magicians are goobers, and you're no exception! Sure a few magicians get the models like Copperfield and Burton but there' s always exceptions. Yer not one of them! But don't get me wrong, i think you're great. I have you added on myspace too. I'm the guy you love. but fyi, many entertainers keep that part of their lives a personal part of their lives so that they may appeal aesthetically to a higher demographic. Great trick btw
PolarBearBlue (10 years ago)
... Just comment on the trick and more on.
Mister73C (10 years ago)
Wow that thing with the t-shirt was amazing
James Wise Magic (10 years ago)
lol. you almost got me there. I said you had a think head, not that you were one. =P
guillemanzanares (10 years ago)
get ready for what's comin... Obama era is just another mask of deception n lies...
Xan Bunny (10 years ago)
that actual made me "WTF"
Eliot Slevin (10 years ago)
its not video editing its a camera trick, learn the difference. it could be easily adapted for stage.
JP Schvn (10 years ago)
This isn't video edited, think again.
rudxai (10 years ago)
Yeah, it is.
danimirish (10 years ago)
Yeah, in his next videos, he should wear a pro-abortion t-shirt, a legalize euthanasia t-shirt, a legalize marijuana t-shirt, a gay rights t-shirt, a stem cell t-shirt. Yeah, he'll be SUPER popular if he keeps that up.
danimirish (10 years ago)
What do you mean WOULD have been better, Obama has been in office one day. And I know McCain does not have the bad judgment to spend $160 million for an inauguration. That's just the beginning. Obama's ego is limitless.
danimirish (10 years ago)
The valid point was that politics brings in controversy to any situation...such as this video-edited magic trick.
danimirish (10 years ago)
I'm not a performer trying to get people to come see my shows and buy my DVD's. I didn't give an opinion at all, DORKE, saying who I voted for. Would you be defending Chris so hard if he was wearing a McCain shirt? Doubt it.
SPRAYdini Jones (10 years ago)
...I'll bet there's NO editing involved in the trick(s) ; in fact I'm sure I got it figured out , but I won't be a spoiler to a fellow mage ! Well done trick , and current too ! Great job ! ! !
jersey87 (10 years ago)
loved this :) I favorited it.
(10 years ago)
great trick!
Eliot Slevin (10 years ago)
its not...
MangiameleMusic (10 years ago)
that is sooo cool!!!!
rudxai (10 years ago)
lol yeah... It's all video editing. Reminds me of Chris Angel.. /fail
James Wise Magic (10 years ago)
I'm not going to even try. People like you are thick headed, no matter what logic comes across them, they will never listen.
thetruth918 (10 years ago)
ok um i asked for valid points and so far you only gave me racism and still havent really given a valid point as to why he sucks.. but nice try buddy
HutchMD (10 years ago)
i wanna learn that sooo badly...
VanOrton13 (10 years ago)
Jackson McGrath (10 years ago)
That was pretty damn clever.
O M (10 years ago)
simple yet very effective, well performed. an another inspirational peice by chris. also, bigUp Obama!
Ben H (10 years ago)
good job chirs! Obama :)
Tedulous (10 years ago)
whats so great about face book???
Anda Antaluca (10 years ago)
You will be always an inspiration Chris!Respect! -kiD-
danimirish (10 years ago)
I like your magic, Chris, but you should leave your politics out of it. To thetruth918: typical Obama supporter, using terms like "retard". You Liberals always resort to the "sticks and stones" mentality. One reason he sucks: $160 million for an inauguration...most expensive ever BY FAR. Give me one reason I should be excited he is now President?
thetruth918 (10 years ago)
give some valid points as to why he sucks then... retard
Jaka Košir (10 years ago)
haha! Nice Chris!! I love it xD GOOO OBAMA!:)
lordsuji (10 years ago)
good shit
Papapower12 (10 years ago)
nice chris! im canadian, but obama will be good for you guys.
HD Magic (10 years ago)
Haha That was Dope Bro, Loved the Music, really nice.

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