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ORA-01031 insufficient privileges -- Windows OS

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when you connect to oracle database trhrouout sqlplus as sysdba by the command line (CMD) on Windows OS some times you face that you cannot connect to oracle due to oracle error OR- 01031.
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Text Comments (37)
Minhazur Rahman (1 month ago)
It worked!Thanks
Akshay Naik (3 months ago)
Thanks Bhai
winicius torres (3 months ago)
No MMC eu não tenho essas pasta, poderia me ajudar? você é Brasileiro?
You are a god, thanks a lot!
Renso C (5 months ago)
You're a genius!
이승준 (8 months ago)
Thank you!!!
ABHISHEK PANDEY (8 months ago)
Thanks Bro.. Salam From India
punithpunith (10 months ago)
Thank you sir!
rabah gherib (11 months ago)
allah yestrek denia wa akhera inchallah
Khoa Ho Nguyen Dang (1 year ago)
love you :v
Aram O (1 year ago)
Thank you!!! I had same issue and I had to connect to Production DB for scheduled maintenance. You saved a lot of time!
vayunandu (1 year ago)
holy cow!
shivam gupta (1 year ago)
thanx man it worked
Corbett Alex (1 year ago)
thank you x 10000000 !
sivan kamil (1 year ago)
thanks, it was a great help...
Himmat Yar (1 year ago)
I don't have oracle management object in Add or Remove Snap in Window...How to add it?
Good solution thx...
Mallikarjuna Gowda (1 year ago)
Thanks for your help
Paolo Castillo (1 year ago)
thx !!!!
Md. Alamgir Hossain (1 year ago)
But i have no oracle management object,,what can i do??
Renso C (5 months ago)
Windows/Oracle-oraDb11g_home1/Administration Assistant for windows , and there you can add/remove. It's equals a 1:05 minute (I don't write in English, I used to google traductor for "Administration Assistant for windows").
Omar Faccuseh (1 year ago)
EXcellente, Exccede de lo Ellente.
BlackGutts (1 year ago)
Mohammed Alqaddum (1 year ago)
Thanks man you saved me ! !
Nicolas Silva (1 year ago)
strange i don't have that specific folder D:
Juwita Ramadhani (1 year ago)
merci :)
Muhammad Aidid Roslan (2 years ago)
Thank you so much!
mohammed vasimm (2 years ago)
Good one bro.... Thxq
Arab Samir (2 years ago)
thank you brother
Girish (2 years ago)
Sahi jawab!!
Abhilash Choudhary (2 years ago)
excellent guidens and very very thanks to you Mr. Abdul because due to the same issue I trouble from last few months .but now you solved my problem..thanks again
Adan Herrera (2 years ago)
shivashekar l (2 years ago)
Thank you so much :)
dcdh1983 (2 years ago)
Shame on you Oracle !
shinemooon (2 years ago)
thank u very much
Sadiq Hasan (2 years ago)
thanks a lot bro
faarax2006 (2 years ago)

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